CounterMeasure 2012 Oct. 25, 2012 to Oct. 26, 2012, Ottawa,Canada

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
0-60 in 60 Minutes - An Approach to iOS Application Assessments Nishchal Ramanathan "This talk will introduce the audience to the nuts and bolts of iOS hacking. We ... Security
Analysis and Demonstration of a Cisco Call Manager 0-day Hugh Markov Accelerated deployment of IP Telephony (IPT) applications by enterprises and government organizations brings significant financial ... Security
Advanced Persistent Response Peleus Uhley "The past few years have been interesting for the Flash Player team to say the ... Security
Advanced Persistent Threat - Intelligence Brief Ryan Kazanciyan Ryan Kazanciyan will provide a briefing on the latest intelligence regarding the Advanced Persistent Threat ... Security
Building Threat Intelligence Nart Villeneuve In this presentation Nart Villeneuve will examine targeted malware attacks from the reconnaissance phase through ... Security
DNS Sinkhole Active Detection and Blocking of Known Malicious Domains Guy Bruneau Do you know if your organization is infected with Advanced Persistent Threat (APT)? Are you ... Security
doubt, deceit, deficiency & decency - a decade of disillusionment James Arlen "Waking up with the sudden and shocking realization that I cannot escape the feeling that ... Security
Emerging Threats in a World of Emerging Architectures - Panel Discussion Mischel Kwon , Dave Aitel , Andrew Hay , Dan Guido , Luc Beaudoin , Barton Mckinley The architectures upon which our businesses operate is constantly evolving. Cloud and mobile platforms have ...
Follow the Money - Organized Crime and Money Laundering on the Internet Robert Beggs To date, most assessments of cybercrime by criminal organizations (more than 3 people working together) ... Security
Impeding Automated Malware Analysis Paul Royal "Malware, as the centerpiece of threats to the Internet, has increased exponentially. To handle the ... Security
Mapping and Evolution of Android Permissions Zach Reiter The Android Open Source Project provides a software stack for mobile devices. The provided API ... Security
Secure Code Review - OWASP TOP 10 Sherif Koussa Secure Code Review is the best approach to uncover the largest number of security flaws ... Security
Security Awareness for Social Media in Business Scott Wright "Blocking access to Facebook and Twitter at the firewall does not solve the social media ... Security
Strategic Application Security Programs in the Enterprise Shyama Rose "It is not news that threats in the application security landscape are changing rapidly. The ... Security
The Challenges of the Kill Chain Mischel Kwon To date we spend most of our Security Operations dollars and time on managing the ... Security
Using and Extending Vega in Security Testing Web Applications David mirza Ahmad "Vega is an open source web security testing platform written in Java and developed by ... Security