Breakpoint 2012 Oct. 17, 2012 to Oct. 18, 2012, Melbourne,Australia

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
HACKING HUMANS Barnaby Jack N/A Security
IOS6 SECURITY Mark Dowd , Tarjei Mandt In recent years, iOS security has become a hot topic, largely due to the unprecedented ... Exploitation ExcludeThinkstScapes iOS
MODELING THE EXPLOITATION AND MITIGATION OF MEMORY SAFETY VULNS Matt Miller The increased difficulty of developing reliable exploits for memory safety vulnerabilities has also made it ... Exploitation Tools Metrics
ADVANCED EXPLOITATION OF MOBILE/EMBEDDED DEVICES:THE ARM MICROPROCESSOR Stephen Lawler , Stephen Ridley We are currently entering into a "post-PC" exploitation environment where threats to mobile devices are ...
BINARY INSTRUMENTATION FOR ANDROID Collin Mulliner Bug hunting on Android becomes more and more challenging. Analyzing more interesting targets require more ... Security
RADIUM: AUTO DATA COLLECTION & VISUALIZATION IN MALTEGO Roelof ( RT ) Temmingh Maltego has been a long time favourite tool of many IT security and cyber intelligence ... Security
EMULATING DFU TO QUICKLY REVERSE AND EXPLOIT USB DEVICES Travis Goodspeed The USB Device Firmware Update (DFU) protocol is used by a number of devices to ... Hardware General ExcludeThinkstScapes USB
DETECTING BUGS USING DECOMPILATION AND DATAFLOW ANALYSIS Silvio Cesare Bugwise is a free online web service to perform static analysis of binary executables to ... ExcludeThinkstScapes Static Analysis Tools Bugwise
MAVERICK: ADDING THE APPLE TOUCH TO QUALCOMM'S BASEBAND BOOTROM Eric McDonald Apple customized the Qualcomm baseband bootrom to allow for personalized BBTickets. This presentation will dig ... Security
TACKLING THE ANDROID CHALLENGE Joshua ( jduck ) Drake "Android is currently the world's most popular smartphone operating system. This kind of popularity traditionally ... Android Introductory ExcludeThinkstScapes
UNRAVELLING WINDOWS 8 SECURITY AND THE ARM KERNEL Alex Ionescu There has been a lot of attention given lately to Windows 8 and its new ... Exploitation IncludeThinkstScapes Windows 8 Mitigations ARM
ROOTKIT IN YOUR LAPTOP: HIDDEN CODE IN YOUR CHIPSET Igor Skochinsky Since several years ago, Intel has started putting a dedicated microcontroller ("Management Engine" aka ME) ... Introductory ExcludeThinkstScapes Intel Management Engine
THE CASE FOR SEMANTICS-BASED METHODS IN REVERSE ENGINEERING Rolf Rolles This presentation argues for a paradigm shift in the way that reverse engineering is conducted, ... Security
ANDROID FORENSIC DEEP DIVE Bradley Schatz This lecture will provide a detailed introduction to forensic acquisition and analysis of Android devices, ... Android Computer Forensics ExcludeThinkstScapes YAFFS2