Berlinsides 2010 Dec. 28, 2010 to Dec. 30, 2010, Berlin, Germany

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Notes : BerlinSides aka SecurityBSides Berlin a con from Hacker for Hacker.

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Hacking The Media Dennis Fisher How to use the press to your advantage Description: The current hysteria around WikiLeaks, Stuxnet ... Security Media
Dankam : Augmented Reality For Color Blindness Dan Kaminsky Is it possible for a mobile app to correct for color blindness? Yes! In this ... Mobile Security
Towards The Domain Key Infrastructure Dan Kaminsky DNSSEC + Magic Code Fu > X.509 Description: We've really got to get past passwords. ... DNS
Egress 0hm ( 0hm ) What's better than walking out the front door? Description: Cover, in detail methods of egress ... Security
Pushing In, And Pulling Out Slowly Without Anyone Paying Attention Iftach Ian Amit The subtle art of penetration and exfiltration Description: The industry is saturated with penetration testing ... Network Penetration Data Exfiltration
Building Custom Disassemblers Felix ( FX ) Lindner Instruction Set Reverse Engineering Description: The Reverse Engineer occasionally faces situations where even his most ... Rootkits Reverse Engineering
Omg-Wtf-Pdf Julia Wolf Things you didn't know about PDF Description: It's just like the same talk at 27C3. Security
Phreaking In The 21St Century Nihilus An overview of SIP and how to use it for fun and profit. Description: A ... Security
Code Deobfuscation By Optimization Gljiva Lessons learned in the x86 land Description: Big part of code deobfuscation process is understanding ... Security Reverse Engineering
Magic 8-Ball Cyber Predictions John Bumgarner Better not tell you now Description: It’s time to ring in the New Year with ... Security
Hacker Speed Debates Iftach Ian Amit , Jack Daniel , Dan Kaminsky , Thealuc , Jayson E Street , 0hm ( 0hm ) Solving every security problem in one hour or less Description: A panel of opinionated people ... Security Panel
Replacing Pentester With Script Kostya Kortchinsky Taking advantage of vulnerability scanner APIs Description: Almost all popular vulnerability scanners have some kind ... Security
Surviving A Teleporter Accident Jack Daniel It could happen to you Description: Don’t you hate it when you are minding your ... Security Risk
Stratagem 1 Deceiving The Heavens To Cross The Sea Jayson E Street (Using the the 36 stratagems for Social Engineering) Description: There are new threats arising everyday. ... Social Engineering
Non-Obvious Bugs By Example Greg Two not directly obvious bugs in crypto related code and their exploitation Description: Over the ... Security Exploitation
Extroverted Spaces Willow Brugh how extroverted hacker, maker, and coworking spaces are altering America Description: Having communal work spaces ... Community
Sagan Real-Time Log/Event Monitoring & Correlation Beave When your network is being attacked, you need all the information you can in order ... Monitoring
Keynote : Wtf Another Hacker Con? Thealuc Things are constantly changing, what is a good thing. Fortunately the interest in the Hacking ... Keynote
Real Men Still Carry Pink Pagers Travis Goodspeed Episode 2: Jamming, Sniffing, Development and Fuzzing Description: This lecture presents all the neighborly and ... Hardware Reverse Engineering Security
Wikileaks Research Project Corbett ( corbett ) advocating the need for scientific journalism Description: * I am proposing two talks, please accept ... Media
Visualization And Analysis Of Large Scale Datasets With Opensource Tools Corbett ( corbett ) bring your own supercomputer Description: * I am proposing two talks, please accept less than ... Security Analysis
Recent Advances In Ipv6 Insecurities Van ( vanHauser ) Hauser You can not dodge this bullet Description: Five years have past since my initial talk ... IPv6
Financing The Revolution: Safe And Private Value Transactions With Digital Cash Jeffery ( sneak ) Paul Torify your bank account. Description: In my talk I will outline the current state of ... Security Anonymity Privacy
Nets-X: Network Security Experience Ogollemon ( ogollemon ) Education in the field of network security is very dull and time consuming. NetS-X helps ... Security Community
Hunting Bugs In Vector Spaces Fabs ( Fabs ) Why Machine Learning might just help us out Description: There are patterns in code and ... Security Auditing
Ruby On Rails From A Code Auditor'S Perspective Joernchen ( joernchen ) 0x0badc0de the RoR way Description: Ruby on Rails (RoR) is an open source web application ... Auditing
Femtocell Security Tsaitgaist ( tsaitgaist ) Femtostep to the Holy Grail Description: Femtocells are now being rolled out across the world ... Mobile Security
Jtag/Serial/Flash/Pcb Embedded Reverse Engineering Tools And Techniques Nathan ( cyphunk ) Fain a dump of simple tools for embedded analysis at many layers Description: Bring your target. ... Hardware Reverse Engineering
Intermediate Reversing Wishi ( wishi ) Guide your tools Description: This presentation is going to be about formal reverse engineering. - ... Reverse Engineering
Grid Calendar Guckes ( guckes ) the community calendar Description: GridCalendar is a community calendar. born from the idea to share ... Community