Sector 2012 Oct. 1, 2012 to Oct. 3, 2012, Toronto,Canada

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BlackHat to Black Suit James Arlen You want it all. But you\'re scared. You don\'t want to put on a suit ... Security
Web Application Scanning in the SDLC Will Bechtel "This presentation will review some of the reasons that web application security is so important ... Security
Network forensics the orphan child of cyber investigations Robert Beggs "Most computer forensic examinations focus on system forensics live system and memory data, and the ... Security
Hitting Above The Security Mendoza Line Ed Bellis A few years ago Alex Hutton coined the term Security Mendoza Line. It was in ... Security
With new technologies come new vulnerabilities Chuck Ben-tzur "HTML5 introduces significant changes for today's websites: new and updated tags, new functionality, better error ... Security
Cybercrime in Canada: a Law Enforcement Perspective Dave Black This session will highlight the link and differences between security efforts and criminal interdiction. Cybercrime ... Security
Best Practices on building and operationalizing Microsoft SCOM for health and performance monitoring. Rodney Buike "Many organizations face common challenges of fully leveraging their Enterprise Monitoring tool to give a ... Security
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Cloud Chris Carpenter "An overview of the risks and mitigations encountered in planning the outsourcing of the United ... Cloud ExcludeThinkstScapes
Sploitego - Maltego's (Local) Partner in Crime Nadeem Douba "Have you ever wished for the power of Maltego when performing internal assessments? Ever hoped ... Security
Engineering the Social Animal Robert Falzon "This presentation was designed to provide a glimpse into the curious world of Social Engineering, ... Security
Pwned in 60 Seconds - From Network Guest to Windows Domain Admin Zack Fasel "Zack Fasel brings a New Tool along with New methods to obtain Windows Integrated Authentication ...
Mobile Security: Protecting your Corporate Smartphones from Malware & Targeted Attacks Dennis Fisher "Malware and targeted attacks are an extremely serious threat to the security of SMBs and ... Security
Hadoop Forensics, Tackling the elephant in the room Kevvie Fowler Unless you\'ve been living under a rock you\'ve heard that Hadoop is regarded as the ... Computer Forensics IncludeThinkstScapes Hadoop
Conquer the Beast - How to Effectively Manage Open-source Intelligence Outbursts Kevvie Fowler , Naveed ul Islam Open-source Intelligence has picked up quite a hype lately and everyone talks about its importance ...
CyberCrime Investigator: Forensic Use of HP ArcSight ESM Gary Freeman This session explores the concept of network forensic investigations using HP ArcSight ESM, and how ...
The More Things Change: The vulnerabilities that time forgot Jamie Gamble "The more things change the more they stay the same. There have been numerous advances ... Security
Poortego: An OS-INT correlation tool for the 99% Mike Geide Aggregating and correlating open-source intelligence (OS-INT) is an important aspect of both attack and defense. ... Security
When Does Lawful Access Become Lawful Surveillance: The Future of Lawful Access in Canada Michael Geist In February 2012, the Canadian government introduced "lawful access" legislation that granted new powers to ... Security
Recent Advances in IPv6 Security Fernando Gont The IPv6 protocol suite was designed to accommodate the present and future growth of the ... IPv6 Introductory IncludeThinkstScapes Tool
Targeted Malware Attacks Sophisticated Criminals or Babytown Frolics? Josh Grunzweig , Ryan Merritt Over the past year, Trustwave\'s SpiderLabs malware team has been continually reminded why we love ...
APT ALL THE THINGS: are Mac users no longer safe? Seth Hardy A new development of 2012, targeted attacks (APTs) against human rights now often include malware ... Security
Monday Night Malware Jibran Ilyas , Christopher E. Pogue As companies increase funding for Network Security and get mature in that space, the attackers ...
Face Today's Threats Head-On: Best Practices for a BYOD World Sangameswaran manikkayam Iyer "Today's threat landscape is evolving radically and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is all the ... Security
Reversing Patches for Exploit Creation, Pen-Testing or Just Fun! Bharat Jogi How many times have you wondered what really gets fixed inthe security patches released by ... Security
Exposing Enterprise Services to Mobile Platforms Greg Kliewer The kinds of web services developed and deployed to support Service Orientation over the first ... Security
Hunting Carders for fun and profit Grayson Lenik "Hunting Carders for fun and profit" describes the rise in E-commerce breaches over the last ... Security
Hey, I just middled you, and this is crazy Ryan Linn "But, here's your password. Reset it, maybe? Everyone thinks they know about the Man in ...
Getting Shells When Metasploit Fails Ryan Linn "Penetration Tests aren't new, and most companies have figured out how to eliminate the low ... Security
Differences between SOA/XML Gateway and a Web Application Firewall Jason Macy The Digital Revolution is enabling business to provide their customers with new, innovative products and ... Security
Hacking .NET Applications: The Black Arts (v2) Jon Mccoy This talk will focus on attacking .NET Desktop Applications(EXE/DLL/Live Memory) Both WhiteHat and BlackHat hacking ... Security
How NOT to do Security: Lessons Learned from the Galactic Empire Kellman Meghu Join Kellman for a critique of the LucasFilm epic, from the perspective of a security ... Security
Importance of integrating network forensics with host forensics Jason Mical No matter what anyone tells you, no investigation is complete or comprehensive if it only ... Security
Exploring the NFC attack surface Charlie Miller "Near Field Communication (NFC) has been used in mobile devices in some countries for a ... Security
ACTing Out Automated Compliance Testing Dave Millier , Mike Otto Dave Millier from Sentry Metrics will discuss the challenges facing many organizations around "audit fatigue", ...
Introduction to Web Application Testing Dave Millier , Assef g. Levy "Have you ever wondered what SQL injection was, and how it worked? Couldn't figure out ...
The Defense RESTs: Automation and APIs for Better Security David Mortman Want to get better at security? Improve your ops and improve your dev. Most of ...
Threat Attribution via DNS Gunter Ollmann "Despite the complexities of modern malware and the stealthiness of targeted infiltrations, the remote command ... DNS Malware IncludeThinkstScapes Network Monitoring
Introducing 'Android Security Evaluation Framework' - ASEF Parth Patel "Have you ever looked at your Android applications and wondered if they are watching you ... Security
Anti-Forensic Techniques and Countermeasures Michael Perklin Digital investigations may be conducted differently by various labs (law enforcement agencies, private firms, enterprise ... Security
Sniper Forensics: Reloaded Christopher E. Pogue The more things change, the more they stay the same. The first volley of Sniper ... Security
Security Organizational Behaviour making people part of the solution John Proctor Why technology and process don\'t solve the problem alone and how to make security part ... Security
Microsoft Security Intelligence Report; Canadian Edition Tim Rains "Threats have changed in dramatic and unexpected ways around the world over the past year ... Security
Microsoft Trustworthy Computing Cloud Security, Privacy, and Reliability in a Nutshell Tim Rains "As customers contemplate cloud migrations and request insight and direction, their top-level cloud trust needs ... Security
VMware ThinApp: Does Isolation Trim your Risk? Tyler Reguly , Jordan Powers Does using VMware ThinApp isolation trim your risk? This presentation uses known vulnerabilities in popular ...
Global Efforts to Secure Cloud Computing Jim Reavis In this session, CSA will present the key security problems of Cloud Computing that are ... Security
Controlling BYOD before it Becomes Your Own Demise Mike Rothman "Mobile security is the hottest topic for senior security professionals as organizations struggle with how ... Security
*PT, Chinese cyber-something, the summer of breach and doing it wrong James Arlen , Mike Rothman , Ben Sapiro , Dave Lewis "The ugly bastard child of FAIL Panel, a discussion on Malware letters received to our ...
Microsoft's Response Process: 10 Years of Hard-Knock Learning David Tinder "The Microsoft Security Response Center has been responding to security vulnerabilities and incidents for more ... Security
Forecast of Data Loss in Canada Dave Senf "How many breaches occurred in Canada last year? And how many might there be by ... Security
The Kill Chain and Evolution in Intrusion Detection Mechanisms Eldon Sprickerhoff Intrusion defense mechanisms have been around for approximately two decades. However, slippery assailants continue to ... Security
Threat Intelligence: What makes it smart C. Thomas "SIEM and feeds intelligence are common words found in the information security industry. We see ... Security
Physical Security In Context Schuyler Towne Many security professionals think of locks as curiosities or puzzles, and are well acquainted with ... Security
The Benefit of a "Research-Driven" IT Security Partner, especially in this day of Modern Malware William Tysiak , Elvis Gregov As the trusted security advisor to 65 of the Fortune 100, Accuvant is in a ...
Building Dictionaries and Destroying Hashes Using Amazon EC2 Steve Werby "By aggregating and creating new dictionaries and manipulating them to guess plaintext and hashed passwords ... Security
Forget Malicious Links and Fear the QR Code Steve Werby "For years, we've been educating users about the risk of clicking unfamiliar links, links from ... Security
Inside the Blackhole Exploit Kit (BHEK) Chester Wisniewski One of the most successful drive-by attack toolkits available to cyber criminals, Black Hole is ... Security
DNSSEC: Securing the DNS and beyond Paul Wouters DNSSEC was designed to protect the Domain Name System from an ever increasing stream of ... Security
Inside the Black Hole Exploit Kit (BHEK) Chester Wisniewski N/A Security