CISOSanFrancisco 2012 Nov. 27, 2012 to Nov. 27, 2012, San Francisco,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote Mark Weatherford It has been said that the nine scariest words in the English language are, Im ... Security
Best Practice Matthew Archibald As the threat landscape for confidential information increases globally, information security leaders must position themselves ... Security
Out With the Old, In With the New Reinvent and Justify Your 2013 Security Strategy Gidi Cohen Its a new era for IT security teams. Tasked with ensuring the success of business-changing ... Security
Securing Your Business for Mobility, Cloud Apps and Social Media Michele Robinson , Jay Chaudhry As a growing number of enterprises adopt mobile, cloud and social technologies to improve business ...
CISOs Guide Five Initiatives You Can Do Now James Robinson Every new security technology is the silver bullet to your problems! It must be, the ... Security
Advancing Your Organization Through Metrics Dan Meacham The ability to communicate clear and concise information to your leadership team is essential in ... Security
The Many Challenges of BYOD Michael Wilson , Julian Lovelock Bring-Your-Own-Device is a phenomenon brought on, in large part, by the variety of exciting new ...
Separating Myth from Fact What Every CISO Needs to Know about Privacy Michelle Dennedy , Malcolm Harkins It is a common-held perception among even some of the brightest leaders in the information ...
How Netflix Got Creative to Secure the Cloud Bill Burns When an entire business is structured around the cloud, the lack of mature (or existing) ... Security
Peer Audits A New Approach to Executive and Program Development Tina Darmohray In continual pursuit of personal and departmental development, Stanford AVP and CISO, Tina Darmohray implemented ... Security
Balancing Productivity and Protection Wade Williamson , Gary Coverdale , Grace Crickette You are invited to join discussion leaders Gary Coverdale and Grace Crickette Wilson, and moderator ...