Hacker Halted 2012 Oct. 29, 2012 to Oct. 31, 2012, Miami,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Conference Opening and Welcome Address Eric Lopez N/A
Are you ready for Post-PC transition? Let's start with Security. Shall We? Jay Bavisi N/A Security
Hackers: Responsibility and Reality Jack Daniel N/A Security
Solving the Cyber Security Hiring Crisis DHS and the Great Talent Winn Schwartau N/A Security
Strategies for Web Application Security at Scale Jeremiah Grossman N/A Security
BioHacking Richard Thieme N/A Security
Open Source Intelligence What Color Underwear are you wearing today? Jeffrey Bardin N/A Security
Using Information Superiority to win the Cybersecurity Battle Matt Watchinkski N/A Security
"Presenting a Hard Target to Attackers Roadmap to Securing Your Wolfgang Kandek N/A Security
Panel Discussion: How to Make End Users Smarter About Security Tim Greux N/A Security
ITU Presentation & Global CyberLympics Awards Mario maniewicz/jay Bavisi N/A Security
Bulletproof Network Security Gary Miliefsky N/A Security
The Next Generation of DGA-Based Crimeware Gunter Ollmann N/A Security
Go with the Flow: Strategies for Successful Social Engineering Chris Silvers N/A Security
Advanced SQL Injection: IDS/WAF evasion Dave Chronister N/A Security
House of Cards - How not to collapse when bad things happen Rafal wh1t3rabbit Los N/A Security
How to Create an Open Source multi-OS interoperable microSD/USB drive Live Distribution Cameron Camp N/A Security
The Persistent Threat of Mobile Apps Why Continuous Testing is Key John Weinschenk N/A Security
Counter Exploitation of Cyber Threats Sean M. Bodmer N/A Security
Tenacious Diggity Skinny Dippin in a Sea of Bing Francis Brown N/A Security
Winning the Security Awareness Game Jenn Lesser N/A Security
Hacking The Big Four Databases Josh Shaul N/A Security
Advanced Industrial Espionage Attacks Gianni Gnesa N/A Security
What you don't know can hurt you! Ben Miller N/A Security
Building a Live Hacking Target Range Kevin Cardwell N/A Security
Mobile Hardware Hacking with Raspberry Pi Wayne Burke N/A Security
Zombie Browsers, spiced with rootkit extensions Zoltan Balazs N/A Security
Hacking Back In Self-Defense: How Can I Do It Legally? David Willson N/A Security
Attacking Apache Reverse Proxy Prutha Parikh N/A Security
Breaking SAP Portal Dmitry Chastukhin N/A Security
Physical Drive-by Downloads - An Android Modders Weakness Kyle Osborn N/A Security
Architecting and Building a Secure Virtual Infrastructure and Private Rob Randell N/A Security
Security and Software-defined Networks Michael Berman N/A Security
The Cloud Whisperer: What Security Secrets is your Cloud not disclosing? Tim Pierson N/A Security
Bring Your Own Destruction Aamir Lakhani N/A Security
Riding on Cloud 9 Holistic Security for a Euphoric Cloud Experience Freddie Beaver N/A Security
A Perfect Cyber Storm is Brewing and We Are Not Prepared Victor Nappe N/A Security
FedRAMP - How the Feds Plan to Manage Cloud Security Risks Steven f. Fox N/A Security
How to successfully get your Cloud through FedRAMP, PCI, & Hemma Mcandrew N/A Security
Software Threat Modeling for the Cloud Shakeel Tufail N/A Security
Presidential Style Debate Panel for Cloud Security From the world Top Tim Lakhani N/A Security
Military Targeting Adapted for Hacking Rock Stevens N/A Security
Enemy behind the Firewall: Trust, Tools, Threat Richard Ii N/A Security
Exploiting Routers for Fun and Profit Pedro Caldern N/A Security
Creating a Hack Resistant Culture Joan Ross N/A Security
Own the Network - Own the Data Paul Coggin N/A Security
Advanced Persistent Pentesting: Fighting Fire with Fire Jonathan Cran N/A Security
Delivery Is Everything: Case Studies in Presenting Penetration Test Mike Danseglio N/A Security
Security 360 Jesus Consuelos N/A Security
Using HTTP headers pollution for mobile networks attacks Bogdan Alecu N/A Security
DGAs and Cyber-Criminals: A Case Study Christopher Elisan N/A Security
Hacking SCADA Systems - 2011 Year in Review Jonathan Pollet N/A Security