BSidesPDX 2012 Nov. 9, 2012 to Nov. 10, 2012, Portland,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Balancing Risk Logan Kleier This presentation is about the effort to bringing sanity to risk and security discussions in ... Security
Mutating metal to make our meter an automated penetrator Kenny Mcelroy "Wait, that doesn't even make any sense at all. Well try this instead: Robots, security, ... Security
Anonymizing your hacktop Kenny Mcelroy Can your computer be uniquely identified remotely? No matter how many times you wipe the ... Security
Reverse Engineering the Nikon WT...F? @securelyfitz "Nikon makes some pretty sweet cameras but seem to be stuck in the dark ages ... Security
Retail Hacking for Fun and Savings @securelyfitz "Most technically inclined thrifty shoppers shop online. Thriftier ones know how to use the interweb ... Security
Where's the data at? Martin Mckeay "It's easy to find dozens, or even hundreds, of news stories every day about compromises ... Security
How to hack my Twitter Sundar Krishnamurthy So many apps allow cross-website integration and posting. With this demo, I will show how ... Security
In pentesting there are too many tools using tools. William Borskey Like any profession, tools are necessary in our line of work. This talk is not ... Security
PWND BY DEVICES Ken Westin The devices we carry with us are snitches, we tell them everything, from our schedule, ... Security
Hacking with WebSockets Sergey Shekyan The talk includes couple of demos of WebSockets usage in civilian and hacking applications, and ... Security
Making physical attacks remotely James Shewmaker Everyone knows that physical attacks trump most infosec defenses. What happens when a pentester can ... Security
An Adversary for All Occasions John Mailen Operations Security (OPSEC) is simple little 5-step process for assessing risk of information that is ... Security
The rise in HTML5 threats: Lessons of the webs past ignored again Steve Orrin We have dozens of papers, presentations and demos of the new and improved attacks against ... Security
Mobile Device Attack graphs for fun and profit Jimmy Shah Attack graphs represent the various options an attacker has available to achieve their goal. We ... Security
Immobilized by Mobile Vulns in the NVD Dirk Sigurdson "The National Vulnerability Database, run by NIST and sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security, ... Security
Squint at Gibberish No Longer: Introducing Bletchley Tim Morgan Use of cryptography permeates today\'s computing infrastructures. While few programmers attempt to implement sophisticated cryptosystems, ... Security
Who's coming after the cookies in your cookie jar? @wepiv "Computer Network Exploitation actors have a variety of motivations, however, the one unifying trait is ... Security
Reverse Engineering to Subvert Smartcard Security Barriers Christopher Tarnovsky Millions of global users trust smartcards to store passwords to critical personal and financial information. ... Security