t2 2012 Oct. 25, 2012 to Oct. 25, 2012, Helsinki, Finland

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote: Changing the world by refusing to understand you can't Rick Falkvinge N/A Keynote with the message that we all have the power to change the world. ... Security
Hacking Huawei VRP Felix ( FX ) Lindner "Huawei routers are no longer devices only seen in China. Entire countries run their Internet ... Security
AbuseHelper: Fighting botnets with botnets Jussi Eronen AbuseHelper is a framework for working with key-value data real-time in an asynchronous, decentralised manner. ... Security
Game of Lies Olli-pekka Niemi "How to verify that network intrusion detection and prevention systems do what they are supposed ... Security
PinPadPwn Nils "Pin Pads or Payment Terminals are widely used to accept payments from customers. These devices ... Security
Secure Exploit Payload Staging Georg Wicherski "... or how we did not kill a 0day at Defcon. Binary remote exploitation of ... Security
Protecting against computerized corporate espionage Jarno Niemel Corporate and Governmental espionage using malware as a tool for it is getting bigger every ... Security
Draw Me A Trojan Yuval Vadim Polevoy In this talk I will be presenting a recent research of Malware which really goes ... Security
Finding Flame Costin Raiu When Stuxnet was discovered in 2010, everyone wondered if it was one of a kind, ... Security
Fuzzing at scale and in style Michelle Aubizere , Atte Kettunen "Heating your house is important, but it helps being smart about it. We will show ...
How to root your USB-device Olle Segerdahl While a fair amount of public research on USB host stacks (i.e. in operating systems) ... Security
Solving the t2'12 Challenge Timo Hirvonen N/A Security
SAP Slapping - A pentesters guide Dave Hartley SAP is one of the world\'s largest software companies. SAP offers approx. 40 products in ... Security