amphionforum 2012 Dec. 5, 2012 to Dec. 5, 2012, SanFrancisco,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Hacking Android Applications: PenTesting Mobile Apps Erez Metula N/A
Quantifying Device Vulnerabilities with the CVE Framework Daniel Ford N/A
Challenges In Securing Connected Medical Devices Mike Ahmadi , Brian Fitzgerald , Denis foo Kune , Michael Mcneil N/A
Mesh All The Things: Why We Need Secure Mobile AdHoc Networks and How to Get There Quickly Josh "m0nk" Thomas N/A
Advances in Smart Phone Forensics Andrew Hoog N/A
Too Many Degrees of Separation Looking at the Data as a Sensor to Protect it Wherever it is David Etue N/A
The Security Cathedral and Bazaar: Mobile System Level Crypto Services vs Embedded App Security Erik Peterson N/A
Android The Next Operating Environment Frontier Rishi Bhargava N/A
Embedded Device Firmware Vulnerability Hunting Ang Cui N/A
Advanced ARM Exploitation Stephen Lawler N/A
Testing Devices for Security with Runtime Code Instrumentation Ido Sarig N/A
Apps Under Attack Protect the Integrity of Your Apps with Code Hardening and Tamper Protection Vince Arneja N/A
Self-Defending Software (Lessons from the Garden of Eden) Dan Stickel N/A
Mobile Network Forensics Eric Fulton N/A
Tying Obfuscated Cryptography to FPGA Hardware Using Physically Unclonable Functions Michael Mehlberg N/A
Security Standards for the IP-Based Internet of Things Sandeep s. Kumar N/A
Mobile Security and the Collision of Federal Compliance Standards Ray Potter N/A
SmartMeter Security and Common Attack Points Robert Former N/A
Adding Value Through Security Tushar Patel N/A