OWASP BASC 2012 Oct. 13, 2012 to Oct. 13, 2012, Cambridge,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
An Insider's Look: WAF and Identity and Access Management Integration Barracuda Networks Data center security teams are being challenged to rapidly deploy and secure new applications while ... Security
CTF Ming Chow Attendees will be able to play Capture the Flag during the conference. No sign-up necessary. ... Security
Hiding Inside the "Real-Time Web" (to Take-Over the DMZ) Matt Wood Increasingly "real-time" web applications require new hacks on-top of HTTP that requires server support (e.g. ... Security
Metasploit Fundamental Elements - Course 1 Roy Wattanasin "Audience: This class is open to all This 50-minute class will give students a basic ... Security
Metasploit Continued - Course 2 Roy Wattanasin Audience: Students that have taken the fundamental elements class or students that have an understanding ... Security
Offensive Mobile Forensics Joey Peloquin The number one threat to mobile devices and applications is loss or theft of the ... Security
Pitfalls of Secure SDLC and How to Succeed With Automation Rohit Sethi , Ehsan Foroughi People have been talking about secure Software Development Life Cycles (SDLCs) for years, but there ...
Secure Password Storage: Increasing Resistance to Brute Force Attacks Scott Matsumoto In the event that your password table gets into the wild, how long will it ... Security
Securing Mobile Apps - Threat Modeling, Whitebox, Blackbox testing Greg Wolford Securing mobile applications is a multi-dimensional problem space, carrying with it elements of desktop security, ... Security
Streamlining Application Vulnerability Management: Communication Between Development and Security Teams Brian Mather Identifying application-level vulnerabilities via scanning, penetration tests and code reviews is only the first step ... Security
Top Ten Web Defenses Jim Manico We cannot firewall or patch our way to secure websites. In the past, security professionals ... Security