ToorCamp 2012 Aug. 8, 2012 to Aug. 12, 2012, San Diego, USA

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KEYNOTE Joe ( Kingpin ) Grand , Patrick Stach , George Dyson We, as hackers and makers, are driven to explore, create, improve, learn, teach, and share. ...
The Asshat Revolutions Quinn Norton "The recent emergence of stochastic networks, such as lamers, n00bs, and skiddies of Anonymous and ... Security
HackRF Sneak Peak Michael Ossmann , Jared Boone The HackRF project is developing an open source design for a low cost Software Defined ... Keynote Hardware General IncludeThinkstScapes Software Defined Radio
Building a Haven for Data and Journalism with IMMI Eleanor Saitta "The Icelandic Modern Media Initiative (IMMI) is a project to build the world's first haven ... Security
The Future of Open Source Robotics Hao N/A Security
Wi-Fi Peer to Peer Delay Tolerant Networks Danny Iland "A discussion of Delay Tolerant Networking and epidemic routing over Wi-Fi, exploring applications of such ... Security
Vegan What? Ari Lacenski "Veganizing traditional recipes for pastry and baked goods is an elegant food hack. Learn how ... Security
Hacking Measured Boot and UEFI Dan Griffin Theres been a lot buzz lately about UEFI Secure Booting, and the ability of hardware ... Security
UEFI Secure Boot and challenges in platform firmware Vincent Zimmer With the upcoming release of operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows8 and Fedora 18 ... Security
Make Your Laws Sai is a new project to gradually bootstrap a direct (liquid) democracy, everywhere. This talk ... Security
Legal questions surrounding cell phone privacy Valkyrie A summary of applicable law and summary of the big outstanding questions. While legal in ... Security
Communication breakdown: Sending & Receiving email via Amateur Radio Rob Eby Using Powerpoint slides, I will explain a brief history of amateur radio, radio modems, introduction ... Security
Automotive Hacking Eric Evenchick "Modern vehicles are computers. They consist of sensors, controllers, and actuators that respond to the ... Security
Eliminate Vulnerable Code: Why should you care? Waqas Nazir The talk will describe the age-old problem of code re-use and a community based approach ... Security
Imaginary Property, Access, and Monetizing Disease Rigel "While Intellectual Property issues have long been on the radar of the technology enthusiast, their ... Security
Shift Labs: Changing the World one Hack at a Time Beth Kolko "At last year's Toorcon Seattle I gave a lightening talk about a book I was ... Security
Marine Organisms of the Washington Outer Coast Tchell "The Pacific coast of Washington has an amazing diversity of marine life that is visible ... Security
Hack Your Life: Coaching as a Tool for Pwnage Ratha Grimes World-class professional athletes, vocalists, and executives hire coaches to keep their game sharp. This talk ... Security
Farming, Hacked Luke Iseman "I've come up with some novel ways to grow food more sustainably with less work, ... Security
Motivated Misinformation - fabricating facts for fun and profit Matthew Borgatti "How do you go from a backyard scientist with no formal training to the world ... Security
a rage talk: run your own infrastructure , Ryd we were traveling the us for a while now. A thing i noticed that american ...
It takes a village to make a lightning gun Rob Flickenger Taking inspiration from the comic book "The Five Fists of Science", I have built the ... Security
Gadget Bounty Hunting Ken Westin Since 2007 I have been involved in tracking stolen devices. I launched our first product ... Security
Cognitive Psychology for Hackers Sai Experience firsthand some of the most interesting, surprising, and perspective-changing findings from cognitive and social ... Security
Genes and Proteins: A wayward Hacker's Foray in Bioinformatics Tchell Proteins are the building-blocks of life. They are assembled from sequences of data coded in ... Security
Hacker Mental Health Meet Up Robin Debates This is not a "talk" but rather an opportunity to meet up with fellow hackers/makers ... Security
Using Low-Altitude Balloons and Kites for Imaging, Sensing, and Networking Mathewl "Drones are limited to non-commercial uses, 400ft altitudes, and their fuel/batteries. Small kites and balloons, ... Security
Black Ops Dan Kaminsky "If there's one thing we know, it's that we're doing it wrong. Sacred cows make ... Security
Why Hacker's Pants Weigh 3 Pounds Ronin What hacker toys are in your pockets right now? Most people who go on-site for ...
SSL Binoculars - A look at HTTPS usage Tecknicaltom "Inspired by great technologies and projects as HSTS, The SSL Observatory, and HTTPS Everywhere and ...
Unified Communications: Information Loss Through the Front Door Jason Bubolz Ten years ago instant messaging entered the spotlight as corporate network managers wrestled with the ...
What is Homeschooling? Hafidha After this brief overview of homeschooling, you will walk away with a good grasp of ... Security
Visual Authorization Goes Digital Isaac Potoczny-jones "Analog visual authorization is an extremely effective and widely used method for allowing access to ...
Phase Space (Delayed Coordinate) Analyzer Julia Wolf "A. Background i. There was some malware with a home-made encryption algorithm, which I knew ...
Introduction to Truetype Fonts, and the TTF engine within WIN32K.SYS Julia Wolf "Outline: A. Background info on TTF i. History, Adobe vs. Everyone ii. Design decisions, implementations ...
Introduction to Writing (Advanced) Yara rules Julia Wolf "Outline: A. Yara Project i. It's like Snort for EXE files. ii. It's slightly more ...
Social Engineering in the Corporate Environment Ruben rodriguez Perez How do you raise awareness on social engineering to folks who already believe they are ...
#OccupyYourCamera: policing the police through your lens Jerry Whiting Photographing the police at demonstrations & protests. Using your camera to challenge police misconduct. How ...
How you can be an ally to us females Danielle Hulton Pulled from the website we would use as a model: "Often, when a sexist ...
Get Er Done - Achieve the Green Beret Way Mike Martel "IS THIS YOU? Do you work hard all day and still feel like you got ... Security
I pwned your router. Oops. David Videoman The embedded system market is great! They give us the power to make things happen, ... Security
State of web app sec Robert R I will drop the details on the mirade of web based attacks we monitor on ... Security
HTC Android PIN Recovery (and the jerks who deserve it) Parity "It all started when somebody got ahold of my friend's smart phone and tried to ... Security
Attacking TPM Part 2: A Look at the ST19WP18 TPM Device Christopher Tarnovsky The STMicroelectronics ST19WL18P TPM die-level analysis. Companies like Atmel, Infineon and ST are pushing motherboard ... Security
Physical Drive-by Downloads - An Android Modder's Weakness Kos Mobile security is still a fairly young practice, but its not unexplored. Over the past ... Security