Deepsec 2012 Nov. 27, 2012 to Nov. 30, 2012, Vienna, Austria

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
We Came In Peace - They Don't: Hackers vs. CyberWar Felix "fx" Lindner N/A Security
The "WOW-Effect" - The whole dimension Christian Wojner N/A Computer Forensics ExcludeThinkstScapes WOW64
The Vienna Programme: A Global Strategy for Cyber Security by the Global Cyber Defence Initiative Stefan Schumacher N/A Security
Introducing the Smartphone Pentesting Framework Georgia Weidman N/A Security
Wargames in the Fifth Domain Karin Kosina N/A Cyberwar ExcludeThinkstScapes
Pentesting iOS Apps - Runtime Analysis and Manipulation Andreas Kurtz N/A Intrusion Prevention ExcludeThinkstScapes iOS Tool Dynamic Analysis
When I Grow up I want to be a Cyberterrorist Mike Kemp N/A Security
Think differently about database hacking Lszl Tth , Ferenc Spala N/A
Services of cyber crime and cyber weapons in the Cloud. Stas Filshtinskiy N/A Security
Hacking the NFC credit cards for fun and debit ;) Renaud Lifchitz N/A ExcludeThinkstScapes Attack NFC
A Non-Attribution-Dilemma and its Impact on Legal Regulation of Cyberwar Michael Grunert N/A Legal Cyberwar ExcludeThinkstScapes
Bad Things in Good Packages - Creative Exploit Delivery Saumil Udayan Shah N/A
Social Engineering: how far can you go? Sharon Conheady N/A Security
Malware analysis on a shoestring budget Michael Boman N/A Security
Breaking SAP Portal Alexander mikhailovich Polyakov N/A Security
I'm the guy your CSO warned you about "gavin 'jac0byterebel' Ewan" N/A Security
Evolution of E-Money Jon Matonis N/A Security
Cybercrime vs. Cyberstalking - a new Behavior Dr. edith Huber N/A Security
VMDK Hast Left The Building -- Attacking VMware-Based Cloud Infrastructures Daniel Mende , Matthias Luft , Pascal Turbing N/A ExcludeThinkstScapes Attack VMWare
Proximax, Telex, Flashproxy - The current state of circumvention software Jens Kubieziel N/A Security
Cloud Computing, new approach to securing personal information, and addressing new EU regalations Mikhail a. Utin , Daniil Utin N/A
SAP Slapping Dave Hartley N/A Security
Insecurity? It's just a matter of time Alexey Kachalin N/A Security
The Security (or Insecurity) of 3rd Party iOS Applications Ilja van Sprundel N/A Security
The Whole Nine Yards Peter Morgan , John Villamil N/A Fuzzing ExcludeThinkstScapes Tool
Taking browser fuzzing to the next (DOM) level Rosario Valotta N/A Fuzzing Web Browser ExcludeThinkstScapes 0day
Own the Network - Own the Data Paul Coggin N/A Security
Ways Your Alarm System Can Fail Babak Javadi N/A Security
Passive IPS Reconnaissance and Enumeration - false positive (ab)use Arron "finux" Finnon N/A Security
AMF Testing Made Easy Luca Carettoni N/A Web Security ExcludeThinkstScapes AMF Blazer
Multilayer evasion fuzzing with evader Olli-pekka Niemi N/A Network ExcludeThinkstScapes Network Monitoring Tool
The Interim Years of Cyberspace - Security in a Domain of Warfare Robert m. Lee N/A Security
Inception of the SAP Platform's Brain: Attacks to SAP Solution Manager Juan Etchegoyen N/A Security
Social Engineering Testing for IT Security Professionals Sharon Conheady , Martin Law N/A
Penetration Testing with Metasploit Georgia Weidman N/A Security
The Exploit Laboratory Advanced Edition Saumil Udayan Shah N/A Security
Attacks on GSM Networks Dieter Spaar , Harald Welte N/A
Web application penetration testing Ari Elias-bachrach N/A Security
SAP Security In-Depth Juan Etchegoyen N/A Security
Malware Forensics and Incident Response Education (MFIRE) Ismael Valenzuela N/A Security