ConSec 2012 Sept. 17, 2012 to Sept. 19, 2012, Austin, Texas

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Using Social Media in BC Planning and Crisis Response William Tompkins , Jim Johnson , Cameron Brown N/A
Low Tech Security - Tales from the Front Philip Beyer , Jeff Reich , Vern Williams N/A
1. Examining Risk in the Era of Cloud Computing and the Consumerization of Information Technology Ken Stavinoha N/A Security
Developing a Risk Based Approach to Security Management and Compliance Reporting Angel Cruz N/A Security
2. Not Ours No Finding? Building Information Security Audit Programs that Address BYOD David j. Wood N/A Security
Its the End of the Enterprise As We Know It And Its All BYODs Fault! Rafal Los N/A Security
Is That a Laptop in Your Pocket? Security and Privacy in the Age of Mobility Kevin c. Mcconnell N/A Security
Recovery vs. Resilience: Whats the Dif? Randy Templeton N/A
PANEL: BYOD Trends: Emerging Devices and Usage William h. Murray N/A
Auditing and Securing the iPad, iPhone, iTouch Rodney Almaraz N/A
Continuity of Operations Plan What is COOP? Charles Walts N/A
Mobile / BYOD Embracing Technology While Remaining Secure in a Regulated Environment Robert Slocum N/A Security
Uncertainty as a Factor of Information Risk Brian Engle N/A
Managing Electronic Records Today Bret d. Adams N/A Security
Tackling Cloud Storage in the Enterprise Rafal Los N/A Security
BYOD + Network = Doom? Integrating BYOD With Your Information Security Program David j. Wood N/A Security
How to Audit Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans Tommye White N/A
Mobile App Security: Phenomenal Cosmic Power, Itty Bitty Living Space Joel Scambray N/A Security
BYOD Strategic, Tactical, and Operational Controls Kevin c. Mcconnell N/A Security
Its the Data, St----! William h. Murray N/A
Low Frequency/High Risk Incidents: Black Swan or Red Herring? Randy Templeton N/A
BYOD Security Challenges Control and Protect Your Most Sensitive Data Bill Morrow N/A Security
Real Malware How to Detect and Audit for Real Malware Michael Gough N/A
How Much Risk Does BYOD Really Represent? Jack Jones N/A Security
Fundamental Weaknesses Top Ten Mobile Risks Dissected Mike Wyatt N/A Security
BYOD - The Apocalypse Shirley Erp N/A
Business Critical Security and Compliance in the Cloud Jeffrey n. Reich N/A
Bring Your Own Evidence: Electronic Discovery in BYOD Environments Edward Block N/A
Forget Malicious Links and Fear the QR Code Steve Werby N/A
Measuring and Managing Mobile Risk Matt Malone N/A Security