CCSW 2012 Oct. 19, 2012 to Oct. 19, 2012, Raleigh,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Detecting Co-Residency with Active Traffic Analysis Techniques. Adam Bates , Ben Mood , Joe Pletcher , Hannah Pruse , Masoud Valafar , Kevin Butler N/A
Fast Dynamic Extracted Honeypots in Cloud Computing Stefan Katzenbeisser , Sebastian Biedermann , Martin Mink N/A
Are AES x86 Cache Timing Attacks Still Feasible? Hovav Shacham , Keaton Mowery , Sriram Keelveedh N/A
Towards a Richer Model of Cloud App Markets Abhinav Srivastava , Vinod Ganapathy N/A
Cloud-Assisted Security Ruby b. Lee N/A Security
Unity: Secure and Durable Personal Cloud Storage David Lie , Beom heyn Kim , Wei Huang N/A
Exploiting Split Browsers for Efficiently Protecting User Data Angelos Keromytis , Georgios Portokalidis , Elias Athanasopoulos , Angeliki Zavou N/A
Babel: A Secure Computer is a Polyglot Michael E. Locasto , John Aycock , Daniel de Castro , Chris Jarabek N/A
Keynote I Srdjan Capkun N/A Security
What If We Got A Do-Over? Howard shrobe (darpa) N/A Security
Keynote II Radu Sion N/A Security
Practical Applications of Homomorphic Encryption Kristin Research) N/A Security
LoSt: Location Based Storage Michael E. Locasto , Reihaneh Safavi-naini , Gaven j. Watson , Mohsen Alimomeni , Shrivaramakrishnan Narayan N/A
Efficient Query Integrity for Outsourced Dynamic Databases Qingji Zheng , Shouhuai Xu , Giuseppe Ateniese N/A
Towards an Interpreter for Efficient Encrypted Computation Marten van Dijk , Christopher Fletcher , Srini Devadas N/A
Keynote III Seny Kamara N/A Security
Revisiting DNS and WHOIS in the Cloud Era Burt Kaliski N/A Security
CloudFilter: Practical Control of Sensitive Data Propagation to the Cloud Ioannis Papagiannis , Peter Pietzuch N/A
Benchmarking Cloud Security Level Agreements Using Quantitative Policy Trees Jesus luna Garcia , Neeraj Suri , Robert Langenberg N/A