Security B-Sides Los Angeles 2012 Aug. 16, 2012 to Aug. 17, 2012, Los Angeles, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
The #1 New Security Feature: Continuous Deployment Nick Galbreath N/A Security
Shodan: the sniper rifle Dan Tentler N/A Security
Mobile Security: A Guide for the Perplexed Gal Shpantzer , Frank Artes N/A
The loudest guy in the room. Mobile is still broken Nick N/A Security
Fundamentals of Defense: Basic Protections That Work! Kevin Cardwell N/A Security
Verifiable Security - beyond penetration testing towards a resilient enterprise Rafal Los N/A Security
Reverse Panel Roundtables Students of Wrccdc , Dan Mason N/A
Birkenstocks and a Unibrow- Establishing A Successful and Respectable Information Security Program Sean Cordero N/A Security
Real Advances in Android Malware Jimmy Shah N/A Security
Top Ten Web Application Defenses Jim Manico N/A Security
State of Web App Sec (or Web App Sec's Primorose) Robert Rowley N/A Security
Anticipate and Prevent Cyber Attack Scenarios Before They Occur Gidi Cohen N/A Security
Embedded Hacking - the World of Tiny Things Stuart Mcclure N/A Security
That logo looks familiar! (Or how we placed 3rd in the WRCCDC 2012) Christian Mergliano , Tim Krugh N/A
Security Outliers: What I learned about InfoSec Leadership at BUD/S Lite, AKA "One time, at SEAL Camp..." Gal Shpantzer N/A Security
Understanding and Quantifying Risk with the Risk Hose Podcast Alex Hutton , Jay Jacobs , Chris Hayes N/A
Best Practice in Privileged Access Management Chengwei Cheng N/A Security
RFID LOL Terry Gold N/A Security
Applications and Clouds and Hackers, Oh My! Andrew Hay , Matt Johansen N/A
Occupy Burp Suite: Letting the 99% Know What the 1%-ers are Taking Advantage Of Joseph Tartaro N/A Security
Network Troubleshooting Frenemies: Moving Beyond Ping and Traceroute Steve Hultquist N/A Security
Get off your AMF and don't REST on JSON Dan Kuykendall N/A Security
Rat's vs. Mice, just when you thought you could tell the difference Dave Nardoni , Jeff Dye N/A