BruCON 2010 Sept. 24, 2010 to March 25, 2010, Brussels, Belgium

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Notes : BruCON is an annual security and hacker(*) conference providing two days of an interesting atmosphere for open discussions of critical infosec issues, privacy, information technology and its cultural/technical implications on society. Organized in Brussels, BruCON offers a high quality line up of speakers, security challenges and interesting workshops. BruCON is a conference by and for the security and hacker(*) community The conference tries to create bridges between the various actors active in computer security world, included but not limited to hackers(*), security professionals, security communities, non-profit organizations, CERTs, students, law enforcement agencies, etc..... (*)Hackers are "persons who delight in having an intimate understanding of the internal workings of a system, computers and computer networks in particular." People who engage in illegal activities like unauthorized entry into computer systems are called crackers and don't have anything to do with hacking. BruCON doesn't promote any illegal activities and behavior. Many hackers today are employed by the security industry and test security software and systems to improve the security of our networks and applications. In addition, for the younger generations, we want to create some awareness and interest in IT students to learn more about IT Security

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
The Wombat Project: Recent Developments In Internet Threats Analysis Andreas Moser , Olivier Thonnard In the recent years, many security experts have acknowledged the fact that the cyber-crime scene ... Security Web Others
Keynote: Memoirs Of A Data Security Street Fighter Mikko Hypponen # 20 years, and what have we got? # Where did we go wrong? # ... Keynote
Lockpicking 101 Walter Belgers Toool will give a presentation and demonstration about the weaknesses and strengths of common locks. ... Hardware Reverse Engineering
You Spent All That Money And You Still Got Owned... Joseph Mccray The goal of this talk is to show IT Personnel the common weaknesses in popular ... Security Risk Reverse Engineering Network Penetration
Hardhack.Org: Hardware Hacking Area Mitch Altman Anyone can learn to solder and make cool things with microcontrollers! Come to the Hardware ... Hardware Reverse Engineering
Gsm Security: Fact And Fiction Fabian Van den broek 4.1 billion people around the world communicate over GSM. Besides communication, more and more additional ... Mobile Security Security Network Penetration
The Monkey Steals The Berries Tyler ( Txs ) Shields Mobile Application security is a fresh new target for malware and malicious backdoors. The presenter ... Security Network Penetration
Cyber [Crime|War] - Connecting The Dots Ian Amit CyberWar has been a controversial topic in the past few years. Some say the the ... Security Deep Knowledge Intrusion Detection Incident Response Privacy
Embedded System Hacking And My Plot To Take Over The World Paul Asadoorian Embedded systems, the purpose-built systems that encompass our world pose a threat to your data ... Web Exploitation Hardware Reverse Engineering
Project Skylab 1.0: Helping You Get Your Cloud On Craig Balding Got Cloud? Cloud Computing and Security is a lot like sex: everyone is talking about ... Security Web Privacy
Powerpoint Karaoke Frank Breedijk The main purpose of PowerPoint Karaoke is to bring the opposite of Death by PPT, ... Others
Seccubus Workshop Frank Breedijk As part of his job as Security Engineer at Schuberg Philis, Frank Breedijk performs regular ... Security Infrastructure Application Security
Introduction In Assessing And Exploiting Web Applications With Samurai-Wtf Livecd Justin Searle The Samurai Web Testing Framework is a live linux environment that has been pre-configured to ... Security Others Application Security
Damn Vulnerable Web App Ryan Dewhurst In this workshop we will learn hands on how to work with 'Damn Vulnerable Web ... Web Application Security
Creating A Cert At Warp Speed Brian Honan A major challenge facing those trying to set up a Computer Emergency Response Team is ... Security Intrusion Detection Incident Response
Rfid Workshop Philippe Teuwen Workshop on RFID Come with your laptop & tags You'll get a LiveCD & borrow ... Security Hardware Reverse Engineering
Living With Selinux Toshaan Bharvani Security Enhanced Linux, is disabled in most cases due to fact that most people do ... Application Security Security
Malicious Pdf Analysis Didier Stevens This workshop will teach you the fundamentals you need to know to analyze (malicious) PDF ... Security Others Analysis
Your Project: From Idea To Reality Mitch Altman If you have a project idea, you can bring it into the world, and possibly ... Hardware Reverse Engineering
Nokia Nfc Malicious Content Sharing Roel Verdult , Fkooman Fkooman Nokia NFC Malicious Content Sharing The security features of Near Field Communication (NFC) compatible mobile ... Mobile Security Network Penetration
Finding Backdoors In Code Matias Madou Insiders who write code, whether they are developers working for an enterprise or contributors to ... Security Exploitation Network Penetration
Fireshark - A Tool To Link The Malicious Web Stephan Chenette Thousands of legitimate web sites serve malicious content to millions of visitors each and every ... Security Web
Head Hacking – The Magic Of Suggestion And Perception Dale Pearson Head Hacking – The Magic of Suggestion and Perception Others Deep Knowledge Social Engineering
Top 5 Ways To Steal A Company Chris Nickerson This will be a highly interactive talk with the audience! the corporate landscape is built ... Security Others Deep Knowledge Exploitation
Csfire: Browser-Enforced Mitigation Against Csrf Lieven Desmet In this talk, we will presents three interesting results of our research: (1) an extensive, ... Web Application Security
Lightning Talks Day 2 Craig Balding Lightning Talks are 5-minute talks by various people combined in a set of 10 talks ... Others
Seccubus Workshop Frank Breedijk As part of his job as Security Engineer at Schuberg Philis, Frank Breedijk performs regular ... Application Security Security
The Security Innovation Network - Cluster Of Clusters Ls Ec The Security Innovation Network is a partnership of Europe's leading Security Associations. These national Security ... Security Intrusion Detection Incident Response
Cert Abusehelper Workshop Christian Van heurck AbuseHelper is an open-source project initiated by CERT.FI (Finland) and CERT.EE (Estonia) with ClarifiedNetworks to ... Security Incident Response Community
Rfid Workshop Philippe Teuwen Workshop on RFID Come with your laptop & tags You'll get a LiveCD & borrow ... Hardware Reverse Engineering
How I Met Your Girlfriend Samy Kamkar How I Met Your Girlfriend: The discovery and execution of entirely new classes of Web ... Web Exploitation