Skydogcon 2012 Oct. 26, 2012 to Oct. 28, 2012, Nashville,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Hack the Badge Rious , Sachin "Do you write programs in some hipster language like Ruby or Python? Well, fuck you! ...
Physical Security; Make sure your building is "Butter Knife Proof"... Gcs8 , Ginsu "Physical Security do's and don'ts on a budget. A humorous but intelligent look at a ...
Free-Source Litigation "tyler Pitchford , Tyler 'trip' Pitchford" Free-source is one of the greatest concepts of our time. Theres little argument that its ...
Security Myths Exposed Marcus Carey The mission of the talk is to debunk information security myths. Many have speculated that ... Security
Dealing with difficult co-workers: How I became the "Thanks for the candy" guy Spikygeek A set of war stories from the office dealing with annoying, disturbing, and sometimes downright ... Security
Pivot2Pcap: a new approach to optimzing cybersecurity operations by tightly coupling the big-picture view provided by Netflow with the in-depth resolving power of PCAP. Peter Shaw In large networks, it helps to work from the big picture on down when planning ... Security
Lessons Learned founded and running a Startup Billy Hoffman "In 2009, I left a successful career in the computer security industry to start a ... Security
Your business model is naked and ugly Shane Lawson "We have a fair amount of academic arguments in the community when discussing vulnerabilities and ... Security
Gangs and the use of Technology Carter Smith Technology advances have changed the way the average American communicates, plans his or her day, ... Security
Keynote Mark Hardy N/A Security
RE, CND and Geopolitics, Oh My! Jeff Brown "This session will delve into reverse engineering on a highly publicized piece of malware. A ... Security
Insanely Great! Curtis Koenig The only thing that never changes is change itself, but when is change good and ... Security
Setting up BackTrack and automating various tasks with bash scripts Lee Baird I keep hearing about this BackTrack thang? What the heck is it, and why in ... Security
Cryptanalysis of the Enigma Bob Weiss , Benjamin Gatti "Were Allen Turing to have survived to the present; he would have access to the ...
Bioveillance: The Surreptitious Analysis of Physiological and Behavioral Data noah Schiffman Biometric securitythe something you arehas become one of the largest growing areas of the security ... Security
Advanced Phishing Tactics Beyond User Awareness Martin Bos , Eric Milam Over the past 10 years, organizations have spent time, resources and considerable financial investments to ...
Build a UAV! Sonny Mounicou "Build a UAV! - Have you wanted to build your own autonomous vehicle? Have you ... Security
Lifecycle and Detection of an Exploit Kit Alex Kirk As the process of owning systems and dragging them into botnets becomes ever more commercialized, ... Security
Go With the Flow: Strategies for successful social engineering Chris Silvers When the ringing stops and a real life person answers the phone, it doesnt matter ... Security
Hack your Credit Score; How the System is Flawed Scott Moulton N/A Security
Why Defensive InfoSec Often Fails: Lessons From Chaos Theory Dave Marcus N/A Security
Using the Gaussian Function to Target Awareness and Training Fozzie N/A Security