Ruxcon 2012 Oct. 20, 2012 to Oct. 21, 2012, Melbourne, Australia

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
DE MYSTERIIS DOM JOBSIVS: MAC EFI ROOTKITS Snare The EFI firmware used in Intel Macs and other modern systems presents some interesting possibilities ... ExcludeThinkstScapes EFI Bootkit Apple FileVault
EXPLOITING INTERNAL NETWORK VULNS VIA THE BROWSER USING BEEF BIND Ty Miller , Michele Orru Browser exploits are a primary attack vector to compromise a victims internal network, but they ... Web Security ExcludeThinkstScapes BeEF
ANDROID MALWARE DETECTION IN THE CLOUD Hermes Li "In this presentation I will show 2 parts of a project I'm working on now: ... Android Malware ExcludeThinkstScapes Defence Tools WebSense
THAR' BE VULN. ID'S HERE - A DATA MINING CASE STUDY Matt J This presentation will take a look at data mining social-media and version control systems for ... Social Media IncludeThinkstScapes Data Analysis Twitter Trends
PRACTICAL ATTACKS ON PAYMENT GATEWAYS Eldar Marcussen Payment gateways are a high value target as they store financial and private information. Despite ... Web Security ExcludeThinkstScapes Attack Payment Gateway
TARGETED MALWARE SOPHISTICATED CRIMINALS OR BABYTOWN FROLICS? Josh Grunzweig , Ryan Merritt "Over the past year, Trustwaves SpiderLabs malware team has been continually reminded why we love ... Malware ExcludeThinkstScapes Defence
REVERSE ENGINEERING A MASS TRANSIT TICKETING SYSTEM Trainhack "This talk will look at different techniques used in black-box reverse engineering of data storage ... Reverse Engineering Cryptography ExcludeThinkstScapes Attack
FIREFOX OS APPLICATION SECURITY Paul Theriault Firefox OS is a new mobile operating system developed as part of the Mozilla project. ... Security
FOOCODECHU FOR SOFTWARE ANALYSIS, MALWARE DETECTION, & VULN RESEARCH Silvio Cesare This talk explains the free web services provided by FooCodeChu - what they can be ... Web ExcludeThinkstScapes Static Analysis
HOMEBREW DEFENSIVE SECURITY - TAKE MATTERS INTO YOUR OWN HANDS Mimeframe Finding new attack vectors is beneficial, but what about those of us that also have ... Security
THE 3 RINGS OF THE DATA BREACH CIRCUS Mark Goudie Data breaches continue to plague organizations worldwide. In 2011, 58% of the data stolen was ... Security
WINDOWS KERNEL FUZZING FOR BEGINNERS Ben Nagy "Kernel bugs are cool, and like with all bug classes, there is low hanging fruit ... Fuzzing ExcludeThinkstScapes Kernel Windows
THE IMPACTS OF ADVANCING TECHNOLOGY ON COMPUTER FORENSICS AND E-DISCOVERY Adam Daniel With the advancement of technology, Computer forensic examiners an eDiscovery professionals are constantly facing new ... Security
MONITORING REPOSITORIES FOR FUN AND PROFIT Louis Nyffenegger Most of today\'s tools perform code review as a capture of the current state of ... Security
EXAMINATION OF THE VMWARE ESXI BINARY PROTOCOL USING CANAPE Alex Chapman This presentation will cover a demonstration of the new version of the Canape protocol analysis ... Security
TRACKING VULNERABLE JARS David Jorm "Java projects typically include and package their own set of JAR files, often using build ... IncludeThinkstScapes Java Static Analysis Tools
FINDING NEEDLES IN HAYSTACKS (THE SIZE OF COUNTRIES) Michael Baker "The lament of security analysts is often a limitation in the amount of data they ... ExcludeThinkstScapes Tools Network Monitoring PacketPig
HOW TO CATCH A CHAMELEON: ITS ALL IN YOUR HEAP Steven Seeley "The detection of heap based buffer overflows have always been difficult due to the use ... Exploitation ExcludeThinkstScapes Heap Overflows Tools Immdbg
PIP: REMOTELY INJECTING PHY-LAYER PACKETS WITHOUT A BUG OR YOUR RADIO Travis Goodspeed The Packet-in-Packet (PIP) vulnerability exists in most unencrypted digital radios of variable frame length, including ... Security
DR STRANGELOCK ...OR: HOW I LEARNED TO STOP WORRYING AND LOVE THE KEY Graeme Wily Bell "Gentlemen, you can\'t fight in here. This is the War Room!" Wily Kubrick discusses the ... Security
BLUETOOTH PACKET SNIFFING USING PROJECT UBERTOOTH Dominic Spill Bluetooth traffic analysis is hard. Whilst other radio communications technologies (802.11, Zigbee) support promiscuous mode, ... Security
DEFIBRILLATING WEB SECURITY Meder Kydyraliev "Whether you are a consultant or a software engineer, you have probably realized by now ... Security
ADVANCED PERSISTENT RESPONSE Peleus Uhley "The past few years have been interesting for the Flash Player team to say the ... ExcludeThinkstScapes
DETECTING SOURCE CODE RE-USE THROUGH METADATA AND CONTEXT PARTIAL HASHING Daniel Cabezas Often, digital investigations have to deal with the theft of intellectual property in the form ... Security
HARDWARE BACKDOORING IS PRACTICAL Jonathan Brossard "This presentation will demonstrate that permanent backdooring of hardware is practical. We have built a ... Security
OPERATION DAMARA & OPERATION CRAFT Alex Tilley This presentation will cover 2 Australian Federal Police CCO Operations: Operation Damara, the investigation into ... Security
BINARY INSTRUMENTATION FOR ANDROID Collin Mulliner Bug hunting on Android becomes more and more challenging. Analyzing more interesting targets require more ... Security
A TALE OF TWO FIREFOX BUGS Fionnbharr Davies "This talk will discuss 100% reliable exploitation of CVE-2011-2371 (found by Chris Rohlf) by turning ... Security