8th International Workshop on Security Measurements and Metrics (MetriSec) 2012 Sept. 21, 2012 to Sept. 21, 2012, Lund, Sweden

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
From Revenue Assurance to Assurance: The Importance of Measurement in Computer Security Peter Gutmann N/A Security
Predicting vulnerable classes in an Android application. Stephan Neuhaus , Riccardo Scandariato , James Walden N/A
Development of Qualification of Security Status Suitable for Cloud Computing System. Satoshi Kai , Tomohiro Shigemoto , Tetsuro Kito , Satoshi Takemoto , Tadashi Kaji N/A
Comparing and applying attack surface metrics. Jeffrey Stuckman , James Purtilo N/A
Software Vulnerability Prediction using Text Analysis Techniques. James Walden , Wouter Joosen , Riccardo Scandariato , Aram Hovsepyan N/A
Panel: Data Sources and How Much to Trust Them Peter Gutmann , Fabio Massacci , Stephan Neuhaus , Laurie Williams "One of the biggest problems in empirical studies about computer security is the data. Usually ...