TheComputerForensicsShow 2012 Oct. 18, 2012 to Oct. 19, 2012, San Francisco,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Can your computer do what Colombo did? Mine can! Fred Cohen N/A Security
State-Of-The-Art methods for image capturing device recognition and image modification detection. Babak Mahdian N/A
Cyber Warfare Techniques and the Effects on the Private Sector Anthony p. Castillo N/A Security
The Evolving Landscape of Legal Discovery & the Expanding Role of the Chief Information Security Office Jacques Francoeur N/A
Cell Phone Forensics, Tip and Tricks Brian Farnsworth N/A
Risking it All Sara Putnam N/A Security
Security of information in assumed hostile environments using assumed compromised technology Tim Shelton , Paymon yamini Sharif N/A
Vendor Red Flags Gregory l Taylor N/A Security
The Current state of affairs of Cell Phone Forensics James Rowley N/A
Attorney Ethics in Social Media Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and More Michael e. Lackey , Eric Hunter , Kevin l. Nichols , Jack Halprin N/A
Risk Management Issues and Managing Legal Holds, Internal Collection Issues Browning Iii N/A
Protecting Your Investment In Cyber Technology Michael Atkins N/A Security
Fraud Prevention for the Small Business Owner Adina l. Conroy N/A
Litigation Readiness, E-Discovery & the Cloud Eric Evans , Eunice Ko , Virginia Macsuibhne , John Sugden , R. craig Strunk , Dean Vanech N/A
Everything You Wanted to Know About E-Discovery But Were Afraid to Ask David c. Velasquez , J. craig Williams N/A
Cloud Investigations and Forensics Davi Ottenheimer N/A
Exploiting Human Security: The Art of Social Engineering Charles Tendell N/A
Utilizing Forensic Accounting to Investigate the Financing of Criminal Organizations Desiree Mcgovern N/A Security
Predictive Coding Chris Paskach N/A Security
Crime Scene to Courtroom - Preserving Digital Evidence One Step at a Time Joseph Caruso N/A Security
Navigating the Social Media Storm: Surviving and thriving in a social media and cloud based world Jack Halprin N/A Security
Fraud Guido van Drunen N/A Security
2011 Key Trends Wendy butler Curtis , Ruth Hauswirth , Cathleen Peterson , Orrick N/A
Incident Management Joseph Caruso , Brian Sevchek N/A
Open Source Intelligence (OSINT): Insights to Intelligence Gathering and Internet Investigations Sandra Stibbards N/A
Cyber Risk Management - Closing the Security Chasm Jacques Francoeur N/A
Inside PCI Forensic Investigations: What Every Company & Investigator Needs to Know Walter Conway , Kat Valentine N/A
The Next Generation: Unified Records Management Stephen Chan , Elle Byram N/A
Improving the Practice of Internet Investigations and Cybervetting Edward Sr N/A
Community Cyber Incident Response: What YOU Need To Know Gregory B. White , Natalie Granado N/A
Data Breach Response & Remediation All Breaches are not Created Equal Nicholas Cramer N/A
Disruptive Approaches to Battling Malware in the Cloud (Not Your Grandmas Antivirus) Zulfikar Ramzan N/A Security
Topic, TBA Dean Gonsowski , Jim Carden N/A
Creation of the Fraud-Resistant Organization Richard t. Balog N/A
How To Identifiy Fraud in Financial Statements Richard t. Balog N/A
Dropbox Forensics Gavin w. Manes N/A
Macintosh Forensics Gavin w. Manes N/A
Risks and Liabilities In Cyberspace Eric j. Sinrod N/A Security
TBA Jeff Fehrman , Cecil Payne N/A
Self Collection: Legal Risks, Challenges & Possibilities John Wilson N/A Security
How Computer Forensics Play a Key Role for Executing an Efficient and Defensible eDiscovery Plan Diana Galperin N/A
Using Cloud Computing in Computer Forensics and Electronic Discovery Julie Lewis N/A
Inside the Mind of a Hacker Dave Chronister N/A Security