Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium 2012 July 11, 2012 to July 13, 2012, Vigo, Spain

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Panel: Cryptography and PETs: happy together or growing apart? (held jointly with eCrypt) Roger Dingledine , Ian Goldberg , George Danezis , Kenny Paterson , Victor Shoup , Gregory Neven N/A
User Profiling Jean-pierre Hubaux N/A Security
Betrayed by Your Ads! Reconstructing user profiles from Targeted Ads Claude Castelluccia , Mohamed-ali Kaafar , Tran minh Dung N/A
Private Client-side Profiling with Random Forests and Hidden Markov Models George Danezis , Alfredo Rial , Benjamin Livshits , Markulf Kohlweiss N/A
Traffic Analysis I Steven J. Murdoch N/A Security
Understanding Statistical Disclosure: A Least Squares approach Carmela Troncoso , Fernando Perez-gonzalez N/A
Spying in the Dark: TCP and Tor Traffic Analysis Amir Herzberg , Yossi Gilad N/A
Applied Differential Privacy Aaron Johnson N/A Security
Secure Distributed Framework for achieving e-Differential Privacy Dima Alhadidi , Noman Mohammed , Benjamin Fung , Mourad Debbabi N/A
Differentially Private Continual Monitoring of Heavy Hitters from Distributed Streams over a Sliding Window Elaine Shi , T-h. hubert Chan , Mingfei Li , Wenchang Xu N/A
Adaptive Differentially Private Histogram of Low-Dimensional Data Chengfang Fang , Ee-chien Chang N/A
Panel: The impact of upcoming privacy legislation for PETs Caspar Bowden , Claudia Diaz , Christopher Soghoian , Tara Hansen) N/A
PET Award Introduction: Claudia Diaz N/A Security
PETs for Cloud Services and Smart Grids Thomas Benjamin N/A Security
PRISM - Privacy-Preserving Search in MapReduce Erik-oliver Blass , Roberto di Pietro , Refik Nen N/A
Practical Privacy Preserving Cloud Resource-Payment for Constrained Clients Johannes Winter , Daniel Slamanig , Martin Pirker N/A
Fault-Tolerant Privacy-Preserving Statistics Florian Kerschbaum , Marek Jawurek N/A
Traffic Analysis II Matt Wright N/A Security
Website Detection Using Remote Traffic Analysis Nikita Borisov , Negar Kiyavash , Xun Gong , Nabil Schear N/A
k-Indistinguishable Traffic Padding in Web Applications Mourad Debbabi , Wen ming Liu , Lingyu Wang , Kui Ren , Pengsu Cheng N/A
Privacy Services Emiliano de Cristofaro N/A Security
Evading Censorship with Browser-Based Proxies Dan Boneh , David Fifield , Roger Dingledine , Nate Hardison , Jonathan Ellithorpe , Emily Stark , Phillip Porras N/A
Exploring the Ecosystem of Referrer-Anonymizing Services Frank Piessens , Nikos Nikiforakis , Steven van Acker , Wouter Joosen N/A
User-Related Privacy Perspectives Simone Fischer-hbner N/A Security
Risk Communication Design: Video vs. Text Vaibhav Garg , L jean Camp , Kay Connelly , Lesa Lorenzen-huber N/A
Use Fewer Instances of the Letter i: Toward Writing Style Anonymization Rachel Greenstadt , Andrew Mcdonald , Sadia Afroz , Aylin Caliskan , Ariel Stolerman N/A
Eliminating Stop-Points in the Installation and Use of Anonymity Systems: A Usability Evaluation of the Tor Browser Bundle Kelly Caine , Greg Norcie , Jean Camp N/A
Building a Wrapper for Fine-Grained Private Group Messaging on Twitter Indrajeet Singh , Michael Butkiewicz , Harsha Madhyastha , Srikanth Krishnamurthy , Sateesh Addepalli N/A
Message In A Bottle: Sailing Past Censorship Christopher Kruegel , Giovanni Vigna , Luca Invernizzi N/A
Internet privacy: Towards more transparency (Abstract) Balachander Krishnamurthy N/A Security
Why Johnny Can't Browse in Peace: On the Uniqueness of Web Browsing History Patterns Claude Castelluccia , Lukasz Olejnik , Artur Janc N/A Privacy Browser IncludeThinkstScapes
Location Privacy Threats at Public Hotspots Nevena Vratonjic , Vincent Bindschaedler , Kvin Hubaux N/A
Exploring Linkability of User Reviews Gene Tsudik , Mishari Almishari N/A
PiCoDa: Privacy-preserving Smart Coupon Delivery Architecture Kurt Partridge , Manas a. Pathak , Ersin Uzun , Cong Wang N/A
Pay as you go Anna Lysyanskaya , Christof Paar , Foteini Baldimtsi , Gesine Hinterwalder , Andy Rupp , Wayne p. Burleson N/A