Hashdays 2012 Oct. 31, 2012 to Nov. 3, 2012, Lucerne,Switzerland

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Binary art: Byteing the PE that fails you Ange ( ange4771 ) Albertini "Being the standard executable format under Windows, the Portable Executable is omnipresent. Sadly, there is ... ExcludeThinkstScapes Attack Windows PE
So, the red team was here and tore us a new one. NOW WHAT? Iftach Ian Amit "Offensive talks are easy, I know. But the goal of offensive security at the end ... Security
NFC: I don't think it means what you think it means. Ben April "It looks like NFC is about to get hard to avoid. From hotel keys, mobile ... Security
SHA-3 Jean-Philippe Aumasson "We'll introduce the new cryptographic hash standard SHA-3, as recently selected by the US National ... Cryptography IncludeThinkstScapes Standards SHA-3
Adding temporal component to memory forensics Endre Bangerter , Dominic Fischer Memory forensics (e.g,. the Volatility tool kit) plays an important role in malware analysis and ... Computer Forensics Reverse Engineering IncludeThinkstScapes Tool
Ghost is in the Air(Traffic) Andrei Costin Air-related technologies are on the verge of technological upgrade and advance in approximately the same ... Security
Things one wants from a Heap Visualization Tool Thomas Dullien With the increased complexity of heap exploits and the slow disappearance of heap-metadata-based attacks, many ... Security
NIDS/NIPS Testing Arron ( finux ) Finnon Yeah great, I know its not a silver bullet! NIPS/NIDS have issues, and that\'s putting ... Security
Why your intrusion detection system sucks and what to do about it John ( Four ) Flynn "Install the latest vendor appliance and still got pwned by APT? You aren't alone. Attackers ... Security
IPv6 Insecurity Revolutions Marc Heuse IPv6 is creeping slowly into the ISP and telco network, so it is final time ... Security
Reboot, Reconstruct, Revolt: Transitioning to a Modern Approach to Risk Management Alex Hutton Problems with the current approaches to risk management, technology advances, and new perspectives are putting ... Security
Selfdefending Databases Alexander Kornbrust Many attackers on the internet are using automated SQL injection tools like Havij or Pangolin ... Monitoring IncludeThinkstScapes Databases Honeypot
Dissecting the Induc Virus Robert Lipovsky Although parasitic viruses are not as prevalent as they used to be, we still see ... Security
Data Correlation - Why keep this valuable information in a corner Xavier Mertens There are tons of security tools that can be deployed in networks. Usually they address ... Security
Tactical Surveillance: Look at me now! Chris Nickerson As pentesters we have long attacked large surfaces and attempted to follow the path of ... Security
Please insert^H inject more coins Nicolas Oberli The ccTalk protocol is widely used in the vending machine sector as well as casino ... Security
Physical Drive-By Downloads Kyle Osborn Mobile security is still a fairly young practice, but it.s not unexplored. Over the past ... Security
Breaking SAP Portal Alexander Chastuchin Today, SAP NetWeaver is the most widespread platform for developing enterprise business applications. One of ... Security
Firewall Rule Reviews - Methodologies and Possibilities Marc Ruef "The talk is discussing the basic problem of insecure firewall rulesets. Missing, insecure and inefficient ... Security
Satellite Hacking: An Introduction Martin Rutishauser "This talk is an introduction (read: primer) into the field of satellite hacking. There has ... Security
A review of the virtual world, cloud and a new sphere in the hacking paradigm Jonathan Sinclair The virtualized world of hypervisor technologies is an emerging field that is starting to gain ... Security
The Security (or Insecurity) of 3rd Party iOS Applications Ilja van Sprundel "Application developments for the iPhone and iPad have been skyrocketing in the past few years ... Security