Chaos Communication Congress 27 Dec. 27, 2010 to Dec. 30, 2010, Berlin, Germany

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Notes : 27th Chaos Communication Congress

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
27C3 Keynote Rop Gonggrijp We come in Peace Keynote
Copyright Enforcement Vs. Freedoms Jérémie Zimmermann , Jérémie Zimmermann ACTA, upcoming criminal enforcement directive, filtering of content... The entertainment industries go further and further ... Media
Code Deobfuscation By Optimization Branko Spasojevic , Branko Spasojevic Optimization algorithms present an effective way for removing most obfuscations that are used today. Much ... Reverse Engineering
From Robot To Robot Robert Spanton , Robert Spanton Today, hacking is reserved for the microscopic fraction of the population who manage to shake ... Community
Contemporary Profiling Of Web Users Dominik Herrmann , Lexi Pimendis We will show, amongst others: ways of distinguishing bots from humans. We use this technique ... Anonymity Privacy
Von Zensursula Über Censilia Hin Zum Kindernet Alvar C. H Freude , Alvar CH Freude Nach Zensursula kam Censilia und das Kindernet: 2010 brachte nach den hitzigen Diskussionen um Internet-Sperren ... Security
Jtag/Serial/Flash/Pcb Embedded Reverse Engineering Tools And Techniques Nathan ( cyphunk ) Fain , Vadik ( Vadik ) , Nathan ( cyphunk ) Fain Bring your target. Will release a slew of simple tools that explore attack surfaces and ... Hardware Reverse Engineering
Whistleblowing Johannes Ludwig , Whistleblower-netzwerk The presentation of Wikileaks was one of the highlights of the 26C3. Wikileaks by many ... Anonymity Privacy
One, Two, Three - All Are Oliver ( Unicorn ) Knapp To prevent a civil society movement against a recent census, official statistics compiled for more ... Security Statistics
Automatic Identification Of Cryptographic Primitives In Software Felix Gröbert n this talk I demonstrate our research and the implementation of methods to detect cryptographic ... Analysis
Sms-O-Death Collin Mulliner , Nico Golde Smart phones, everybody has a smart phone! No! Just about 16% of all mobile phones ... Mobile Security Analysis
Peace Be With Your Data Jochim Selzer Could not translate correctly Privacy
Usb And Libusb Peter Stuge , Peter Stuge Learn about the benefits and limitations of Universal Serial Bus, how communication works on the ... Hardware General
Network Neutrality And Qos - A Contradiction? Andreas Bogk Telecommunications companies to counter arguments? What are the facts, which belongs to the realm of ... Security Legal
Hacking Smart Phones Ilja Sprundel , Ilja van Sprundel There's been a fair bit written and presented about smartphone's, and yet, when it comes ... Mobile Security
Allcoloursarebeautiful Franz Pletz , Lilafisch Starting in the beginning of August 2010 and lasting until the mid of November, the ... Community
Data Retention In The Eu Five Years After The Directive Axel Arnbak , Katarzyna Szymielewicz , Patrick Breyer , Ralf Bendrath , Axel Arnbak , Katarzyna Szymielewicz 2011 will again be a crucial year in the battle against data retention and blanket ... Legal
Desktop On The Linux... (And Bsd, Of Course) Datenwolf Time to take a look back and under the hood of the current state of ... Security Unix
Hacking Ibuttons Christian Brandt iButtons sind insbesondere wegen ihrer vergleichsweise einfachen und kostengünstigen Ansteuerung weiter verbreitet, als es auf ... Security
Recent Advances In Ipv6 Insecurities Van ( vanHauser ) Hauser , Vanhauser New protocol features have been proposed and implemented in the last 5 years and ISPs ... IPv6
Adventures In Analyzing Stuxnet Bruce Dang , Peter Ferrie There has been many publications on the topic of Stuxnet and its "sophistication" in the ... Malware Analysis
Spinning The Electronic Wheel Betty , Gismo C , Gismo C Dreieinhalb Jahre nach dem Talk '21st Century digital Bikes' auf dem Camp 2007 ist einiges ... Security
Rootkits And Trojans On Your Sap Landscape Ertunga Arsal , Ertunga Arsal SAP systems are the heart of many enterprises. Most critical business functions run on SAP ... Security Rootkits
Pentanews Game Show Alien8 , Astro ( Astro ) Out of the news section of the C3D2 radio programme we've compiled an entertaining game ... Security Others
Tor Is Peace, Software Freedom Is Slavery, Wikipedia Is Truth Adam Aviv None Security
Stanislaw Lem - Der Enttäuschte Weltverbesserer Ina Kwasniewski , Jens-martin Loebel , Kai Kittler , Marcus Richter , Agata Królikowski None Security
The Concert Alex Antener , Corey Cerovsek , Julien Quentin None Security
Ccc-Jahresrückblick 2010 Andreas Bogk , Andy Müller-maguhn , Constanze Kurz , Frank Rieger None Security
Literarischer Abend Andreas Lehner , Lars Andren None Security
Ignorance And Peace Narratives In Cyberspace Angela Crow None Security
Three Jobs That Journalists Will Do In 2050 Annalee Newitz None Security
Logikschaltungen Ohne Elektronik Äpex , Xif None Security
Lying To The Neighbours Astro ( Astro ) None Security
Spoilers, Reverse Green, Decel! Or What'S It Doing Now? Bernd Sieker None Security
Safety On The Open Sea Bernhard Fischer None Security
Digitale Spaltung Per Gesetz Betje Schwarz , Doris Gerbig , Kathrin Englert None Security
Adventures In Mapping Afghanistan Elections Bicyclemark None Security
Console Hacking 2010 Bushing , Marcan , Sven Behnke None Security
Immi, From Concept To Reality Daniel Domscheit-berg None Security
High-Speed High-Security Cryptography: Encrypting And Authenticating The Whole Internet Daniel J. Bernstein None Security
Die Gesamte Technik Ist Sicher Dominik Oepen , Frank Morgner None Security
Your Infrastructure Will Kill You Eleanor Saitta None Security
Netzneutralität Und Qos - Ein Widerspruch? Falk Lüke , Scusi , Uli Blumenthal None Security
Distributed Fpga Number Crunching For The Masses Felix Domke None Security
Node.Js As A Networking Tool Felix Geisendörfer None Security
Fnord-Jahresrückblick 2010 Felix von Leitner None Security
Techniken Zur Identifizierung Von Netzwerk-Protokollen Florian Adamsky None Security
Building Custom Disassemblers Felix ( FX ) Lindner None Security
Wikileaks Und Mehr Guido Strack None Security
Reverse Engineering A Real-World Rfid Payment System Harald Welte None Security
Analyzing A Modern Cryptographic Rfid System Henryk Plötz , Milosch Meriac None Security
File -≫ Print -≫ Electronics Jeff Gough None Security
How The Internet Sees You Jeroen Massar None Security
Is The Ssliverse A Safe Place? Peter Eckersley , Jesse Burn None Security
Friede Sei Mit Euren Daten Jochim Selzer None Security
Frozencache Jürgen Pabel None Security
Omg Wtf Pdf Julia Wolf None Security
Zero-Sized Heap Allocations Vulnerability Analysis Julien Vanegue None Security
Having Fun With Rtp Kapejod None Security
Part-Time Scientists Karsten Becker , Robert Boehme None Security
Wideband Gsm Sniffing Karsten Nohl , Sylvain Munaut None Security
Terrorists Win - Exploiting Telecommunications Data Retention? Kay Hamacher , Stefan Katzenbeisser None Security
A Framework For Automated Architecture-Independent Gadget Search Kornau None Security
Data Analysis In Terabit Ethernet Traffic Lars Weiler None Security
Cybernetics For The Masses Lepht Anonym None Security
Ich Sehe Nicht, Dass Wir Nicht Zustimmen Werden Martin ( maha ) Haase None Security
Secure Communications Below The Hearing Threshold Marcus Nutzinger , Rainer Poisel None Security
News Key Recovery Attacks On Rc4/Wep Martin Vuagnoux None Security
I Control Your Code Mathias Payer None Security
Reverse Engineering The Mos 6502 Cpu Michael Steil None Security
The Importance Of Resisting Excessive Government Surveillance Nicholas Merrill None Security
Lightning Talks - Day 2 Nick Farr None Security
Eins, Zwei, Drei - Alle Sind Dabei Oliver "Unicorn" Knapp None Security
A Short Political History Of Acoustics Oona Leganovic None Security
Data Recovery Techniques Peter Franck None Security
Radio Der Zukunft Tim Pritlove , Peter Welchering , Ralph Müller-schmid , Willi Steul None Security
The Baseband Apocalypse Ralf-Philipp Weinmann None Security
Hacker Jeopardy Ray Beckerman , Stefan 'Sec' Zehl None Security
Android Geolocation Using Gsm Network Renaud Lifchitz None Security
Security Nightmares Ron Buskey None Security
Cognitive Psychology For Hackers Sai Emrys None Security
A Critical Overview Of 10 Years Of Privacy Enhancing Technologies Seda None Security
Hackers And Computer Science Sergey Bratus None Security
Running Your Own Gsm Stack On A Phone Steve Markgraf None Security
Chip And Pin Is Broken Steven J. Murdoch None Security
Indect - An Eu-Surveillance Project Sylvia Johnigk None Security
Diy Synthesizers And Sound Generators Sylwester None Security
Netzmedienrecht, Lobbyismus Und Korruption Thomas Barth None Security
International Cyber Jurisdiction Tiffanyrad None Security
Sip Home Gateways Under Fire Wolfgang Beck None Security