asisonline 2012 Dec. 3, 2012 to Dec. 5, 2012, Hong Kong,China

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening Remarks & Keynote Speaker: China and the Changing Security Environment in the Asia-Pacific Richard weixing Hu N/A
Adoption Strategies for addressing Privacy and Regulations in the Cloud, Sam van Alstyne N/A
Auditable Security Standards, Tyn van Amelsfoort N/A
What's Next in the Cloud?, Michael Foynes N/A
Supply Chain ManagementTracking Down the Weakest Link, Pascal Matthey N/A
The Anatomy of Cyber Attacks, Branden R. Williams , Sam Stahl N/A
Insider Threat - Knowing the Adversaries' Method of Operation, Theo Surig N/A
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): Managing Risks of Personal Devices in Workplace, Werner Preining N/A
Global Counterfeiting - A Stage Check, Steve Hawgood N/A
Port Security set up for Cruise Ships, Peter Sutton N/A
Social Media: Everything security and risk managers NEED to know, Tony Ridley N/A
Casino Surveillance & Investigative Practices, Douglas Florence N/A
Creating a Security Conscious Corporate Culture, David a. Patterson N/A
Opening Remarks & Keynote Speaker: Information Security Threats to Banking Chris Smith N/A Security
Security Convergence: Meeting Current Challenges, Volker Wagner N/A
Trends in Electronic Security Systems - Moving to IP, John Philippi N/A
How to Create a Security Value Proposition, Malcolm Smith N/A
Getting it on their network, Richard King N/A
Managing the Risk of Economic Crime, Torsten Wolf N/A
Kidnapping Risk Asia 2012, Steve Vickers N/A
Has employee Fraud Spread to become Vendor Fraud?, Jenny Reid N/A
Protecting the Executives from Embarrassing Incidents, Totti Karpela N/A
Can First World Legislation really Overcome Corruption in Developing Nations, Bruce Braes N/A
The Retail Loss Prevention "Pentagon & Triangle" - How To Measure Your Loss Prevention Program\'s Success, Damian Comerford N/A
Conducting and Supporting FCPA Investigations for the Security Function, Christoph Rojahn N/A
Private Providers It's a New World Security Service, Marc Siegel N/A