UNITED Security Summit 2012 Sept. 12, 2012 to Sept. 14, 2012, San Francisco, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote Being Decisive Dan Heath Much has been written, over the past few years, about the problems that plague our ... Security
What To Detect When You're Detecting: Using Threat Intel To Enable Rick Holland "Walk the vendor expo floor at any security conference and you will see threat intelligence ... Security
Security Practitioners Panel: Running an Effective Security Program Kurt Grutzmacher , Dennis Fisher , Scott Erven , Michael Lemire , Kent Nabors In this panel of CISOs and other security practitioners, panel members will give their individual ...
Vulnerabilities, Malwares and Beyond: Threat Modelling For a More Efficient Security Claudio Guarnieri Vulnerabilities are the vehicle, malware is the goal. In 2011, more than 5000 vulnerabilities had ... Security
Assume Breach Strategy John Walton This talk will demonstrate the need to become more agile in addressing security gaps, fixing ... Security
The Deranged Insider Threat Sam Bowne In January, 2012, City College San Francisco was featured in front-page news around the world ... Security
An Evil World: Latest Research from the Labs Hd Moore In this session, HD Moore, founder of the Metasploit Project and CSO at Rapid7, presents ... Security
LogRhythm: Detecting Malicious Activity In The Log Trail David Pack This talk will demonstrate techniques for detecting various types of malicious activity in the log ... Security
Securing the Virtual Environment: Defending the Enterprise Against Attack (Live Demo) Davi Ottenheimer Achievement Unlocked: Designing a Compelling & Effective Security Awareness Program BOB RUDIS Security professionals can ... Security
It's All About the Risk(amins) Ward Holloway Entrepreneur and philosopher Puff Daddy once noted that in business and life, "It\'s all about ... Security
Attacking Mobile Applications: Knowing the Mindset and Implementing Countermeasures Joe Basirico As mobile applications become more critical to business, the increased use and the "always-on" connectedness ... Security
DEBATES: Truth & Lies in Security Jon Oberheide , Joshua Corman , Hd Moore , Dave Kennedy , Joe Menn We couldn\'t run a conference in an election year without having a debate. In this ...
Going on the Offensive - Proactive Measures in Securing your Dave Kennedy "Where do you start? Where am I most at risk? How do I build a ... Security
Risk Assessments of Vendors & Third Parties Randy Janinda "Outsourcing business functions does not absolve you from the responsibility of protecting your information or ... Security
The Whole Truth of Being Half-Secure: Exploring Actual Security vs. Darren Suprina "It is common knowledge that the advancement of network security threats will never plateau. To ... Security
Physical Insecurity Sean Satterlee Filling the physical gaps in infosec. Some not common and not-so-common attack vectors that are ... Security
Why Doing Application Security Remediation Is Like Building a Rube Goldberg Machine Wendy Nather Building an application security program looks great on paper, but the execution is sometimes worthy ... Security
Losing Our Religion: Taking An Economics Approach To Information Security Ed Bellis "The Information Security profession has long been based on demagoguery and secrecy with an unhealthy ... Security
Mobile Vulnerability Assessment: There's an App for That! Jon Oberheide "Conservative carriers frequently leave privilege escalation vulnerabilities unpatched for months and years on today's consumer ... Security
Leveraging Big Data for Mobile Security Hadi Nahari "Smart and always-connected consumer electronic devices such as smartphones are still considered new when it ... Security