Hacktivity 2012 Oct. 12, 2012 to Oct. 13, 2012, Budapest, Hungary

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
So You Want to Be a Cyber Spook - Open Source Intelligence Jeff Bardin Most organizations do not monitor their online postings with Cyber Operational Security in mind. Online ... Security
Cyberspace and Beyond Evolution in Action David Pepper Cyber attacks and technical defences are constantly evolving, each trying to get ahead of the ... Security
Impressioning Tams Vradi Impressioning is a very special opening technique in lock picking (non-destructive opening). I will introduce ... Security
Security Code Review Krisztin Schffer "There\'s a popular term for people who don\'t read code. We call them script kiddies." ... Security
Security Problems at Hungarian everydays Kos Subecz In this presentation, I want to speak about what type of security problems can you ... Security
Digipass Instrumentation for Fun and Profit Adrian Furtuna Several Internet Banking applications are vulnerable to the so called rounding attacks. This is a ... Security
Zombie Browsers, spiced with rootkit extensions Zoltn Balzs "With the increase of thin client applications, the trend is that the operating system is ... Security
Top 10 most interesting SAP vulnerabilities and attacks Alexander mikhailovich Polyakov During the last 5 years, a lot of good presentations in the SAP Security area ... Security
Paypass vulnerabilities Balzs Bucsay The MasterCard have been issuing credit/debit cards since 2003 with PayPass technology. This is the ... Security
Neutralizing an AntiVirus program Andrs Tevesz "The presentation will focus on the security related problems and solutions based on the examination ... Security
Think differently about database hacking Presentation Lszl Spala "The typical database hacking follows a well known way. Find a SQL injection in the ... Security
The Diviner - Digital Clairvoyance Breakthrough - Gaining Access to the Source Code & Server Side Structure of ANY Application Shay Chen "Diviner is an new OWASP ZAP (Zed Attack Proxy) open source extension, which uses a ... Security
Attacking The First Hop Redundancy Tams Szkely The presentation is about the two mostly used first hop redundancy protocol: the Cisco proprietary ... Security
The security and vulnerability of the biometry Csaba Otti At present, among electrical security technologies biometrical identification systems are the fastest developing ones. This ... Security
Chip-tweet, alternative usage of PKI devices Ron Szab The smart card topic is hot nowadays. Whenever experts talk about NEK, student cards, retired ... Security
The Rise and Fall of DDoS Attacks in 2012 Steve Mulhearn Distributed Denial of Service attacks (DDoS) have been on the rise over the past 12 ... Security
USB = Universal Security Bug? Andrs Veres-szentkirlyi System administrators work their Vngers to the bone, the DLP is settled in, employee computers ... Security
NAT Attack Sndor Nagy "In case of an online attacks, essential requirement on the attacker side is to hide ... Security
Alternative internet Lszl Bir Internet is a great source of information and has enormous organizing and mobilizing power. On ... Security
Amy Farrah Fowler, or the geek girl's case with the tiara Judit Varga "I've spent my past years digging into the media representation of the geek-nerd subculture. Now, ... Security
Software Threat Modeling Shakeel Tufail There are only a handful of threat modeling approaches in the industry which are difficult ... Security
Big Bang Theory: The Evolution of Pentesting High Security Environments Joe Mccray This presentation focuses on pentesting high security environments, new ways of identifying/bypassing common security mechanisms, ... Security
Give me a phone that cant be traced Domonkos Tomcsanyi You know this line from every second movie: the main character is being chased by ... Security
Android Security - An Introduction Antonio Somogyvari Mobile platforms are on their way to become the most widespread computing platforms of the ... Security
To secure data is to prepare for jailbreak Zsombor Kovcs Usually, designing the security architecture of an iOS application poses a harder challenge than the ... Security
What Makes the Analysis of Malware Like Duqu or Flame Different? Boldizsr Bencsth "We, the CrySyS Lab participated in the analysis of two world-class malware, we discovered Duqu ... Security
Hunting and exploiting bugs in kernel drivers Andrs Kabai "We are using drivers everywhere even if we dont realize it. There is at least ... Security
Self Defending Database Alexander Kornbrust Many attackers on the internet are using automated SQL injection tools like Havij, Pangolin or ... Security
Spot the Web Vulnerability Miroslav Stampar Looking at the recent rise of web application attacks there is a need for raising ... Security
Journey to the bottom of a black hole Gbor Szappanos Web-based attacks are the number one threats nowadays. In most of these cases the infiltration ... Security