CISOPittsburgh 2012 Nov. 14, 2012 to Nov. 14, 2012, Pittsburgh,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Transformational Leadership Revitalize Your Company Ron Bloom February 2009: the U.S. automotive industry is in extreme danger, and threatening to severely wound ... Security
Virtual Technology, Real Results CONSOLs Security Transformation George Rosato One year ago, the leaders at CONSOL Energy asked themselves, How secure is our data? ... Security
Accelerating the Business Through Apps and Architecture Dan Pavlick Eighteen months ago, PNC Financial Services decided to use technology more efficiently and effectively, beginning ... Security
What You Need to Know About DDoS Attacks Holly Ridgeway As the corporate e-commerce revolution continues its stratospheric growth, the reliability of corporate websites and ... Security
Customer Engagement Measuring and Maximizing Interaction Richard a. Liebscher , Richard Ong In 2012, social media proved powerful enough to ignite social and governmental change. But how ...
Creating Better Business Value The Unlikely Relationship Between IT and Procurement Dave Mclain As CIOs work to align IT with overall business objectives, they must balance cost management ... Security
Rethinking the Web Application Certification and Accreditation Process Erik Avakian Following a series of breaches and subsequent attacks stemming from insecure code, the necessity for ... Security
CIOs, CMOs and Big Data Successful, Strategic Partnership Chris Labash E-commerce continues to generate unprecedented amounts of data and customer touch points, requiring CIOs and ... Security
From the Greatest Generation to the Most Disruptive Ari Lightman The next generation of talent threatens to disrupt many established processes within the IT department. ... Security
Mobile Devices Risks and Rewards Jeremy Gill , Ryan Mann , Phil Tomassini , Justin Zimmerman When employees ask to bring their own devices to work, they free employers from the ...
Ensuring a Stronger Workforce for the Future Rex Althoff , Patrick Worms In todays competitive market, the shallow talent pool is endangering IT departments in every industry, ...