PhreakNIC 2012 Nov. 9, 2012 to Nov. 11, 2012, Murfreesboro,USA

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Welcome To PhreakNIC Warren Eckstein "Welcome to PhreakNIC i'm Notlarry and I'll be your host this weekend. I'll quickly cover ... Security
Magnets, How Do They Work? Michael Snyder After five years in grad school working on a project that visualizes magnetic fields, no ... Security
Own The Network Own The Data Paul Coggin This presentation discusses the security issues with the critical network architectures being deployed by service ... Security
Something About Middleware Douglas Schmidt "Need to talk to him to get a topic that he is going to talk ... Security
Homebrew Roundtable Scott Milliken , Erin Shelton Got a question about home brew or want to share a recipe? Come on out ...
Repurposing Technology Kim Smith , Kim Lilley A practical demonstration of how technology can be re-purposed and made more easily usable for ...
Hiring The Unhireable: Solving The Cyber Security Hiring Crisis From DHS To Wall Street Winn Schwartau At no time in history have we had a greater need for cybersecurity experts to ... Security
Network King Of The Hill (NetKotH): A Hacker Wargame For Organizers Who Are Lazy Bastards Adrian Crenshaw So, you want to run a capture the flag game? Well, have you thought of ... Security
R00tw4rz / NetKotH Adrian Crenshaw , Warren Eckstein This will start immediately following the talks along with the other gaming events. Notlarry has ...
Where We're Going We Don't Need Keys Sp0rus An overview will be given of different types of locks and the techniques used for ... Security
The Effects Of Online Gaming Addiction Gregory c. Mabry Online gaming addiction is the excessive use of online video games for leisure. This excessive ... Security
Starting Up A Crypto Party Peace "Crypto Party" is a worldwide movement where speakers encourage non tech savvy yet privacy rights ... Security
Build Free Hardware In Geda "matthew O'gorman , Tim Heath" "Making your own electronics has never been easier. So why aren't you making anything yet? ...
IP Law: Myths And Facts Rick Sanders Got a question about Intellectual Property law ask an expert. There will be no legal ... Security
The Safety Dance: Wardriving The 4.9GHz Public Safety Band Brad Antoniewicz , Robert Portvliet Police, Emergency Medical, and Critical Infrastructure maintain wireless networks on the 4.9GHz Public Safety Band, ...
The Power Of Names: How We Define Technology, And How Technology Defines Us Aestetix After getting suspended twice from Google Plus over what became #nymwars, aestetix began to explore ... Security
DNS Sec Today Thomas Clements DNS is a key portion of the internet today. However, the protocol is old and ... Security
Why I Am Pessimistic About The Future Tom ( Decius ) Cross The victory of the netizens over SOPA and PIPA has been hailed as a revolutionary ... Security