ITWeb Security Summit 2010 May 11, 2010 to May 13, 2010, Johannesburg, South Africa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
The Security Implications Of The Ppi Bill: An End User'S Perspective Ritasha Jethva Practical insight into the Protection of Personal Information Bill • PPI and security: what it ... Others Privacy Business
Conference Overview – Security In 2010: Where Are We Now? Charl van der Walt , Johann van der Merwe , Dominic White Others
The Road Less Travelled: When Security Meets Business Pat Pather Many CISOs struggle to articulate the value of their security programs and justify the security ... Business Security
From Tia To Google: Modern Threats To Privacy Moxie Marlinspike A lot has changed since discussions around digital privacy began. The security community won the ... Privacy
Protecting Customers From Online Threats: The Paypal Perspective Allison Miller In this talk we'll discuss threats and attacks targeting end users such as social engineering, ... Security Social Engineering Business
Protecting Your Customers Assests: What Must You Do So That You Will Not Need The Npa Paul Louw In this talk, Paul Louw (formerly with the Scorpions and now the NPA), takes a ... Security Others Business
Getting Pci Compliant: The Visa Story Bryce Thorrold PCI basics and compliance challenges • Exploiting PCI's opportunities and improving business performance with PCI ... Risk Business
How To Future-Proof Your Compliance Program Kris Budnik • The current environment and what may be anticipated in the years to come • ... Business
The Nice Thing About Standards Is That There Are So Many To Choose From Allen Baranov The history and philosophy of the various standards driving security • The inside track on ... Business Security
Measuring Security Effectively Tony Stephanou What is wrong with the way we currently measure and view security • What makes ... Security Statistics
Why Business Needs To Have Security And It Control Frameworks In Place David Volschenk , Justin Williams • An analysis of benefits and challenges in the implementation of security and IT control ... Security Business
Threat Horizon 2010 And Beyond: Information Security-Related Threats Of The Future Simon Leech The dynamic nature of internet attack vectors • How geographic location influences the type of ... Intrusion Prevention
Making Mobile Security Work For The Business: Strategies To Limit Risk And Protect Your Mobile Assets Nader Henein • Importance of mobile security • Emerging mobile security challenges • Critical balance: security versus ... Mobile Security
Can Turing Prevent Man-In-The-Middle Attacks On Online Banking? Frans Lategan The evolving threat posed by man-in-the-middle attacks • How to turn the human-ness of users ... Security Intrusion Prevention
The State Of Information Security: How Today'S Trends Are Likely To Affect The Future Of Security Anthony Olivier , Helaine Leggat , Matt Erasmus • The IT Security Pubcast and why we the team is "qualified" to comment on ... Panel
Surviving The Internet In 2010 Saumil Udayan Shah • The state of web security and what is really needed • The role of ... Security Analysis
From Web 2.0 To Threats 2.0 Stephan Tanase • What exactly is web 2.0? • Why does web 2.0 attract malware authors? • ... Web Security
Abusing And Leveraging Intelligence From Social Media Platforms Nitesh Dhanjani Hacking the psyche: Remote behaviour analysis that can be used to construct personality profiles to ... Security Social Media
Built In, Not Bolted On: Web Application Security Done Right Paul Van Woudenberg , Theo Van Niekerk • Why bolted-on solutions are not long-term answers to web application security • Arguments in ... Web Security
A Consistent Security Model For Web Services Dominique Dhotman • The Ooba story: SOA deployment across many different business lines and application types • ... Web Security
Web Application Hacking Ian De Villiers An increasing need for custom applications and ever-changing business processes result in developers becoming a ... Web Security
Security In The Software Development Lifecycle Paul Van Woudenberg , Theo Van Niekerk Software security is hard and is becoming increasingly elusive as applications increase in complexity and ... Application Security
Threat Modelling Workshop Dominic White Security is a trade-off. Within systems, we choose to protect what we think will be ... Security Risk
Joe Grandperspectives From The L0Pht Joe ( Kingpin ) Grand This session is a look back at Joe's experiences growing up in one of the ... Community
A Web Hacking Odyssey – The Top Ten Hacks Of The Year Jeremiah Grossman Every year, powerful new Web hacking techniques are revealed, many of which are highly sophisticated ... Web Security
Smartphone Security: The Past, Present And The Future Charlie Vedaa Charlie will discuss smartphone security from a historical perspective. He will begin by outlining the ... Mobile Security
Panel: The Ultimate Defence - Think Like A Hacker Felix ( FX ) Lindner , Moxie Marlinspike , Dino Dai Zovi , Charlie Vedaa Sometimes it seems like the criminals will always have the upper hand. No matter what ... Panel
Exploiting Windows Dep Using Return-Oriented Programming Dino Dai Zovi • The importance of preventing malicious computations • Practical applications of return-oriented techniques Exploitation
Encoding, Character Sets And Security Marco Slaviero • The impact of poor encoding support and security implications • Methods for resolving character ... Application Security
Hardware Is The New Software: High-Profile Attacks Against Electronic Devices Joe ( Kingpin ) Grand • Understanding the hardware hacking process • A look at high-profile attacks against electronic devices Hardware General
Some Tricks For Defeating Ssl In Practice Moxie Marlinspike • How to exploit BasicConstraints vulnerabilities • How to exploit SSL stripping • How to ... Security Web Security
Attacking Web Application Servers Ian De Villiers • Shortcomings within web application frameworks and portal applications • Scenarios where remote attackers can ... Web Security
Security Is Easy, In Theory Felix ( FX ) Lindner • Fault-free Software • Global Authentication • Common Interface Formats • Encryption and Integrity • ... Security
Security As A Service: Hands-On? Hands-Off?..Or Somewhere In-Between? Jonathan Wilkinson • Learn what’s driving the growing demand for SaaS and hybrid security offerings • Hear ... Security Application Security
Change Happens: Building Security With A Business Roadmap Maeson Maherry • A case study of fraud management • The principles of business, law and information ... Security Analysis
Securing The Mobile Enterprise Samresh Ramjith • Policy and strategy development to create a secure mobile workplace • A proactive plan ... Mobile Security
Seamless And Compliant Management Of Your Encryption Keys Tony Archaria • Standards and technologies for encryption key management • Best practice management of encryption keys ... Security Compliance
Cleaning Up Africa As We Join The 21St Century: Botnets And The New Economy Barry Irwin • Security challenges facing African countries in the coming years • Skills and user education ... Security Analysis
From Infection To Cashout - How The New Breed Of Trojans Operate Etay Maor • Trojan discussions in the fraudster underground • New infection methods (including infection rate statistics) ... Malware
Putting The Trust Back Into Email & Web Ed Rowley • Understanding and identifying critical Web and email security risks • Steps to take to ... Security Web
Why In-The-Cloud Security Technologies Are The Answer Rik Ferguson • Why is security moving into-the-cloud? • How is security evolving to address the new ... Security Risk
Security In The Virtualised Environment Justin Lee Security