Kiwicon 2012 Nov. 17, 2012 to Nov. 18, 2012, Wellington, New Zealand

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Bootstrapping InfoSec for Hacktivists Liz Henry "As hackers and activists, we have a lot of power and many vulnerabilities. And as ... Security
NFC Redux Nick von Dadelszen NFC Redux takes a look at the changes that have occurred in the Mobile NFC ... Security
Login Timing Attacks for Mischief and Mayhem Adrian Hayes "Timing attacks are relatively well known in the shady recesses of the caves I assume ... Security
From Revenue Assurance to Assurance: The Importance of Measurement in Computer Security Peter Gutmann N/A Security
Sifting through Twitter Matt Jones The security community has heavily adopted social-media such as Twitter. However, the ratio of valuable ... Security
Biohacking: Why is my kitten glowing? Andrew Woodward "Plants are awesome, so are mushrooms, even though they technically aren't plants. Bacteria and viruses ... Security
m/ ROP and ROLL m/ Antic0de "What's the point in sending your latest 0day exploit module down the wires when the ... Security
Firehoses and Asbestos Pants: Security at Microsoft from Response to Lifecycle Leigh ( Hypatiadotca ) Honeywell "In the ten years since the Trustworthy Computing memo, we've learned a few things at ... Security
Managed Service Pwnage Cartel Outsourcing IT support to MSPs has become popular among twenty-something CIOs in recent years as ... Security
Master Phishing: Writing a Phish That Won't Get You Busted (or, How To Bust Phishers) Alex Kirk Phishing has been going on forever, but of late it\'s gone from 419 scams to ... Security
Under The Radar Web App Recon Dean "tecnik" Jerkovich Whether youre part of the next LulzSec trying to loot a defence contractor or youre ... Security
Three Guys With Ponytails Talk About Security Jon Callas , Peter Gutmann , Nicko van Someren "Total eclipses, dinner chats, and missed connections brought about this talk. Noted security and crypto ...
Exchanging Demands Peter Hannay Smart phones and other portable devices are increasingly used with Microsoft Exchange to allow people ... Security
Attacking Audio One Time Passwords at 1100Hz Graeme Neilson , Shingirayi Padya Audio one time passwords systems are commonly used in mobile banking / finance systems in ... Attack IncludeThinkstScapes Voicemail AOTP
Open source security response David Jorm Open source means that commits are publicly visible, patches are shared upstream and discussion is ... Security
The tale of a Firefox bug Thoth "This talk will discuss 100% reliable exploitation of CVE-2011-2371 (found by Chris Rohlf) by turning ... Security
Bluetooth sniffing with Ubertooth Dominic Spill Bluetooth traffic analysis is hard. While 802.11 and Zigbee have promiscuous mode on commodity hardware, ... ExcludeThinkstScapes Tools Bluetooth Ubertooth
Ghost Riders in your WLAN Denis Andzakovic "War driving has been around for a very, very long time, however it has been ... Security
Abruptly Mangle the Web Thibaud Weksteen Unsatisfied with current Web application mass-destruction tools, Thiebaud created a genuine(tm) nephew of Scapy for ... Security
The Mysterious Case Of The Shrinking Pentest Toolkit Andrew "lizardb0y" Stephen Gordon Moore once said that "The complexity for minimum component costs has increased at a ... Security
in2securITy - What we did last year and other mad ideas <strike>for world domination</strike> Laura "ladynerd" Bell Twelve months ago, Brett Moore lamented future of NZ security. "Oh where is the next ... Security
Do not ask for whom the panopticon watches, it watches for thee. Thomas Beagle "Our beloved government is continuing its mission to ensure that the internet is a wonderful ... Security
Hacker History: Dmitry and the DMCA Ed Hintz Last year, one of the iPhone talks tabled the question "who\'s heard of Elcomsoft", and ... Security
I Love You Sweet Leaf Bodhi Sativa "Straight people don\'t know, what you\'re about They put you down and shut you out ... Security
Bit flipping, favicons, and what the hell is your browser actually doing? Blair "trogs" Harrison The results of analyzing a year of weblogs from several bitflipped versions of a popular ... Security
The OSINT OPSEC Tool Brendan "hyprwired" J "The OSINT OPSEC tool monitors multiple 21st Century OSINT sources (largely social media) real-time for ... Security
httpSeriously? Kirk Jackson In a world with firesheep, mitmproxy and sslstrip, does anything important still go over http? ... Security