GrrCON 2012 Sept. 27, 2012 to Sept. 28, 2012, Michigan, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Welcome to GrrCON Eggdr0px N/A N/A Security
Tactical SecOps: A Guide to Precision Security Operation Kevin Johnson N/A Security
Workshop: SecBiz Rafal Los N/A Security
< GHz or Bust Atlas 0f D00m N/A Security
Why Security Professionals Fail Daniel Lohrmann N/A Security
Hack the CLOUD! Adam Ely N/A Security
Punch and Counter-punch with .Net Apps J wolfgang Goerlich N/A Security
5 Security Principles Kierk Sanderlin N/A Security
SCADA Security: Why is it so hard? Amol Sarwate N/A Security
XSS, Session Fixation and SQLi, Oh My! Jack Wink N/A Security
Seven Stages of Advanced Threats Tom Clare N/A IncludeThinkstScapes Advanced Persistent Threat Sales
You Have Your FirewallBut the Hacker Threat is Already In Your Office a/k/a the Killer is already in your house Larry Holland , Hal Charnley N/A
Mobile Attacks: What will the future bring? Nick Percoco N/A Security
Security Intelligence Mark Ehr N/A Security
A next-generation firewalls perspective on modern malware Taylor Ettema N/A Security
Workshop: Intro to USB SwitchBlades Chris Bissell N/A Security
Certifiable Application Security Specialists (Certifiable A.S.S.) Alexander Chaveriat N/A Security
House of Cards How not to Collapse when Bad Things Happen Rafal wh1t3rabbit Los N/A Security
The Realm of Third Generation Botnet Attacks Aditya K Sood , Dr. Enbody N/A
iOS Hash Cracking David healwhans Schwartzberg N/A Security
Im Going To Take Something From You, But Youll Like It. James Palazzolo N/A Security
Juice Jacking, Learning from Shenanigans Robert Rowley N/A Security
Infosec Flameout: If you cant take the heat Scott secureholio Thomas N/A Security
Android in the Healthcare Workplace: A Case Study Thomas Richards N/A Security
Kernel Debugging using Virtualization and GDB Seth Hutchins N/A Security
Skype Software Vulnerabilities 0 Day Exploitation Mr. Merji , Mr. Achor N/A
Peeling Away the Complexities of the Threat Ecosystem Christopher Elisan N/A Security
Isnt it all just SMS-sending Trojans?: Real Advances in Android Malware Jimmy Shah N/A Security
Biometrics: The Enemys Gait is Down Matthew Sjoerdsma N/A Security
By land, By Sea, By Air Chris Roberts N/A Security
Psychological Tricks of the Social Engineer: Demystifying Human Behavior William Tarkington N/A Security
PowerShell Be a Cool Blue Kid Matt Johnson N/A Security
Im the Guy Your CSO Warned You About Gavin jac0byterebel Ewan N/A Security
Blocked\tThe Moscow Rules for InfoSec Professionals: Achieve Dtente to Secure the Enterprise Jen Fox N/A Security
Adventures in Ghost Hunting Kathy Conder N/A Security
GrrCON @night All Free N/A Security
Intro to Linux System Hardening, and Applying it to Backtrack Linux Chris rattis J N/A Security
Book Signing Kevin Mitnick N/A Security
Ghost in the Wires Kevin Mitnick N/A Security
Battery-Powered Pentesting and Forensics Philip Polstra N/A Security
Deal with your Control Issues: Centralizing Identity, Policy and Privilege to Simplify Data Center Security and Compliance Louise Popyk N/A Security
I think therefore I PwN Alexander Chaveriat N/A Security
Finding and Decoding C2 (command and control) on your network Tim Crothers , Brad Nottle N/A
Law of Internet Scanning Jim Rennie N/A Security
Facebook and You Jonathan Deutsch N/A Security
Reversing Patches for Exploit Creation, Pen-Testing or Just Fun! Bharat Jogi N/A Security
Securing and Managing Mobile Devices in the Workplace Steve Barone N/A Security
Strategies for Successful Social Engineering Chris Silvers N/A Security
DDoS Attack Preparation and Mitigation Techniques Jerod slandail Brennen N/A Security
Stop! ROP! and Roll! Jared Demott N/A Security
Hacking PCI Requirement 6.6: Why Your Web Applications are Still Not Secure Gary Mccully , David Sopata N/A
Passive IPS Reconnaissance and Enumeration: False Positive (ab)use Aaron f1nux Finnon N/A Security
Everything Old is New Again Mike Kemp N/A Security
From Obstacle to Ally: Repositioning the Security Team Steve f. Fox N/A Security
Cyber Defense: Countering Targeted Attacks Richard Stiennon N/A Security
Certify Manuts Duncan Manuts N/A Security