BayThreat 2012 Dec. 7, 2012 to Dec. 8, 2012, Sunnyvale,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Infosec Dataviz Jay jacobs - N/A Security
BYOD is Changing the Game Adam Ely N/A Security
Code Reviewing Applications Built on Web Frameworks Abraham Kang N/A Security
A CouNtry's Honerable n3twork deviCes Kurt Grutzmacher N/A Security
Teaching Your WAF New Tricks Robert Rowley N/A Security
Dynamic Analysis and Exploration of Android Apps Daniel Peck N/A Security
Will Your Car Betray You? Christie Dudley N/A Security
Cold Reading William Tarkington , Bob Lord N/A
Going over the ICS Waterfall: An analysis of the Tridium Niagara Framework Billy Rios N/A Security
Network Threat Defense Randy Ivener N/A Security
Risk-based Remediation in an Agile World (or Fix it, Stupid!) Ankur Chakraborty N/A Security
IR Stories From the Vendor's Haunted Basement Peter Venkman N/A Security
Games We Play: Defenses and Disincentives Allison Miller N/A Security
Where to Start When Securing a Startup? Christie Grabyan N/A Security
Facilitating Fluffy Forensics Andrew Hay N/A Security
My First Incident Response Team: DFIR for Beginners Chort N/A Security
Brobots Poppin Boxen King Tuna N/A Security
One Step Ahead: Defeating Tomorrow's Security Solutions Joe Kovacic , Jared Sperli N/A
Shit I Learned on the Red Team (the Hard Way) Savant N/A Security
Social Engineering and Penetration Testing Valerie Thomas N/A Security
Building Your House on Sand Brett Hardin N/A Security
Offense In Depth Colton Ericksen N/A Security
Securing Service Oriented Architecture: Secret Management, Authentication, and Authorization Nathan Mccauley , Justin Cummins N/A
Gated Windows, Unlocked Doors (aka Zero-Exploit Pwnage!) Kyle Osborn , Jeff Pettorino N/A