Hack.Lu 2012 Oct. 22, 2012 to Oct. 22, 2012, Dommeldange,Luxembourg

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
THE FUTURE OF SOCIAL ENGINEERING Sharon Conheady "The future of social engineering Social engineering is hitting the headlines more than ever. As ... Security
SECURITY DEVELOPMENT LIFECYCLE TOOLS Ivan Medved "The talk will give a quick overview of the Microsoft's Security Development Lifecycle, discuss the ... Security
POST-INTRUSION PROBLEMS: PIVOT, PERSIST AND PROPERTY Cory Altheide , Morgan marquis Boire Post-Intrusion Problems: Pivot, Persist and Property For years, post-intrusion forensics has been a poorly codified ...
SATELLITE PHONE - AN ANALYSIS OF THE GMR-1 AND GMR-2 STANDARDS Benedikt Driessen This talk will review a decade of GSM hacking, from initial cryptanalysis to recent attacks ... Security
THE MENACE CAME FROM BELOW Eric Leblond , Victor Julien Protocol analysis is necessary for an increasing number of devices. This includes firewall for Application ...
MEMORY CORRUPTION EXPLOITATION IN INTERNET EXPLORER Moti Joseph This presentation introduces tools and scripts that one can use to do memory corruption analysis ... Security
ONE FIRMWARE TO MONITOR 'EM ALL Matias Eissler , Andrs Blanco "In the last years mobile devices usage has turned massive. These de- vices, in general, ...
A CRITICAL ANALYSIS OF DROPBOX SOFTWARE SECURITY Nicolas Ruff , Florian Ledoux Dropbox is an online file storage service with at least 50 million users as of ... Reverse Engineering ExcludeThinkstScapes Dropbox
SONY READER HACKING STORY Igor Skochinsky The talk will cover the story of hacking the line of ebook readers produced by ... Security
GOTO:HACK IOS APPLICATIONS - DOES YOUR COMPANY DATA ARE SAFE WHEN STORED ON IDEVICES ? Mathieu Renard Gone are the days when employees only used a company issued phone for work related ... Security
BUSTER : ANDROID SECURITY Atul Alex "This presentation will be based on actual research conducted on Android Platform & the currently ... Security
MOBIDEKE: FUZZING THE GSM PROTOCOL STACK Sbastien Dudek , Guillaume Delugr Many security issues have been discovered since GSM was designed, both in the protocol stack ...
SOCIAL ENGINEERING Walter Belgers "Technical people look at security mostly from a technical standpoint. Are systems fully patched? Have ... Security
A FORENSIC ANALYSIS OF ANDROID MALWARE Kevin Allix , Quentin Jerome We consider in this paper the analysis of a large set of malware samples for ...
REMOTELY CRASHING HLR OR WHY IT TOOK TELECOM INDUSTRY 20 YEARS TO RECOGNIZE THE PROBLEMS WITH SS7 Philippe Langlois "When you speak about telecom networks, people believe in magic, powerful and super secure networks. ... Security
HUGO CARON MALWARE.LU OVERVIEW Paul Rascagnres Malware.lu (http://www.malware.lu) opened in May 2012. This web site is a malware repository hosted in ... Security
CYPHERPUNKS WRITE CODE: HACKING ON TOR Arturo Filast We will explain the basic concepts behind Tor and then cover a wide variety of ... Security
MY LIFE AS AN INTERNATIONAL ARMS DEALER - SOCIAL ENGINEERING AND THE PSYCHOLOGY OF ANONYMITY Wil Allsopp "In the last five years the Internet black market has blossomed; from opiates to heavy ... Security
THE LAYER-2 INSECURITIES OF IPV6 AND THE MITIGATION TECHNIQUES Eric Vyncke The Internet transitions from IPv4-only to IPv6 in order to address IPv4-address exhaustion. While IPv6 ... Security
ENISA STUDY OUTCOME OF "EARLY WARNING: STUDY ON HONEYPOTS" Cosmin Ciobanu The talk will be based on the outcomes of the study "Early Warning: study on ... Security
REAL-TIME NETWORK FORENSICS USING POM-NG Guy Martin When you are presented with a lot of traffic to analyse, it is not feasible ... Security
BOFH MEETS SYSTEMTAP Adrien Kunysz The Bastard Operator From Hell enjoys abusing his users. SystemTap allows for very easy dynamic ... Security
VARNISH SECURITY FIREWALL - HIGH VOLTAGE PROTECTION FOR YOUR WEB APPS Edward Fjellskl , Kacper Wysocki Varnish is the swiss army knife of the HTTP transport, and its flexible configuration language ...
REAL-TIME MALICIOUS DOMAIN DETECTION AND MALICIOUS ACTIVITY ANALYSIS Fyodor Yarochkin , Vladimir kropotov - "From the last year until now there is a quantum leap in cybercrime activity worldwide. ...
INSECURITY OF SECURITY EQUIPMENTS Eric Chassard , Maxime Clementz Our topic is about equipments used for Physical Security such as surveillance cameras, fire detection, ...
SINFP3: MORE THAN A COMPLETE FRAMEWORK FOR OPERATING SYSTEM FINGERPRINTING Patrice Auffret In 2008 [springer, 2008], we released a new version of SinFP [cpan] and a paper ... Security
THE OFFICE DEMON: MINOS Jonathan Dechaux Office documents (Microsoft Office and LibreOffice) has become a standard for transmitting information. They are ... Security
HYBRID NETWORK SIMULATION FOR SECURITY TRAINING Guillaume Prigent , Jean-baptiste Rouault , Sylvain Gerard "The Hynesim project's goal is to provide the open source community with an information systems ...
SHODAN: GLOBAL LOGFILE OF INSECURITY Eireann Leverett "SHODAN is a global logfile of network and webserver security, but skiddies and pentesters think ... Security
WHITE HAT SHELLCODE Didier Stevens "The goal of this workshop is to plant a seed: that shellcode has a place ... Security