ToorCon 2012 Oct. 17, 2012 to Oct. 21, 2012, San Diego,USA

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HackRF: A Low Cost Software Defined Radio Platform Michael Ossmann , Jared Boone The HackRF project is developing an open source design for a low cost Software Defined ...
{Malandroid} - The Crux of Android Infections Aditya K Sood The Android platform has been plagued by malware for the past several years. Despite all ... Security
PE Alchemy with PEEL Frank2 You know what irritates me? Converting offsets to RVAs and VAs and back to offsets ... Security
Mobile Device attack graphs for fun and profit Jimmy Shah Attack graphs represent the various options an attacker has available to achieve their goal. We ... Security
Programming Weird Machines with ELF Metadata "rebecca 'bx' Shapiro" The Executable and Linkable Format (ELF) is omnipresent; related OS and library code is run ... Security
Microsoft SQL Server Post-Exploitation - When Databases Attack *NEW* "rob 'whitey' Beck" Microsoft SQL Server is a common foothold into most environments vulnerable to SQL Injection attacks ... Security
Privacy at the Handset: New FCC Rules? Valkyrie "In 2007, the Federal Communications Commission considered and decided against any regulation on mobile handsets ... Security
Hacking Measured Boot and UEFI Dan Griffin "Theres been a lot buzz about UEFI Secure Booting, and the ability of hardware and ... Security
How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love The Smart Meter N/a The "Power Grid" is a growing topic in the security industry and Advanced Metering Infrastructure ... Security
Hacking with WebSockets Vaagn Toukharian The talk includes couple of demos of WebSockets usage in civilian and hacking applications, and ... Security
You Can't Buy Security: Building the Open Source Information Security Program Boris Sverdlik It seems everywhere you look there are analysts and product/service providers promising you the magic ... Security
When Cell Towers Become Too Smart For Their Own Good Drew "redshift" Porter Remember that bully that was bigger than you and though he may not have been ... Security
Taming the Robots - Enhancing Security of Mobile Devices with Multiple Personalities Matthias Lange "Smartphones and tablet devices became many people's primary hub to manage their digital life. There ... Security
The Long Tail of the Internet (the shodan firehose talk) Dan Tentler Shodan is commonly known for allowing users to search for banners displayed by a short ... Security
What Journalists Want: The investigative reporters' perspective on hacking Jason Leopold , Dave Maass "From WikiLeaks to the News Corp phone-hacking scandal, hacking has become, for better or worse, ...
I Am Jack's Heart Monitor Mike Ryan Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) is the hottest new mode in the latest and greatest Bluetooth ... Security
War Dialing Like A Boss Jiffy Pop Dialing for the dial up systems predates the internets themselves. A muchacho might be convinced ... Security
Defeating password safes Joseph Giron "I'd like to demonstrate the weaknesses in password safe programs like Keepass and Gorilla as ... Security
Malware by traditional mail Konstantin Sapronov This presentation describes one case happened the fall of 2011 in Russia. But this could ... Security
#Internetkillswitch... Come At Me Bro Drew "redshift" Porter Remember back in the day when we did not have to worry about the internet ... Security
Building the Next Generation of Computer Security Professionals Chris Simpson There are many news articles on the lack of computer security specialists in the United ... Security
Teaching your WAF new tricks Robert Rowley This isn\'t your uncle\'s "what\'s a WAF" talk, I\'ll be covering as many cool tricks ... Security
Accessibility and Security or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Halting Problem Anna Shubina Accessibility of digital content is a hugely misunderstood issue. Programmers and content developers tend to ... Security
Synthetic Online Oxytocin: One more reason we don't trust the internet Carl Sue , Paul Sakrekof "Oxytocin, Def: Oxytocin (Oxt) ( /??ks?'to?s?n/) is a mammalian hormone that acts primarily as a ...
Stop Patching, for Stronger PCI Compliance Adam Brand Too many organizations have their administrators running on the Patching Wheel of Death. PCI DSS ... Security
Truly Effective Social Engineering 2012 ? Now with 20% More Meat! Shane Macdougall "This is an updated version of a Shane's talk given at last years con. It ... Security
The New Age of Community Driven Distributed Computing Dean Pierce In this talk I will be announcing a new community driven WPA cracking service, and ... Security
McAfee Secure and Trustmarks - A Hacker's Best Friend Shane Macdougall , Jay James McAfeee Secure (nee ScanAlert) and other "trust mark" vendors are site security "certification" tools designed ...
OPSEC "robb O'driscoll" "Operational Security (OPSEC) is nearly impossible to obtain in a world of surveillance. OPSEC, regardless ... Security
To get your malware noticed: target all the police forces in Europe Loucif Kharouni The police ransomware is becoming a threat landscape change rather than a single isolated malware ... Security
Meshing stuff up: AdHoc mesh networks with Android Josh "m0nk" Thomas We want to crush all the misinformation and mesh all the phones. Tired of the ... Security
Almost everything you ever wanted to know about the Blackhole Exploit Kit Julia Wolf The Black Hole exploit kit, is one of the most popular platforms for infecting users ... Security
Taking off the Costume: How Mobile Apps Pretend to be Secure Dan Kuykendall As we approach Halloween, lets take a minute to look at the gory guts of ... Security
Physical Drive-By Downloads Kos Mobile security is still a fairly young practice, but its not unexplored. Over the past ... Security