International Conference on Security and Cryptography (SECRYPT) 2012 July 24, 2012 to July 27, 2012, Reykjavík, Iceland

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"Recent Advances in the Security of Telecommunication and Network Systems Andreas Holzinger , Mohammad s. Obaidat , Venu Govindaraju , Geoffrey charles Fox , Sushil Jajodia , Pierangela Samarati , Luis m. Correia N/A
3D Communities as Platforms for Developing Social Capital Claudia Loebbecke , Paolo Depaoli , Marco de Marco N/A
Search Engine Optimization Meets e-Business - A Theory-based Evaluation: Findability and Usability as Key Success Factors Andreas Holzinger , Andreas Auinger , Patrick Brandtner , Petra Grodener N/A
VLR Group Signatures - How to Achieve Both Backward Unlinkability and Efficient Revocation Checks Julien Bringer , Alain Patey N/A
Security Policies in Dynamic Service Compositions Mark Gall , Julian Schtte , Hervais simo Fhom N/A
Towards Pervasive Cryptographic Access Control Models Mikko Kiviharju N/A Security
Cryptographic Enforcement of Access Control while Mitigating Key Sharing Keith b Frikken N/A Security
Consumer Propensity and Location Analysis based Real-time Location Tracing Advertisement Service Design and Implementation - Real-time Location based Advertisement System Daehee Won , Yoonsoo Kim , Hangki Joh , Intae Ryoo , Doungyung Suh N/A
Centroid-based Clustering for Student Models in Computer-based Multiple Language Tutoring Maria Virvou , Efthymios Alepis , Christos Troussas N/A
Influence of Different Phoneme Mappings on the Recognition Accuracy of Electrolaryngeal Speech Josef v. Psutka , Petr Stanislav N/A
Large Scale Similar Song Retrieval using Beat-aligned Chroma Patch Codebook with Location Verification Yijuan Lu , Joseph e. Cabrera N/A
Quality of Experience Evaluation for Data Services over Cellular Networks Gerardo Gmez , Esther de Torres , Javier Lorca , Raquel Garca , Quiliano Prez , Estefana Arias N/A
Authentication Optimization for Vertical Handover in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks Mohammad s. Obaidat , Ikram Smaoui , Faouzi Zarai , Lotfi Kamoun N/A
Knowledge Acquisition System based on JSON Schema Nuno Costa , Tiago Araujo , Neuza Nunes , Hugo Gamboa N/A
A Perspective of the Networks of the Future and Smart Cities Luis m. Correia N/A Security
A Cross-layer Design for Video Transmission with TFRC in Manets George Adam , Christos Bouras , Apostolos Gkamas , Vaggelis Kapoulas , Georgios Kioumourtzis N/A
Study on a Fast OSPF Route Reconstruction Method under Network Failures Hiroki Doi N/A Security
Computational Intelligence Applied to Monitor Bird Behaviour D. f. Larios , C. Rodrguez , J. Barbancho , M. Baena , F. Simn , J. Marn , C. Len , J. Bustamante N/A
The User-journey in Online Search - An Empirical Study of the Generic-to-Branded Spillover Effect based on User-level Data Florian Nottorf , Andreas Mastel , Burkhardt Funk N/A
On the Development of Smart Adaptive User Interfaces for Mobile e-Business Applications - Towards Enhancing User Experience Some Lessons Learned Andreas Holzinger , Michael Geier , Panagiotis Germanakos N/A
Strategic Planning in Highly Dinamic Competitive Contexts - A Study of Italian Mobile Network Operators Antonio Ghezzi , Marcelo nogueira Cortimiglia , Alejandro germn Frank , Raffaello Balocco N/A
Constructing Secure-channel Free Searchable Encryption from Anonymous IBE with Partitioned Ciphertext Structure Keita Emura , Mohammad shahriar Rahman N/A
High-throughput Hardware Architectures of the JH Round-three SHA-3 Candidate - An FPGA Design and Implementation Approach George s. Athanasiou , Chara i. Chalkou , D. Bardis , Harris e. Michail , George Theodoridis , Costas e. Goutis N/A
Private Outsourcing of Matrix Multiplication over Closed Semi-rings Mikhail j. Atallah , Keith b Frikken , Shumiao Wang N/A
DDoS Detection with Information Theory Metrics and Netflows - A Real Case Domenico Vitali , Antonio Villani , Angelo Spognardi , Roberto Battistoni , Luigi v. Mancini N/A
From Farm to Fork: Traceability based on RFID - A Proposal for Complete Traceability in the Wine Sector Iigo Cuias , Isabel Expsito , Jos antonio Gay-fernndez , Ana v. Alejos , Manuel g. Snchez N/A
Using Radio Frequency Identification Technology to Track Individual Wine Bottles Iigo Cuias , Isabel Expsito , Paula Gmez N/A
Performance Evaluation for TCP in Tactical Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Jonas Karlsson , Velizar g. Dimitrov , Andreas Kassler , Anna Brunstrom , Jan Nilsson , Anders Hansson N/A
Improved NetArgus - A Suite of Wi-fi Positionng & SNMP Monitor Tryfon Theodorou , George Violettas , Antigoni Polychroniadou , Christos Georgiadis N/A
Usability of Mobile Applications - Dissemination of Usability Engineering in Small and Medium Enterprises Britta Fuchs , Thomas Ritz , Jakob Strauch N/A
A Dimension Integration Method for a Heterogeneous Data Warehouse Environment Marius-octavian Olaru , Maurizio Vincini N/A
e-Business - An Online Shop in the Area of Technical and Scientific Publications Jos Pereira , Paulo Pita , Lsio Santos , Joaquim Filipe N/A
Budget Extension Schemes for Nx10 Gbit/s DPSK-based TDM/WDM PON A. Emsia , Q. t. Le , T. von Lerber , D. Briggmann , F. Kueppers N/A
Success Probability Evaluation of Quantum Circuits based on Probabilistic CNOT-Gates Amor Gueddana , Rihab Chatta , Noureddine Boudriga N/A
All-optical Multi-wavelength Virtual Memory Architecture - Design and Performances Analysis Noureddine Boudriga , Selmabatti selma Batti , Mourad Zghal N/A
Analysis of Some Natural Variants of the PKP Algorithm Rodolphe Lampe , Jacques Patarin N/A
Securing In-vehicle Communication and Redefining the Role of Automotive Immobilizer Constantinos Patsakis , Kleanthis Dellios N/A
An Improved Public-key Tracing Scheme with Sublinear Ciphertext Size Chiara valentina Schiavo , Andrea Visconti N/A
Inverting Thanks to SAT Solving Florian Legendre , Gilles Dequen , Michal Krajecki N/A
The Road to a Responsible and Sustainable e-Business Marco de Marco , Norberto Patrignani N/A
Paths of Business Model Evolution - Findings from Business Model Patents Woori Han , Bomi Song , Yongtae Park N/A
Comparison Study of Some Collaborative Tools Use in Virtual Teams Cosmina carmen Aldea , Anca Draghici N/A
Self-ad-MCNHA-SLOS - A Self-adaptive Minimum-Cost Network Hardening Algorithm based on Stochastic Loose Optimize Strategy Yonglin Sun , Yongjun Wang , Yi Zhang N/A
ADQL: A Flexible Access Definition and Query Language to Define Access Control Models Andreas Sonnenbichler , Andreas Geyer-schulz N/A
Performance Analysis of New SNR Estimation Methodology based on Preamble Approach Sangmi Moon , Saransh Malik , Bora Kim , Cheolhong Kim , Intae Hwang N/A
Novel Channel Estimation Algorithm using Various Filter Design in LTE-Advanced System Sangmi Moon , Saransh Malik , Bora Kim , Cheolhong Hwang N/A
Semi-dynamic Calibration for Eye Gaze Pointing System based on Image Processing Kohichi Ogata , Kohei Matsumoto N/A
Simulated Annealing based Parameter Optimization of Time-frequency e-filter Utilizing Correlation Coefficient Tomomi Matsumoto , Mitsuharu Matsumoto , Shuji Hashimoto N/A
Practical Applications of Homomorphic Encryption Michael Brenner , Henning Perl , Matthew Smith N/A
Quantitative Assessment of Cloud Security Level Agreements - A Case Study Jesus luna Garcia , Hamza Ghani , Tsvetoslava Vateva , Neeraj Suri N/A
Secure File Allocation and Caching in Large-scale Distributed Systems Sushil Jajodia , Alessio di Mauro , Alessandro Mei N/A
The Effect of Multi-media Contents in Reducing Sensible Temperature Shuhei Yamamoto , Akira Tomono , Hajime Katsuyama N/A
Image Presentation with Smell for Digital Signage and the Effect on Eye Catching Shuhei Yamamoto , Akira Tomono , Hajime Katsuyama , Keisuke Tomono N/A
Architectural Model for Visualization of High Definition Images on Mobile Devices Germn Corredor , Daniel Martnez , Eduardo Romero , Marcela Iregui N/A
Content Meets Semantics: Smarter Exploration of Image Collections - Presentation of Relevant Use Cases Ilaria Bartolini N/A Security
Channel-encoded and SVD-assisted MIMO Multimode Transmission Schemes with Iterative Detection Sebastian Aust , Andreas Ahrens , Steffen Lochmann N/A
High Repetition Frequency Mode-locked Semiconductor Disk Laser Peng Zhang , Yanrong Song , Jinrong Tian , Zhigang Zhang , Hark hoe Tan , C. Jagadish N/A
Identity-based Password-Authenticated Key Exchange for Client/Server Model Xun Yi , Raylin Tso , Eiji Okamoto N/A
SIMD-based Implementations of Eta Pairing Over Finite Fields of Small Characteristics Anup kr. Bhattacharya , Abhijith Das , Dipanwita Roychowdhury , Bhargav Bellur , Aravind Iyer N/A
Formal Analysis of the TLS Handshake Protocol Mourad Debbabi , Hanane Houmani N/A
Keywords-based Automatic Multimedia Authoring in the Cloud Abdelkader Outtagarts , Sylvain Squedin , Olivier Martimot N/A
Autonomous Constructing Everyday Projected Displays Cui Xie , Qi Wang , Wei Cheng N/A
Next Generation TV through Automatic Multimedia Annotation Systems - A Hybrid Approach Jol Dumoulin , Marco Bertini , Alberto del Bimbo , Elena Mugellini , Omar abou Khaled , Maria Sokhn N/A
A New Tool for the Analysis of Heart Rate Variability of Long Duration Records Hugo Gamboa , Ricardo Choro , Joana Sousa , Tiago Arajo N/A
ON KNOWLEDGE DISCOVERY AND INTERACTIVE INTELLIGENT VISUALIZATION OF BIOMEDICAL DATA - Challenges in HumanComputer Interaction & Biomedical Informatics Andreas Holzinger N/A Security
Three Dimensional Elements for Sustainable e-Business Modelling Mohammed Dewan , Maruf Hossan Chowdhury , Mohammed a. Quaddus N/A
Evaluating Disseminators for Time-critical Information Diffusion on Social Networks Yung-ming Li , Lien-fa Lin N/A
A Framework for Performance Measurement in Service Oriented Virtual Organizations - A Value Network Approach to Collaborative Performance Measurement S. Kamali , Greg Richards , Mohammad h. Danesh , Bijan Raahemi N/A
Identifying Emerging Technologies in the e-Business Industry - A Needs-driven Approach Kyungpyo Lee , Youngkeun Song , Sungjoo Lee N/A
Local Governments and Cloud Computing Security Inita Kindzule , Edzus Zeiris , Maris Ziema N/A
Improved Partial Sums-based Square Attack on AES Michael Tunstall N/A Security
Two Dragons - A Family of Fast Word-based Stream Ciphers Matt Henricksen N/A Security
Privacy-preserving Targeted Advertising Scheme for IPTV using the Cloud Leyli javid Khayati , Erkay Savas , Berkant Ustaoglu , Cengiz Rencik N/A
On Securing Communication from Profilers Sandra Daz-santiago , Debrup Chakraborty N/A
Secure and Seamless Session Management in Mobile and Heterogeneous Environment Ali Hammami , Nomie Simoni N/A
A Collaborative Firewall for Wireless Ad-Hoc Social Networks Leonardo Maccari N/A Security
Distributed Threshold Certificate based Encryption Scheme with No Trusted Dealer Apostolos p. Fournaris N/A Security
Improving Cloud Survivability through Dependency based Virtual Machine Placement Min Li , Yulong Zhang , Kun Bai , Wanyu Zang , Meng Yu , Xubin He N/A
PPiTTA - Preserving Privacy in TV Targeted Advertising Tzachy Reinman , Erez Waisbard N/A
Improved Detection of Probe Request Attacks - Using Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithm Deepthi n. Ratnayake , Hassan b. Kazemian , Syed a. Yusuf N/A
Fast Algorithm of Short-time DCT for Low Resolution Signal Processing Vitaly Kober N/A Security
Sphere Decoding Complexity Reduction using an Adaptive SD-OSIC Algorithm Sangmi Moon , Saransh Malik , Bora Kim , Cheolhong Kim , Intae Hwang N/A
Finding a Tradeoff between Compression and Loss in Motion Compensated Video Coding Thomas Guthier , Adrian Sosic , Volker Willert , Julian Eggert N/A
New Two-step Motion Estimation using Adjustable Partial Distortion Search - Advanced Selected Search Point and Early Termination for Two Step Motion Search Yonghoon Kim , Je-chang Jeong N/A
Video Foreground/Background Segmentation using Spatially Distributed Model and Edge-based Shadow Cancellation Shian-de Tsai , Jin-jang Leou , Han-hui Hsiao N/A
Raw Camera Image Demosaicing using Finite Impulse Response Filtering on Commodity GPU Hardware using CUDA Patrik Goorts , Sammy Rogmans , Philippe Bekaert N/A
A Dataflow Description Of ACC-JPEG Codec Khaled Jerbi , Tarek Ouni , Mohamed Abid N/A
Analysing E-Business Applications with Business Provenance Sergio Cruz , Laci mary Manhes , Raimundo Costa , Jorge Zavaleta N/A
IS Employees Stress and Outcomes at Work Huichih Wang , Sheng-jim Fan , Her-sen Doong N/A
Factors that Influence e-Business Application in Tertiary Education Sebastian Aust , Andreas Ahrens , Jelena Zacerinska N/A
lmRNG: A Lightweight Pseudorandom Number Generator for Wireless Sensor Networks Anna Sojka , Krzysztof Piotrowski N/A
Non-repudiation of Forwarding - Traceability of Confidential Data Via Multiple Recipients Rainer Schick , Christoph Ruland N/A
Sevigator: Network Confinement of Malware Applications and Untrusted Operating Systems Denis Efremov , Nikolay Pakulin N/A
Development of a Snort IPv6 Plugin - Detection of Attacks on the Neighbor Discovery Protocol Martin Schtte , Thomas Scheffler , Bettina Schnor N/A
Adaptive Speech Watermarking in Wavelet Domain based on Logarithm Mehdi Fallahpour , David Megias , Hossein Najaf-zadeh N/A
An Application of a Group Signature Scheme with Backward Unlinkability to Biometric Identity Management Herv Chabanne , Julien Bringer , Alain Patey N/A
A Novel Fuzzy Vault Scheme for Secret Key Exchange Lin You , Jie Lu N/A
HoneyCloud: Elastic Honeypots - On-attack Provisioning of High-interaction Honeypots Jean-francois Lalande , Patrice Clemente , Jonathan Rouzaud-cornabas N/A
A Proposed Framework for Analysing Security Ceremonies Marcelo carlomagno Carlos , Jean everson Martina , Geraint Price , Ricardo felipe Custdio N/A
Complexity Analysis of Video Frames by Corresponding Audio Features Seungho Shin , Taeyong Kim N/A
Design of Short Irregular LDPC Codes for a Markov-modulated Gaussian Channel W. Pro , M. Otesteanu , F. Quint N/A
Enhancing Photoware in the Social Networks Environment Ombretta Gaggi N/A Security
Search Range Adjustment and Motion Vector Prediction for Fast Motion Estimation - Using Neighbouring Motion Vectors and Distortions for Adjustment of a Search Range and a Starting Point Do-kyung Lee , Je-chang Jeong N/A
Friction Sources Characterization for Fricative Consonants of Arabic Fazia Karaoui , Amar Djradi N/A
Resilient Sustainable Supply Chain Management - A Conceptual Framework Mohammed Dewan , Mohammed a. Quaddus , Maruf Hossan Chowdhury N/A
Developing a Conceptual Framework to Structure an IT Organization using an Ontology Engineering Methodology Nelson Gama , Lukasz Ostrowski , Miguel Silva N/A
Evaluation of Maturity Models for Business Process Management - Maturity Models for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Johannes Britsch , Rebecca Bulander , Frank Morelli N/A
Leveraging the Software Ecosystem - Towards a Business Model Framework for Marketplaces Tobias Weiblen , Andrea Giessmann , Amir Bonakdar , Uli Eisert N/A
Homomorphic Primitives for a Privacy-friendly Smart Metering Architecture Benjamin Vetter , Osman Ugus , Dirk Westhoff , Christoph Sorge N/A
Flexible Redactable Signature Schemes for Trees - Extended Security Model and Construction Kai Samelin , Joachim Posegga , Hermann de Meer , Henrich christopher Phls N/A
Extension of de Wegers Attack on RSA with Large Public Keys Nicolas T Courtois , Theodosis Mourouzis , Pho v. Le N/A
Building the Security Foundation to Embrace Public Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) - Security Policies for SaaS Data Protection Yuyu Chou , Jan Oetting , Olga Levina N/A
Key Management as a Service Liran Lerman , Olivier Markowitch , Jorge nakahara Jr N/A
Data Repository for Security Information and Event Management in Service Infrastructures Igor Kotenko , Olga Polubelova , Igor Saenko N/A
Quantifying the Benefits of File Size Information for Forensic Hash Matching Johan Garcia N/A Security
Adaptive Rate Control Scheme for Improving Quality of Multimedia in Broadband Wireless Networks Dooyeol Yoon , Dongchil Kim , Kwangsue Chung N/A
Time-frequency Filtering of Gaussian and Impulse Noise for Spread Spectrum Power Line Communication Gaoyong Luo N/A Security
Spaxels, Pixels in Space - A Novel Mode of Spatial Display Horst Hrtner , Matthew Gardiner , Roland Haring , Christopher Lindinger , Florian Berger N/A
Planning, Designing and Evaluating Multiple eGovernment Interventions Fabrizio D'Amore , Luigi Laura , Luca Luciani , Fabio Pagliarini" N/A
Geographic Information System using ArcGIS 10 and Open Source MapWindow - Methodology and Comparative Study Balqies Sadoun , Omar Al-bayari , Jalal Al-azizi , Samih al Rawashdeh N/A
Reversible Steganographic Scheme with High Embedding Capacity using Dual Cover Images Nagaraj v. Dharwadkar , B. b. Amberker N/A
Tampering with Java Card Exceptions - The Exception Proves the Rule Guillaume Barbu , Philippe Hoogvorst , Guillaume Duc N/A
Voice Passwords Revisited Berk Sunar , Chenguang Yang , Ghaith Hammouri N/A
Diffusion Tracking Algorithm for Image Segmentation Lassi Korhonen , Keijo Ruotsalainen N/A
Optimisation of Smoothing Parameter of Diffeomorphism Kernel Estimate for Bounded Random Data Molka Troudi , Faouzi Ghorbel N/A
Development of Computer Algorithms to Control a Weelchair through the Movement of the Head by Artificial Vision Ricardo fuentes Covarrubias , Andrs Covarrubias , Cristina conde Vilda , Isaac Cabello N/A
Implementation of the COST 273 Directional Channel Model in Microcell Scenarios Ivo Sousa , Maria paula Queluz , Antnio Rodrigues N/A
Sustainable Rural Areas - Network-based Architecture Farnaz Farid , Chun Ruan , Seyed Shahrestani N/A
QoE Based Scheduling in WiMAX Networks Kalypso Magklara , Aggeliki Sgora , Dimitrios Vergados N/A
Making Sense of All Things Handwritten: From Postal Addresses to Tablet Notes Venu Govindaraju N/A Security
Digital Signature of Network Segment using Flow Analysis Alexandro m. Zacaron , Luiz f. Carvalho , Mario Adaniya , Taufik Abro , Mario Jr N/A
Mobile Broadband Traffic Forecasts in Korea Sungjoo Lee , Chanwoo Cho N/A
Towards a CDN over ICN Byungjoon Lee , Hongseok Jeon , Seungyong Yoon , Hoyoung Song N/A
Improving Network Performane - Management of Nonlinear Dynamics Seyed Shahrestani N/A Security
The Relative Importance of Teenagers Personal Characteristics on Technology Addiction Chan jung Park , Jung suk Hyun N/A
The Use of Internet as a Marketing Tool - Evaluating the Websites of Spain's Top Restaurants F. j. Miranda , S. Rubio , A. Chamorro , M. s. Janita N/A
ArchaeoApp Rome Edition (AARE): Making Invisible Sites Visible - e-Business Aspects of Historic Knowledge Discovery via Mobile Devices Andreas Holzinger , Katharina Holzinger , Gabi Koiner , Primoz Kosec , Markus Fassold N/A
Pattern Characterization in Multivariate Data Series using Fuzzy Logic - Applications to e-Health W. Fajardo , M. Molina-solana , M. c. Valenza N/A
Measurement and Concepts of Individual Application Capability of e-Business Chui young Yoon , Sung koo Hong N/A
Verifying Privacy by Little Interaction and No Process Equivalence Denis Butin , Giampaolo Bella N/A
A Security Analysis of Emerging Web Standards - HTML5 and Friends, from Specification to Implementation Lieven Desmet , Frank Piessens , Wouter Joosen , Philippe de Ryck N/A
Biometric Identification in Virtual Worlds using Biometric Fusion Techniques Ahmed Al-khazzar , Nick Savage N/A
On the Development of Totally Self-checking Hardware Design for the SHA-1 Hash Function George s. Athanasiou , Harris e. Michail , George Theodoridis , Costas e. Goutis , Andreas Gregoriades N/A
Some Remarks on Keystroke Dynamics - Global Surveillance, Retrieving Information and Simple Countermeasures Marek Klonowski , Piotr Syga , Wojciech Wodo N/A
Optimal MAC PDU Size in ARQ-enabled Connections in IEEE 802.16e/WiMAX Systems Yaron Alpert , Oran Sharon N/A
Improving the Reliability of a Train Positioning System through the Use of Full Coverage Radio Communication Technologies - Performance Study of a TETRA Network to Transmit Position Information Roberto Carballedo , Pablo Fernndez , Unai hernndez Jayo , Asier Perallos N/A
Investigation of a Radio Propagation Model for Vegetation Scatter Dynamic Channels at BFWA Frequencies Srgio Morgadinho , Juergen Richter , Rafael Caldeirinha , Telmo r. Fernandes N/A
Efficient Coupled PHY and MAC Use of Physical Bursts in WiMAX/IEEE 802.16e Networks Oran Sharon , Yaron Alpert , Gassan Tabajah N/A
TRAFIL - A Tool for Enhancing Simulation TRAce FILes Processing Christos Bouras , Savvas Charalambides , George Kioumourztis , Kostas Stamos N/A
Hash Algorithms for 8051-based Sensornodes Manuel Koschuch , Matthias Hudler , Michael Krger N/A
Strictness of Rate-latency Service Curves Ulrich Klehmet , Kai-steffen Hielscher N/A
A Mobile Information System for Improved Navigation in Public Transport - User Centered Design, Development, Evaluation and e-Business Scenarios of a Mobile Roadmap Application Andreas Holzinger , Bernhard Peischl , Martina Ziefle N/A
Collaborative Security Management Services for Port Information Systems Theodoros Ntouskas , Nineta Polemi N/A
AMO-OFDM Signal Delivery of 20 Gbit/S throughput in 20-Km Single Loopback Fiber Link Employing Baseband I/Q Separation - Adaptive Optical OFDM Modulation and Separate I/Q Baseband Signal Transmission Jeong-min Joo , Moon-ki Hong , Dung tien Pham , Sang-kook Han N/A
Flexible Group Key Exchange with On-demand Computation of Subgroup Keys Supporting Subgroup Key Randomization Keita Emura , Takashi Sato N/A
On Secure Communication over Wireless Sensor Networks Stefan Rass , Michal Koza N/A
Attack Modelling and Security Evaluation for Security Information and Event Management Igor Kotenko , Andrey Chechulin , Evgenia Novikova N/A
The Concept of Compatibility between Identity-based and Certificateless Encryption Schemes Antigoni Polychroniadou , Konstantinos Chalkias , George Stephanides N/A
iSATS: Leveraging Identity Based Sender Authentication for Spam Mitigation Sufian Hameed , Tobias Kloht , Xiaoming Fu N/A
Defense Against TCP Flooding Attack Seungyong Yoon , Jintae Oh , Ikkyun Kim , Jongsoo Jang N/A
Network-based Executable File Extraction and Analysis for Malware Detection Ikkyun Kim , Byoungkoo Kim , Tai-myoung Chung N/A
Computer Games Sound Effects - Recording, Postproduction and Existing Database Bartosz Zilko , Martyna Gromotka , Mariusz Zilko N/A
MPEG-4/AVC versus MPEG-2 in IPTV Stefan Paulsen , Tadeus Uhl , Krzysztof Nowicki N/A
Optimal Multidimensional Signal Processing in Wireless Sensor Networks Anatoli Torokhti , Stan Miklavcic N/A
Differential Space Time Block Codes for High Mobility Scenarios Benigno Rodrguez N/A Security
Bandwidth Analysis of the Ubiquitous Video Conferencing Application Neil Arellano , Aleksander Milshteyn , Eric Diaz , Sergio Mendoza , Helen Boussalis , Charles Liu N/A
New Mobility Metric based on MultiPoint Relay Life Duration Ali Ouacha , Noureddine Lakki , Ahmed Habbani , Jamal el Abbadi N/A