ASECyberSec 2012 Dec. 14, 2012 to Dec. 16, 2012, Washington,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Stability vs. Diversity: Understanding the Dynamics of Actors in Time-varying Affiliation Networks Hossam Sharara , Lisa Singh , Lise Getoor , Janet Mann N/A
Strangers Intrusion Detection - Detecting Spammers and Fake Profiles in Social Networks Based on Topology Anomalies Yuval Elovici , Michael Fire , Gilad Katz N/A
Shaping Operations to Attack Robust Terror Networks Devon Callahan , Paulo Shakarian , Jeffrey Nielsen , Anthony Johnson N/A
Network Reconstruction under Compressive Sensing Mostafa Salehi , Payam Siyari , Hamid r. Rabiee , Motahareh Eslamimehdiabadi N/A
Resting Time Activeness Determines Team Performance in Call Centers Jun-ichiro Watanabe , Marina Fujita , Kazuo Yano , Hideo Kanesaka , Tomoyuki Hasegawa N/A
Two Species Evolutionary Game Model of User and Moderator Dynamics Anna Squicciarini , Christopher Griffin , Douglas Mercer , James Fan N/A
Online Learning of User-Specific Destination Prediction Models Erfan Davami , Gita Sukthankar N/A
AmalgaCloud: Social Network Adaptation for Human and Computational Agent Team Formation Gita Sukthankar , Kirill Osipov-lvoff N/A
Uncover Hidden Personal Information: An Information Extraction Attack Against On-line Social Networks Lijie Zhang , Weining Zhang N/A
Game Theoretic Formation of a Centrality Based Network Christopher Griffin , Ryan Tatko N/A
Monitoring Scientific Conference: Real-time Visualization and Retrospective Analysis of the Backchannel Conversation Ben Shneiderman , Awalin Sopan , Pj Rey , Brian Butler N/A
IARank: Ranking Users on Twitter in Near Real-time Based on their Information Amplification Potential Rafael Cappelletti , Nishanth Sastry9 N/A
Impact of Consolidating Web Based Social Networks on Derived Trust Factors Muhammad Imran , David Millard , Thanassis Tiropanis N/A
A User Modeling Oriented Analysis of Cultural Backgrounds in Microblogging Elena Ilina N/A Security
Measuring the Effect of Social Communications on Individual Working Rhythms: A Case Study of Open Source Software Qi Xuan , Mohammad Gharehyazie , Premkumar Devanbu , Vladimir Filkov N/A
An Exploratory Analysis of Browsing Behavior of Web News on Twitter Hao Han , Hidekazu Nakawatase , Keizo Oyama N/A
Analysing the Factors that Influence Tag Choice based on Semiotic Analysis and Activity Theory Mariam Elhussein , Keiichi Nakata N/A
Hierarchical information cascade: visualization and prediction of human collective behavior at financial crisis by using stock-correlation Takero Ibuki , Shunsuke Higano , Sei Suzuki , Jun-ichi Inoue N/A
Sampling from Diffusion Networks Mostafa Salehi , Hamid r. Rabiee , Motahareh Eslamimehdiabadi N/A
Socialize or Perish: Relating Social Behavior at a Scientific Conference to Publication Citations Mathias Funk , Jun Hu , Matthias Rauterberg N/A
Supporting Ubiquitous Interaction in Dynamic Shared Spaces through Automatic Group Formation based on Social Context Juwel Rana , Kre Synnes , Johan Kristiansson N/A
Role of Sentiment in Message Propagation: Reply vs. Retweet Behavior in Political Communication Jihie Kim , Jaebong Yoo N/A
Nodding without Understanding: An Explorative Study on How Adolescents Listen to Their Teachers Giovanna Leone N/A Security
Tweeque: Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Social Networks for Location Mining Using Graph Partitioning Bhavani Thuraisingham , Latifur Khan , Satyen Abrol N/A
Visually Exploring Social Participation in Encyclopedia of Life Ben Shneiderman , Jae-wook Ahn , Jennifer Hammock , Cynthia Parr , Jennifer Preece , Katja Schulz , Derek Hansen , Dana Rotman , Yurong He10 N/A
Extracting Agent-Based Models of Human Transportation Patterns Gita Sukthankar , Rahmatollah Beheshti N/A
Bridging the Divide in Democratic Engagement: Studying Conversation Patterns in Advantaged and Disadvantaged Communities Andrea Kavanaugh , Samah Gad , Naren Ramakrishnan , Keith Hampton N/A
Power and Politeness in Interactions; ADMIREA Tool for Deriving the Former from the Latter Christopher Miller , Jeffrey Rye N/A
Ranking Given Names Gerd Stumme , Folke Mitzlaff N/A
Evolution of social encounters in ad-hoc mobile face-to-face interaction networks Alex Pentland , Rahman Oloritun , Inas Khayal N/A
Mining Stack Exchange: Expertise is Evident From Initial Contributions Premkumar Devanbu , Vladimir Filkov , Daryl Posnett , Eric Warburg N/A
SIN: A Platform to Make Interactions in Social Networks Accessible Fredrik Erlandsson , Henric Johnson , Roozbeh Nia , Prantik Bhattacharyya , Rezaur Rahman , S. felix Wu N/A
Sentiment Analysis of Social Issues Mostafa Karamibekr , Ali a. Ghorbani N/A
Automatic Detection of Compromised Accounts in MMORPGs Zoheb Borbora , Jaideep Srivastava , Jehwan Oh N/A
Robust reputation mechanism for achieving fair compensation and quality assurance in crowdsourcing tasks Shailesh Vaya N/A Security
User Taglines: Alternative Presentations of Expertise and Interest in Social Media Hemant Purohit , Alex Dow , Omar Alonso , Lei Duan , Kevin Haas N/A
GameRank: Ranking and Analyzing Baseball Network Zifei Shan , Shiyingxue Li , Yafei Dai N/A
SocialCube: A Text Cube Framework for Analyzing Social Media Data Xiong Liu , Kaizhi Tang , Jeffrey Hancock , Jiawei Han , Mitchell Song , Roger Xu , Vikram Manikonda , Bob Pokorny N/A
Predict Whom One Will Follow: Followee Recommendation in Microblogs Hao Wu , Vikram Sorathia , Viktor Prasanna11 N/A
A Case Study of Community Privacy Sherley Codio , Dennis Kafura , Manuel Perez-quinones , Andrea Kavanaugh , Denis Gracanin N/A
Social-aware DNS: First Step towards Future Internet Rezaur Rahman , S. felix Wu , Yuxi Hu N/A
Collaboration Without Rules: A New Perspective on Stability Operations David Walker , Simon reay Atkinson , Liaquat Hossain N/A
When Diversity Meets Speciality: Member Matching in Social Network Services Viktor Prasanna , Hao Wu , Vikram Sorathia N/A
Towards an NLP-based Topic Characterization of Social Relations Jan Hauffa , Tobias Lichtenberg , Georg Groh N/A
Tourist Tour Planning Supported by Social Network Analysis Lule Ahmedi , Korab Rrmoku , Kadri Sylejmani N/A
Do You Know the Way to SNA? A Process Model for Analyzing a Visualizing Social Media Network Data Ben Shneiderman , Derek Hansen , Dana Rotman , Elizabeth Bonsignore , Natasa Milic-frayling , Eduarda Rodrigues , Marc Smith N/A
Social Computing: Its Evolving Definition and Modeling in the Context of Collective Intelligence Yoshifumi Masunaga N/A Security
Analyzing the Intertwining of Social and Technical Aspects in Agile Methods Francielle Santos , Hermano Moura N/A
Towards Next Generation Requirements Engineering Terrill Fancott , Pankaj Kamthan , Nazlie Shahmir N/A
Gender, Representation and Online Participation: A Quantitative Study of StackOverflow Bogdan Vasilescu , Andrea Capiluppi , Alexander Serebrenik N/A
A Computational Framework for Detecting Malicious Actors in Communities Xing Fang12 N/A Security
Cyber-Security for the Controller Area Network (CAN) Communication Protocol Chung-wei Lin , Alberto Sangiovanni-vincentelli N/A
A Routing Table Insertion (RTI) Attack on Freenet Todd Baumeister , Yingfei Dong , Zhenhai Duan , Guanyu Tian N/A
Collaborative Filtering as an Investigative Tool for Peer-to-Peer Filesharing Networks Matthew Edwards , Awais Rashid N/A
Crucial Nodes Centric Visual Monitoring and Analysis of Computer Networks Hanchen Song , Chris w Muelder , Kwan-liu Ma N/A
A Formal Model of LoA Elevation in Online Trust Hiroyuki Sato N/A Security
CTrust: A framework for Secure and Trustworthy application execution in Cloud computing Srujan Kotikela , Mahadevan Gomathisankaran , Satyajeet Nimgaonkar N/A
A Sender-Centric Approach to Detecting Phishing Emails Zhenhai Duan , Fernando Sanchez N/A
Discovering Unknown Cyber Attacks using Contextual Misuse and Anomaly Detection Ahmed Aleroud , George Karabatis N/A
Analyzing Malware Detection Efficiency with Multiple Anti-Malware Programs Ravi Sandhu , Shouhuai Xu , Jose andre Morales N/A
WAVES: Automatic Synthesis of Client-side Validation Code for Web Applications Prithvi Bisht , Nazari Skrupsky , Maliheh Monshizadeh , Tim Hinrichs , V.n. N/A
Venkatakrishnan, Lenore Zuck Systems Threats , A Using N/A
Intelligent Data Analysis Johannes de Vries , Jan Berg , Hans Hoogstraten , Semir Daskapan N/A
Automatic Click Fraud Detection in Web Advertisement Rattikorn Hewett , Abhishek Agarwal N/A
Crime Pays If You Are Just an Average Hacker Fabio Massacci , Luca Allodi , Woohyun Shim N/A
Using Large Scale Distributed Computing to Unveil Advanced Persistent Threats Paul Giura , Wei Wang13 N/A
A Cyber-Security Storm Map Denise Ferebee , Dipankar Dasgupta N/A
Providing Proofs of Past Data Possession in Cloud Forensics Shams Zawoad , Ragib Hasan N/A
Gaining Big Picture Awareness through an Interconnected Cross-layer Situation Knowledge Reference Model Peng Liu , Jun Dai , Xiaoyan Sun N/A
Cyber Crisis Management: A decision-support framework for disclosing security incident information Ronald Heil , Jan Berg , Olga Kulikova , Wolter Pieters N/A
Fault Tree Analysis of Accidental Insider Security Events Pavol Zavarsky , Ron Ruhl , Dale Lindskog , Pallavi Patil N/A
Cyber Transparencies, Assurance and Deterrence David Walker , Simon reay Atkinson , Liaquat Hossain , Kevin Beaulne N/A
Security and Integrity Analysis using indicators Sharif Hassan , Ratan Guha N/A
Leveraging an Inventory of the Cognitive Radio Attack Surface "andre' Abadie , Duminda Wijesekera" N/A
A Generic Approach to Critical Infrastructures Modeling and Simulation Rainer Poisel , Simon Tjoa , Marlies Rybnicek , Manfred Ruzicka N/A
Principal causes of Information Communication Technology (ICT) Risk failure in an SME Stephen Flowerday , Anass Bayaga N/A
Is IPv6 ready for the Smart Grid Tanja Zseby N/A Security
An adaptive honeypot system to capture IPv6 address scans Kazuya Kishimoto , Kenji Ohira , Yukiko Yamaguchi , Hirofumi Yamaki , Hiroki Takakura N/A
Exploring Covert Channel in Android Platform Wade Gasior , Li Yang N/A
Dynamic Covert Passive Actors Detection Protocol for a Healthy Networked Community Munene Kanampiu14 N/A Security
Extending Case-Based Reasoning to Robert Erbacher , Steve Hutchinson N/A
A Compose Language-based Framework for Secure Service Composition Muhammad Asim , Bo Zhou , David Llewellyn-jones , Qi Shi , Madjid Merabti , David Lamb N/A
Permanent Revocation in Attribute Based Broadcast Encryption Shlomi Dolev , Niv Gilboa , Marina Koopetsky N/A
Organizational Intrusion: Organization Mining using Socialbots, Michael Fire , Aviad Elishar , Dima Kagan , And yuval Elovici15 N/A
Medical Image Diagnosis of Liver Cancer by Hybrid Feedback GMDH-type Neural Network using Heuristic Self-Organization Tadashi Kondo , Junji Ueno , Schoichiro Takao N/A
3-D Tomosynthesis Image Reconstruction Using Total Variation Metin Ertas , Aydin Akan , Kubra Cengiz , Mustafa Kamasak , Saeed Seyyedi , Isa Yildirim N/A
Affymetrix(R) Mismatch (MM) Probes: Useful After All Robert Flight , Abdallah Eteleeb , Eric Rouchka N/A
Performance Analyses of a Parallel Verlet Neighbor List Algorithm for GPU-Optimized MD Simulations Andrew Proctor , Tyson Lipscomb , Anqi Zou , Joshua Anderson , Samuel Cho N/A
Hybrid Multi-layered GMDH-type Neural Network using Principal Component-Regression Analysis and Its Application to Medical Image Diagnosis of Lung Cancer Tadashi Kondo , Junji Ueno , Schoichiro Takao N/A
An Iterative Association Rule Mining Framework to K-Anonymize a Dataset Michael a. Hayes , Miriam Capretz , Jeff Forchuk N/A
Emerging Infectious Disease: A Computational Multi-agent Model Li Yang , Hong Qin , Alexander Shapiro N/A
A Process For Visualizing Disordered Molecular Data with a Case Study in Bulk Water Kwan-liu Ma , Nicholas Leaf , Cui Zhang , Giulia Galli N/A
Study of HRV dynamics and comparison using wavelet analysis and Pan Tompkins algorithm Anshul Jain , Yamini Goyal N/A
Identification of Surface and Deep Layer Muscle Activity by EMG Propagation Direction Toshiki Koshio , Shigeru Sakurazawa , Masashi Toda , Junichi Akita , Kazuaki Kondo , Yuichi Nakamura N/A