8th International Conference on Security and Privacy in Communication Networks (SecureComm) 2012 Sept. 3, 2012 to Sept. 6, 2012, Padua, Italy

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
A Lightweight DES Augmented Finite Automaton Cryptosystem Sarshad Abubaker , Kui Wu N/A
Improvement on Ahn et al.'s RSA P-homomorphic signature scheme Zhiwei Wang N/A Security
Building general-purpose security services on EMV payment cards Chris Mitchell , Chunhua Chen , Shaohua Tang N/A
Two Improvements of Random Key Predistribution for Wireless Sensor Networks Vashek Matyas , Jiri Kur , Petr Svenda N/A
Anonymous Transferable Conditional E-cash Jiangxiao Zhang , Zhoujun Li , Hua Guo N/A
Improving the Resilience of an IDS Against Performance Throttling Attacks Govind Sreekarshenoy , Jordi Tubella , Antonio Gonzalez N/A
Data Leak Detection As a Service Danfeng Yao , Xiaokui Shu N/A
JSGuard: Shellcode Detection in JavaScript Boxuan Gu , Wenbin Zhang , Xiaole Bai , Adam Champion , Feng Qin , Dong Xuan N/A
A Detection Mechanism for SMS Flooding Attacks in Cellular Networks Patrick Mcdaniel , Eun kyoung Kim , Thomas la Porta N/A
More Anonymity Through Trust Degree in Trust-based Onion Routing Peng Zhou , Xiapu Luo , Rocky Chang N/A
Set Difference Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks "tulio de Souza , Joss Wright , Piers O'hanlon , Ian Brown." N/A
Revealing Cooperating Hosts by Connection Graph Analysis Jan Jusko , Martin Rehak N/A
Towards Designing Packet Filter with A Trust-based Approach using Bayesian Inference in Network Intrusion Detection Yuxin Meng , Lam-for Kwok , Wenjuan Li N/A
New Multi-Dimensional Sorting based K-Anonymity Microaggregation for Statistical Disclosure Control Abdun Mahmood , Md enamul Kabir , Abdul k Mustafa N/A
Random Host Mutation for Moving Target Defense Ehab Al-shaer , Qi Duan , Jafar haadi Jafarian N/A
Detection of Conguration Vulnerabilities in Distributed (Web) Environments Matteo maria Casalino , Michele Mangili , Henrik Plate , Serena elisa Ponta N/A
BINSPECT: Holistic Analysis and Detection of Malicious Web Pages Adolfo Villafiorita , Birhanu Eshete , Komminist Weldemariam N/A
The Unbearable Lightness of Monitoring: Direct Monitoring in BitTorrent Marco Cova , Tom Chothia , Chris Novakovic , Camilo gonzalez Toro N/A
Privacy Preserving Back-Propagation Learning Made Practical with Cloud Computing Jiawei Yuan , Shucheng Yu N/A
Evaluating the security of physical-layer identification systems Ryan Gerdes , Mani Mina , Thomas Daniels N/A