Hack3rCon3 2012 Oct. 19, 2012 to Oct. 21, 2012, Charleston,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote: Hacking Survival Larry Pesce So, you want to compute post-apocalypse? Let\'s assume that the world as we know it ... Security
Next Generation Web Reconnaissance Time Tomes "It's no secret, black hats have been using open sources of information to conduct precise ... Security
Hardware Hacking Village - Day 1 Ronin Join JP (Ronin) in the hardware hacking village, and build your own Glitch! Check this ... Security
Intro to Network Traffic Analysis Jon Schipp "This packet capture crash course will provide students with the foundations for performing packet capture, ... Security
Automated Spear-twishing - It was only a matter of time Sean Palka "We've all heard of phishing and spear-phishing. We've even heard of twishing and spear-twishing to ... Security
In case of ZOMBIES break glass Chris One thing is for certain, surviving the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse will not be easy. Many ... Security
Secrets of Running a Consulting Business Brian Martin "Consulting, either on the side or full time, is a great way to pick up ... Security
CTF brought to you by the XRG [START] John Degruyter Hack3rcon CTF will be brought to you this year by the XRG, a relentless group ... Security
Bash Scripting 101 for Pen Testers Lee Baird Intro to bash scripting Security
Special Viewing of REBOOT Smartenupinternet Set within a dystopian world that is a collision between technology and humanity, "Reboot" touches ... Security
Keynote: Finding the MacGyver in You William a. Minear Overview: this brief presentation will explore a different view into the window of resilience, touching ... Security
EMP, yeah you know me.. Adrian Crenshaw "While I'm not an expert, I figured it would be an interesting idea to research ... Security
Intro to Linux exploit development - Part 1 John Degruyter "In this course we will be teaching basic exploit development on a linux os. If ... Security
New Media Journalism 101 [Workshop][SOLDOUT] Keri Potipcoe N/A Security
WVSU-EDC and DigiSo - 24 Hour - Hack-A-Thon 304geeks DigiSo Hackathon Noon, October 20 Noon, October 21 Up to four local non-profits will stock ... Security
Build a Glitch Ronin "THIS EVENT IS BY INVITATION ONLY Exclusively at Hack3rCon's hardware hacking village, come and build ... Security
Intro to Linux exploit development - Part 2 John Degruyter "In this course we will be teaching basic exploit development on a linux os. If ... Security
Advanced Phishing Tactics Beyond User Awareness Marin Bos , Eric Milam Over the past 10 years, organizations have spent time, resources and considerable financial investments to ...
DNS Reconnaissance Carlos Perez Carlos will be covering the basics of DNS Reconnaissance using the normal types of methods ... Security
The Secret Sauce David Kennedy "I'mmmmmmm back. So I've moved from crazy technical hacker to a CSO, and now back ... Security
You can't Buy Security Boris Sverdlik It seems everywhere you look there are analysts and product/service providers promising you the magic ... Security
Social Engineering Applied: Exploit the Target Keith Pachulski "While we all love being able to just roll in, pop some boxes and walk ... Security
Key Impression Contest Brian Martin Brian Martin will be teaching the basic theory and practice of key impressioning. The core ... Security
Leveraging The Glitch Attack Platform Ronin "As a follow up to building The Glitch, come and learn how to use it. ... Security
From Patch to Pwnd Deral Heiland "Exploiting faulty firmware patch services to compromise MFP Devices" An in depth examination of the ... Security
Building a pad that will survive the times Branden Miller What do you do if you are not a prepper but have been handed virtually ... Security