Syscan360 2012 Oct. 31, 2012 to Nov. 1, 2012, Bejing, China

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Buckle up Security Belt When Enjoying Ride in Android World ------ DroidRide: a lightweight and in-line android malware detection engine Wayne Yan With the popularity and variety of zero-day android malware, security companies have to keep on ... Security
Find your own iOS kernel bug Chen Xiaobo , Xu Hao This presentation will talk about how to write your own fuzzer targets iOS kernel and ...
Reverse engineering of fraudster brain Neyolov Evgeny Security conferences usually consist of talks about true hacking, which present information about program or ... Security
Memory corruption exploitation in internet explorer Moti Jospeh This presentation introduces tools and scripts that one can use to do memory corruption analysis ... Security
Security engineering and product improvements in the new Office Tom Gallagher The new version of Office currently under development has not yet been released. In this ... Security
Understanding Windows Kernel Font Scaler Engine Vulnerability Wang Yu The Font Scaler engine is widely used in Microsoft Windows and Mac OS operating systems ... Security
The Info Leak Era on Software Exploitation Fermin J. Serna Previously, and mainly due to application compatibility. ASLR has not been as effective as it ... Security
Windows Kernel Fuzzing For Beginners Ben Nagy "Kernel bugs are cool, and like with all bug classes, there is low hanging fruit ... Security
Smashing iOS Apps For Fun And Profit Sung-ting Tsai , Dark Luo "iOS security has been a hot topic in recent years. There are lots of people ...
The Past, Present, and Future of Flash Security Haifei Li "There is no doubt that Flash Player has been a major target for online security. ... Security
The evolution of Chrome security architecture Huan Ren The security architecture of Chrome/Chromium browser consists of following major components: renderer process sandbox, extension ... Security