Blackhat USA 2008 Aug. 6, 2008 to Aug. 7, 2008, Las Vegas, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote: Complexity In Computer Security: A Risky Business Ian O. Angell None Security Business
Winning The Race To Bare Metal – Uefi Hypervisors Don Bailey , Martin Mocko None Security
Keynote: Natural Security Rod Beckstrom None Security
Re:Trace - Applied Reverse Engineering On Os X David Weston , Tiller Beauchamp None Security
Predictable Rng In The Vulnerable Debian Openssl Package, The What And The How Luciano Bello , Maximiliano Bertacchini None Security
When Lawyers Attack: Dealing With The New Rules Of Electronic Discovery John ( jur1st ) Benson None Security
No More 0-Days (Or Code-Based Intrusion Detection By Korset) Ohad Ben-cohen None Security
Free-Space Quantum Key Distribution At Ghz Transmission Rates Joshua Bienfang None Security
Active 802.11 Fingerpinting: A Secret Handshake To Know Your Aps Sergey Bratus None Security
Smartcard Apdu Analysis Ivan Buetler None Security Analysis
Insane Detection Of Insane Rootkits: Chipset Based Approach To Detect Virtualization Malware Yuriy Bulygin None Security Malware
Flex, Amf 3 And Blazeds: An Assessment Kevin Stadmeyer , Jacob Carlson None Security
Cisco Ios Shellcodes/Backdoors Varun Uppal , Gyan Chawdhary None Security
Sql Injection Worms For Fun And Profit Justin Clarke None Security SQL
Commission On Cyber Security For The 44Th Presidency Panel Discussion None Security
Visual Forensic Analysis And Reverse Engineering Of Binary Data Greg Conti , Erik Dean None Security Analysis
Irk - Crafting Os X Kernel Rootkits Jesse "x30n" D'aguanno None Security Rootkits
Methods For Understanding Targeted Attacks With Office Documents Bruce Dang None Security
Appsec A-Z: Reverse Engineering, Source Code Auditing, Fuzzing, And Exploitation Jared Demott None Security Exploitation
Bad Sushi: Beating Phishers At Their Own Game Nitesh Dhanjani None Security
Next Generation Collaborative Reversing With Ida Pro And Collabreate Tim Vidas , Chris Eagle None Security
A New Breed Of Rootkit: The System Management Mode (Smm) Rootkit Sherri Sparks , Shawn Embleton None Security
Encoded, Layered, And Trancoded Syntax Attacks: Threading The Needle Past Web Application Security Controls Arian Evans None Security Web
Hacker Court 2008: Hack Myface Jennifer Granick , Kurt Opsahl , Richard Thieme , Simple Nomad , Carole Fennelly , Jonathan Klein , Brian Martin , Richard P. Salgado , Paul Ohm , Peiter ( Mudge ) Zatko , Caitlin Klein , Ryan Bulat None Security
Passive And Active Leakage Of Secret Data From Non Networked Computer Eric Filiol None Security
Threats To The 2008 Presidential Election (And More) Oliver Friedrichs None Security
Taking The Hype Out Of Hypervisors Tal Garfinkel None Security
Side-Channel Timing Attacks On Msp430 Microcontroller Firmware Travis Goodspeed None Security
Get Rich Or Die Trying - Making Money On The Web, The Black Hat Way Jeremiah Grossman , Trey Ford None Security
Hacking And Injecting Federal Trojans. Lukas Grunwald None Security
Decompilers And Beyond Ilfak Guilfanov None Security
Got Citrix, Hack It! Shanit Gupta None Security
Attacking The Vista Heap Ben Hawkes None Security
The Four Horsemen Of The Virtualization Security Apocalypse Christofer ( Hoff ) Hoff None Security
Circumventing Automated Javascript Analysis Tools Billy Hoffman None Security Analysis
Protecting Vulnerable Applications With Iis7 Brian Holyfield None Security
Virtually Secure Oded Horovitz None Security
Metamorphic / Polymorphic Malware Dna Chet Hosmer None Security Malware
Pointers And Handles, A Story Of Unchecked Assumptions In The Windows Kernel Alex Ionescu None Security
Black Ops 2008 -- Its The End Of The Cache As We Know It Dan Kaminsky None Security
Vista And Activex Controls Su Yong Kim None Security
New Classes Of Security And Privacy Vulnerabilities For Implantable Wireless Medical Devices Tadayoshi Kohno , Kevin Fu None Security Wireless Privacy
Jinx - Malware 2.0 Jonathan Rom , Itzik Kotler None Security Malware
Mobile Phone Messaging Anti-Forensics Luis Miras , Zane Lackey None Security
Deobfuscator: An Automated Approach To The Identification And Removal Of Code Obfuscation Eric Laspe None Security
Highway To Hell: Hacking Toll Systems Nate Lawson None Security
Bluetooth V2.1 - A New Security Infrastructure And New Vulnerabilities Andrew Lindell None Security Infrastructure
Developments In Cisco Ios Forensics Felix ( FX ) Lindner Security Forensics
Oracle Forensics David Litchfield None Security Forensics
The Internet Is Broken: Beyond Document.Cookie - Extreme Client Side Exploitation John Heasman , Nathan Mcfeters , Rob Carter None Security Exploitation
Braving The Cold: New Methods For Preventing Cold Boot Attacks On Encryption Keys Patrick Mcgregor None Security
Pushing The Camel Through The Eye Of A Needle Roelof ( RT ) Temmingh , Haroon Meer Security
Meet The Feds 2008 Panel Discussion None Security
Reverse Dns Tunneling Shellcode Ty Miller None Security DNS
Satan Is On My Friends List: Attacking Social Networks Nathan Hamiel , Shawn Moyer None Security
Viral Infections In Cisco Ios Ariel Futoransky None Security
A Hypervisor Ips Based On Hardware Assisted Virtualization Technology Junichi Murakami None Security
Mifare -- Little Security, Despite Obscurity Karsten Nohl None Security
Living In The Ria World: Blurring The Line Between Web And Desktop Security Alex Stamos , Justine Osborne None Security Web
Mobitex Network Security Olleb None Security
Software Radio And The Future Of Wireless Security Michael Ossmann None Security Wireless
Playing By Virtual Security Rules: How Virtualization Changes Everything And What To Do About It Steve Pate None Security
Client-Side Security Petko ( pdp ) D. Petkov None Security
Malware Detection Through Network Flow Analysis Bruce Potter None Security Analysis Malware
Temporal Reverse Engineering Colin Ames , Danny Quist None Security
Secure The Planet! New Strategic Initiatives From Microsoft To Rock Your World Mike Reavey , Steve Adegbite , Katie Moussouris None Security
No More Signatures: Defending Web Applications From 0-Day Attacks With Modprofiler Usingtraffic Profiling Ivan Ristic , Ofer Shezaf None Security Web
Alternative Medicine: The Malware Analyst'S Blue Pill Paul Royal None Security Malware
Detecting & Preventing The Xen Hypervisor Subversions Rafal Wojtczuk , Joanna Rutkowska None Security
Bluepilling The Xen Hypervisor Joanna Rutkowska , Alexander Tereshkin None Security
Return-Oriented Programming: Exploits Without Code Injection Hovav Shacham None Security
Meet The Owner Of A Real Hacked Company - Forensic Investigation Mark Shelhart None Security
Metapost-Exploitation Colin Ames , Val Smith None Security
How To Impress Girls With Browser Memory Protection Bypasses Alexander Sotirov , Mark Dowd None Security Browser
Deeper Door - Exploiting The Nic Chipset Shawn Embleton , Sherri Sparks None Security
A Fox In The Hen House (Upnp Igd) Jonathan Squire None Security
Concurrency Attacks In Web Applications Scott Stender None Security Web
Protocols And Encryption Of The Storm Botnet Joe Stewart None Security
Xploiting Google Gadgets: Gmalware And Beyond Tom Stracener None Security
Windows Hibernation File For Fun And Profit. Matthieu Suiche None Security
Rest For The Wicked Bryan Sullivan None Security
Inducing Momentary Faults Within Secure Smartcards / Microcontrollers Christopher Tarnovsky None Security
Epassports Reloaded Jeroen van Beek None Security
Nmap: Scanning The Internet Fyodor Vaskovich None Security
Iron Chef: Fuzzing Challenge Jacob West , Charlie Miller , Brian Chess , Sean Fay , Geoff Morrison , Jacob Honoroff None Security Fuzzing
Subverting The Xen Hypervisor Rafal Wojtczuk None Security