44Con 2012 Sept. 5, 2012 to Sept. 7, 2012, London, UK

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Software Security Austerity Software security debt in modern software development Ollie Whitehouse N/A Security
Securing the Internet: YOUre doing it wrong (An INFOSEC Intervention) Jayson E. Street N/A Security
Security Architecture & SMART Phil Huggins N/A Security
Surveillance cameras. The real-world has them everywhere, why not your computer? Michael Viscuso N/A Security
Im the guy your CSO warned you about Gavin Ewan N/A Security
SexyDefense Maximizing the Home-Field Advantage Ian Amit N/A Security
Why Integrity is left alone and not given TLC (Tender, Love and Care) it deserves? Jitender Arora N/A Security
House of cards How not to collapse when bad things happen Rafal Los N/A Security
Hacking and Forensics on the Go Phil Polstra N/A Security
V-SAT hacking Paul Marsh N/A Security
Big game hunting Tim Brown N/A Security
Terrorism, tracking, privacy and human interactions Daniel Cuthbert , Glenn Wilkinson N/A
Inside .NET smart card operating system Behrang Fouladi N/A Security
DGA Detection & Optimization Gunter Ollman N/A Security
Passive IPS Reconnaissance and Enumeration false positive (ab)use Arron ( finux ) Finnon N/A Security
Hardware security resilience to low-cost attacks Sergei Skorobogatov N/A Security
Im the butcher, would you like some BeEF? Michele Orru , Thomas Mackenzie N/A
2012 in review: Tor and the censorship arms race Runa a. Sandvik N/A Security
Modern post-exploitation strategies Rich Smith N/A IncludeThinkstScapes Post Exploitation Python
Security Testing 4G (LTE) Networks Martyn Ruks , Nils N/A
What the HEC? Security implications of HDMI Ethernet Channel and other related protocols Andy Davis N/A Security
Malware analysis as a hobby Michael Boman , Siavosh Zarrasvand N/A
Cryptanalysis of the Enigma Machine Robert Weiss , Ben Gatti N/A
An Idiot Abroad Don a. Bailey N/A Security
Toppling Domino Testing security in a Lotus Notes environment. Darren Fuller N/A Security