4th International Conference on Information Privacy, Security, Risk and Trust (PASSAT) 2012 Sept. 3, 2012 to Sept. 5, 2012, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Title: Smart and Secure? On the Security and Privacy of Smartphones Dr. ahmad-reza Sadeghi Abstract: This talk will reflect a snapshot of my experience with the evolution of mobile ... Security
Title: Modeling Social Perception of Faces Dr. alexander Todorov Abstract: Research in psychology shows that people a) form instantaneous impressions of other people based ... Security
Centrality Analysis, Role-based Clustering, and Egocentric Abstraction for Heterogeneous Social Networks Cheng-te Li , Shou-de Lin N/A
A Fast Algorithm for Streaming Betweenness Centrality Oded Green , Robert Mccoll , David A.bader N/A
User Behavior Modelling Approach for Churn Prediction in Online Games Zoheb Borbora , Jaideep Srivastava N/A
Individual and Group Dynamics in the Reality Mining Corpus Charlie K.dagli , William m. Campbell N/A
Detecting Offensive Language in Social Media to Protect Adolescent Online Safety Sencun Zhu , Heng Xu , Ying Chen , Yilu Zhou N/A
It's not in their tweets: Modeling topical expertise of Twitter users Claudia Wagner , Vera Liao , Peter Pirolli , Les Nelson , Markus Strohmaier N/A
Ignorance isn't Bliss: An Empirical Analysis of Attention Pattens in Online Communities Claudia Wagner , Markus Strohmaier , Matthew Rowe , Harith Alani N/A
Task-Oriented Social Ego Network Generation via Dynamic Collaborator Selection Justin Zhan , Xing Fang N/A
Measuring Individual Regularity in Human Visiting Patterns Matthew J.williams , Roger M.whitaker , Stuart M.allen N/A
Efficient Graph Models for Retrieving Top-k News Feeds from Ego Networks Rene Pickhardt , Thomas Gottron , Ansgar Scherp , Steffen Staab , Jonas Kunze N/A
Peer Influence and Homophily in the Diffusion of the iPhone 3G in a Very Large Social Miguel Matos , Pedro A.ferreira , David Krackhardt N/A
A Random Walk Around the City: New Venue Recommendation in Location-Based Social Networks Anastasios Noulas , Salvatore Scellato , Neal Lathia , Cecilia Mascolo N/A
Fast Generation of Large Scale Social Networks While Incorporating Transitive Closures Jennifer Neville , Joseph Pfeiffer , Timothy la Fond , Sebastian Moreno N/A
A Decentralized Online Social Network with Efficient User-Driven Replication Rammohan Narendula , Thanasis Papaioannou , Karl Aberer N/A
Diffusion-Aware Sampling and Estimation in Information Diffusion Networks Motahareh eslami Mehdiabadi , Hamid R.rabiee , Mostafa Salehi N/A
Predicting Communication Intention in Social Networks Charalampos Chelmis , Viktor Prasanna N/A
Psychological Aspects of Social Communities Adrien Friggeri , Renaud Lambiotte , Michal Kosinski , Eric Fleury N/A
Decoding Social Influence and the Wisdom of the Crowd in Financial Trading Network Wei Pan , Yaniv Altshuler , Alex Pentland N/A
Edit Conflict Resolution in WikiBOK: A Wiki-based BOK Formulation-aid System for New Disciplines Yoshifumi Masunaga , Kazunari Ito , Taro Yabuki , Takeshi Morita N/A
Tagger: Bringing Real World Graffiti Social Interaction to Virtual San Francisco Daniel Zucker , Carmen Au , Ray Rischpater , Chris Mockus , Jason Wither N/A
Parallelizing Preferential Attachment Models for Generating Large-Scale Social Networks that Cannot Fit into Memory Cheng-te Li , Shou-de Lin , Yi-chen Lo N/A
Characterizing Urban Landscapes using Geolocated Tweets Vanessa Frias-martinez , Victor Soto , Heath Hohwald , Enrique Frias-martinez N/A
How Visibility and Divided Attention Constrain Social Contagion Nathan Hodas , Kristina Lerman N/A
Online Sentiment and Topic Dynamics Tracking over the Streaming Data Yulan He , Chenghua Lin N/A
What makes communities tick? Community health analysis using role compositions Matthew Rowe , Harith Alani N/A
Better the Tweeter you know: social signals on Twitter Martin Chorley , Gualtiero Colombo , Stuart Allen , Roger Whitaker N/A
Unsupervised Construction of Topic-based Twitter Lists Francois de Villiers , Mcelory Hoffmann , Steve Kroon N/A
Credibility in Context: An Analysis of Feature Distributions in Twitter "john O'donovan , Byungkyu Kang , Tobias Hollerer" N/A
Heuristics for Speeding up Betweenness Centrality Computation Rami Puzis , Polina Zilberman , Yuval Elovici , Shlomi Dolev , Ulrik Brandes N/A
On the Predictability of Human Contacts: Influence Factors and the Strength of Stronger Ties Christoph Scholz , Martin Atzmueller , Gerd Stumme N/A
Attentive Betweenness Centrality (ABC): Considering Options and Bandwidth when Measuring Criticality Sibel Adali , Xiaohui Lu , Malik Magdon-ismail N/A
QLIM - A tool to support collective intelligence Yann Veilleroy , Frederic Hoogstoel , Luigi Lancieri N/A
Facial Action Detection using Block-based Pyramid Appearance Descriptors Bihan Jiang , Michel Valstar , Maja Pantic N/A
Social Computing: a classification of existing paradigms Giuseppe Lugano N/A Security
The Ones That Got Away: False Negative Estimation Based Approaches for Gold Farmer Detection Jaideep Srivastava , Atanu Roy , Muhammad aurangzeb Ahmad , Chandrima Sarkar , Brian Keegan N/A
Analysis of Ego Network Structure in Online Social Networks Valerio Arnaboldi , Marco Conti , Andrea Passarella , Fabio Pezzoni N/A
Actionable Information during Extreme Events. Case Study: Warnings and 2011 Tohoku Earthquake Yulia Tyshchuk , William Wallace N/A
Talking Places: Modelling and Analysing Linguistic Content in Foursquare Anastasios Noulas , Cecilia Mascolo , Sandro Bauer , Diarmuid Saghdha , Stephen Clark N/A
How charisma is perceived from speech. A multidimensional approach "rosario Signorello , Francesca D'errico , Isabella Poggi , Didier Demolin" N/A
Towards a Computational Formalism for a Grounding Model of Cultural Transmission Jens Pfau , Liz Sonenberg , Yoshi Kashima N/A
Multi-Level Modeling of Quotation Families Morphogenesis Elisa Omodei , Thierry Poibeau , Jean-philippe Cointet N/A
Using Online Classified Ads to Identify the Geographic Footprints of Anonymous, Casual Sex-seeking Individuals Jason Fries , Alberto Segre , Philip Polgreen N/A
Can you believe an anonymous contributor? On truthfulness in Yahoo! Answers Dan Pelleg , Elad Yom-tov , Yoelle Maarek N/A
Detecting Engagement in HRI: An Exploration of Social and Task-based Context André FucsVictor Pereira , Ginevra Castellano , Iolanda Leite , Carlos Martinho , Ana Paiva , Peter william Mcowan N/A
Dynamic exploration of recording sessions between jazz musicians over time Darya Filippova , Michael Fitzgerald , Carl Kingsford , Fernando Benadon N/A
Predicting the Evolution of Social Networks: Optimal Time Window Size For Increased Accuracy Krzysztof Juszczyszyn , Marcin Budka , Katarzyna Musial N/A
Modeling the Risk & Utility of Information Sharing in Social Networks Mohamed Fouad , Khaled Elbassioni , Elisa Bertino N/A
Private Facebook Chat Tim Horst , Chris Robison , Scott Ruoti , Kent Seamons N/A
Epidemic Trust-based Recommender Systems Stefan Magureanu , Nima Dokoohaki , Shahab Mokarizadeh , Mihhail Matskin N/A
Intuitive security policy configuration in mobile devices using context profiling Aditi Gupta , Markus Miettinen , N.asokan , Marcin Nagy N/A
City Flow: Prototype Exploration for Visualizing Urban Traffic Conversations Jiayu Wu , Zhiyong Fu , Jiajia Pan , Huiling Long , Xu Lin N/A
Different Strokes of Different Folks: Searching for Health Narratives in Weblogs Andrew Gordon , Christopher Wienberg , Sara Sood N/A
Los Twindignados: the Rise of the Indignants Movement Jon Crowcroft , Salvatore Scellato , Cecilia Mascolo , Narseo Vallina-rodriguez , Hamed Haddadi , Carl Forsell N/A
Measuring Pair-wise Social Influence in Microblog Zibin Yin , Ya Zhang N/A
Understanding how dominance affects the emergence of agreement in a social network: The case of Naming Game Suman kalyan Maity , Animesh Mukherjee N/A
Artificial Inflation : The Real Story of Trends and Trend-setters in Sina Weibo Louis Yu , Sitaram Asur , Bernardo Huberman N/A
Quantifying Behavioral Mimicry by Automatic Detection of Nonverbal Cues from Body Motion Sebastian Feese , Bert Arnrich , Gerhard Troester , Bertolt Meyer , Klaus Jonas N/A
Towards Social Networking: A Proof-of-Concept Model Yasuhiro Sato , Hirona Shimokawa , Shingo Ata , Ikuo Oka N/A
Dimensionality Reduction for Emotional Speech Recognition Pouria Fewzee , Fakhri Karray N/A
Contagion of Habitual Behaviour in Social Networks: an Agent-Based Model Michel Klein , Nataliya Mogles , Jan Treur , Arlette van Wissen N/A
What's public feedback? Linking high quality feedback to social issues using social media Swapna Gottipati , Jing Jiang N/A
Classifying Trust/Distrust Relationships in Online Social Networks Giacomo Bachi , Michele Coscia , Anna Monreale , Fosca Giannotti N/A
The Impact of Communication Structure and Interpersonal Dependencies on Distributed Teams Jennifer Neville , Timothy la Fond , Dan Roberts , James Tyler , Stacy Connaughton N/A
A Tale of Three Cities: Looking at the Trending Feature on Foursquare Cristina Robles , Jessica Benner N/A
Inferring realistic intra-hospital contact networks using link prediction and computer logins Mauricio Monsalve , Sriram Pemmaraju , Geb Thomas , Deepti Sharma , Phillip Polgreen , Ted Herman , Alberto maria Segre N/A
Characterizing the Internet's sense of humor Jaideep Srivastava , Amogh Mahapatra , Nisheeth Srivastava N/A
Approximating Shortest Paths in Spatial Social Networks Carlo Ratti , Christian Sommer N/A
Harnessing Twitter 'Big Data' for Automatic Emotion Identification Wenbo Wang , Lu Chen , Krishnaprasad Thirunarayan , Amit Sheth N/A
User Generated Human Computation Applications Nadin Kokciyan , S. Dinesh N/A
Using Randomization to Identify Social Influence in Mobile Networks Rodrigo Belo , Pedro Ferreira N/A
Content Based Microblogger Recommendation Huseyin burak Celebi , Suzan Uskudarli N/A
Enhancing Query Expansion through Folksonomies and Semantic Classes Claudio Biancalana , Fabio Gasparetti , Alessandro Micarelli , Giuseppe Sansonetti N/A
Some Suggestions of the Study of Stance in Communication Massimo Chindamo , Jens Allwood , Elisabeth Ahlsen N/A
The SocioMetric Badges Corpus: A Multilevel Behavioral Dataset for Social Behavior in Complex Organizations Alex Pentland , Bruno Lepri , Jacopo Staiano , Giulio Rigato , Kyriaki Kalimeri , Ailbhe Finnerty , Fabio Pianesi , Nicu Sebe N/A
Discovering latent behavioral roles in dynamic social networks Christoph Stadtfeld N/A Security
An Informed Model of Personal Information Release in Social Networking Sites Anna Squicciarini , Christopher Griffin N/A
Relationship-based Access Control for Online Social Networks: Beyond User-to-User Relationships Yuan Cheng , Jaehong Park , Ravi Sandhu N/A
Mining Privacy Settings to Find Optimal Privacy-Utility Tradeoffs for Social Network Services Keke Chen , Shumin Guo N/A
Identifying Critical Factors of Community Privacy Sherley Codio , Dennis Kafura , Manuel Perez-quinones , Andrea Kavanaugh , Denis Gracanin N/A
Towards a Modeling and Analysis Framework for Privacy-aware Systems Pietro Colombo , Elena Ferrari N/A
Private (t,n) Threshold Searching on Streaming Data Xun Yi , Chaoping Xing N/A
Privacy Preserving Maximum-Flow Computation in Distributed Graphs Xiaoyun He , Jaideep Vaidya , Basit Shafiq , Nabil Adam N/A
Non-linear Dimensionality Reduction for Privacy-Preserving Data Classification Khaled Alotaibi , Vector Rayward-smith , Wenjia Wang , Beatriz Iglesia N/A
Differential Privacy Through Knowledge Refinement Jordi Soria-comas , Josep Domingo-ferrer N/A
Flash: Efficient, Stable and Optimal K-Anonymity Florian Kohlmayer , Fabian Prasser , Claudia Eckert , Alfons Kemper , Klaus Kuhn N/A
Unsupervised Ensemble based Learning for Insider Threat Detection Pallabi Parveen , Nate Mcdaniel , Bhavani Thuraisingham , Latifur Khan N/A
Privacy-Preserving Techniques and System for Streaming Databases Florian Kerschbaum , Anderson Oliveria , Hoon wei Lim , Yu Su-yang N/A
Reusing Risk Analysis Results - An Extension for the CORAS Risk Analysis Method Johannes Viehmann N/A Security
Correlating Risk Findings to Quantify Risk Yin Pan , Aaron Sanders , Bo Sun N/A
Agent Trust Management based on Human Plausible Reasoning: Application to Web Search Sadra Abedinzadeh , Samira Sadaoui N/A
TrustFraMM: Meta description for trust frameworks Mark Vinkovits , Andreas Zimmermann N/A
Authenticated Top-K Aggregation in Distributed and Outsourced Databases Elisa Bertino , Sunoh Choi , Hyo-sang Lim N/A
Towards an Identity-based Data Model for an Automotive Privacy Process Michael Weber , Naim Asaj , Bjrn Wiedersheim , Albert Held N/A
The Implementation of a Full EMV Smartcard for a Point-of-Sale Transaction and its Impact on the PCI DSS Oludele Ogundele , Pavol Zavarsky , Ron Ruhl , Dale Lindskog N/A
Legislation and Privacy Across Borders Leah Glass , Robin Gresko N/A
Provable Synthetic Coordinates for Increasing PoWs Effectiveness Against DoS and Spam Marius Cristea , Bogdan Groza N/A
Towards a Unified Penetration Testing Taxonomy Christian Krieg , Aleksandar Hudic , Shareeful Islam , Lorenz Zechner , Severin Winkler , Richard Hable , Edgar Weippl N/A
A Secure Group Collaboration Protocol for for Non Verbal Human Social Signals Featuring Deception Detection Justin Zhan , Munene Kanampiu , Jinsuk Baek N/A
Privacy in the age of Mobility and Smart Devices in Smart Homes Abdullahi Arabo N/A Security
Workshop on Context Based Affect Recognition (CBAR2012) Ursula Hess N/A
Affect Detection from Social Contexts Using Commonsense Knowledge Representations Alexandra Hermida N/A Security
Assessing user bias in affect detection within context-based Spoken Dialog Systems Syaheerah lebai Lutfi , Fernando Fernndez-martnez , Andrs Casanova-garca , Juan manuel Montero , Lorena Lopez-lebon N/A
How do we react to context? Annotation of individual and group engagement in a video corpus Francesca Bonin , Ronald Bck , Nick Campbell N/A
With a Little Help from the Crowd: Receiving Unauthorized Academic Assistance through Online Labor Markets C. g. Harris , P. Srinivasan N/A
Urbanopoly a Social and Location-based Game with a Purpose to Crowdsource your Urban Data "i. Celino , D. Cerizza , S. Contessa , M. Corubolo , D. Dell'aglio , E. della Valle , S. Fumeo" N/A
A Draw-and-Guess Game to Segment Images L. Galli , P. Fraternali , D. Martinenghi , M. Tagliasacchi , J. Novak N/A
On Identifying Conflict Related Stances in Political Debates Massimo Chindamo , Jens Allwood , Elisabeth Ahlsn N/A
Pedagogical Stance The Teachers position and its Social Signal "francesca D'errico , Giovanna Leone , Isabella Poggi" N/A
Some uses of head tilts and shoulder shrugs during human interaction,and their relation to stancetaking Camille Debras , Alan Cienki N/A
Mutual Stance Building in Dyad of Virtual Agents: Smile Alignment and Synchronisation Ken Prepin , Magalie Ochs , Catherine Pelachaud N/A
Mimicking Expressiveness Of Movements By Autistic Children In Game Play Daniel Tetteroo , Azadeh Shirzad , Mariana serras Pereira , Matthijs Zwinderman , Duy Le , Emilia Barakova N/A
Exploring Multimodal Social-Emotional Behaviors in Autism Spectrum Disorders Laurence Chaby , Mohamed Chetouani , Monique Plaza , David Cohen N/A
Robotic Social Therapy on Children with Autism: Preliminary Evaluation Through Multi Parametric Analysis Daniele Mazzei , Alberto Greco , Nicole Lazzeri , Abolfazl Zaraki , Antonio Lanat , Roberta Igliozzi , Alice Mancini , Francesca Stoppa , Enzo pasquale Scilingo , Filippo Muratori , Danilo Rossi N/A
Speech, Emotion, Age, Language, Task, and Typicality: Trying to Disentangle Performance and Feature Relevance Erik Marchi , Anton Batliner , Bjrn Schuller , Shimrit Fridenzon , Shahar Tal , Ofer Golan N/A
Incremental Learning with Accuracy Prediction of Social and Individual Properties from Mobile-Phone Data Yaniv Altshuler , Alex Pentland , Yuval Elovici , Nadav Aharony , Micky Fire N/A
PESAP: a Privacy Enhanced Social Application Platform Frank Piessens , Tom Reynaert , Willem de Groef , Dominique Devriese N/A
Quality Of WordPress Plug-Ins: An Overview of Security , User Ratings Teemu Koskinen , Petri Ihantola , Ville Karavirta N/A
Privacy Threats Related to User Profiling in Online Social Networks Fredrik Erlandsson , Martin Boldt , Henric Johnson N/A
Factors that influence the choice of privacy settings on Facebook: Freshmen's view at a South African university Phumezo Ntlatywa , Reinhardt a Botha , Bertram Haskins N/A
Maintaining a Consistent Representation of Self Across Multiple Social Networking Sites - a Data-Centric Perspective Moritz Riesner , Gnther Pernul N/A
Vegas - A Secure and Privacy-Preserving Peer-to-Peer Online Social Network Michael Drr , Marco Maier , Florian Dorfmeister N/A
Reconstructing profiles from information disseminated on the Internet Esma Aimeur , Gilles Brassard , Paul Molin N/A
Social and emotional turn taking for embodied conversational agents Merijn Bruijnes N/A Security
Dynamic estimation of rater reliability in subjective tasks using multi-armed bandits Alexey Tarasov , Sarah jane Delany , Brian Macnamee N/A