Chaos Communication Congress 29 Dec. 27, 2012 to Dec. 30, 2012, Hamburg, Germany

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Pflanzenhacken richtig Alexander Der Vortrag handelt ber Getreidezchtung. Am Beispiel von Weizen soll der langjhrige Prozess beschrieben werden, ... Security
EveryCook Alexis We know, that cooking is an art. Selecting the ingredients, carefully washing, pealing and cutting ... Security
Sprache, Ungleichheit und Unfreiheit Anatol Stefanovitsch Demands for a neutral language (ie a language free from racism, sexism and other inhumane ... Security
On Breaking SAML Andreas Mayer The Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) is a widely adopted language for making security statements ... Security
Russias Surveillance State Andrei Soldatov Privacy International, Agentura.Ru, the Russian secret services watchdog, and Citizen Lab have joined forces to ... Security
Hacking Cisco Phones Ang Cui , Michael Costello "We discuss a set of 0-day kernel vulnerabilities in CNU (Cisco Native Unix), the operating ... Incident Response Attack VOIP Cisco Embedded
What accessibility has to do with security Anna Shubina Accessibility of digital content is a hugely misunderstood issue. Programmers and content developers tend to ... Security
Romantic Hackers Anne Marggraf-turley , Richard Marggraf-turley In 1791, the political reformer Jeremy Bentham theorized the Panopticon, whose design promised to allow ...
Best of ... Verfassungsschutz Anne Roth Constitutional protection scandals are not only since the discovery of the NSU a year ago. ... Security
Certificate Authority Collapse Axelarnbak N/A ExcludeThinkstScapes Policy
Stylometry and Online Underground Markets Sadia Afroz , Aylin N/A
INDECT, Verhaltenserkennung & Co Ben Although both experience and studies have shown that video surveillance in public spaces provide the ... Security
Nougatbytes 10 Ben , Rainer Well matured and improved formulation. But still: Two brain writhe on couches flzende team, pointed ...
Securing the Campaign Ben Hagen This talk will go into some of challenges, solutions, and stories from securing a campaign ... Security
Closing Event,Opening Event Bios Some facts and stats about Congress, plus stories and legends. Good-bye and have a safe ... Security
Googlequiz Blanche , Carsten Ripke , Jran Muu-Merholz Vorbild ist das britische Pub-Quiz: Konkurrierende Teams sitzen je an einem Tisch und trinken Kaltgetrnke. ...
Was ist, was kann, was soll Gender Studies Informatik? Britta Schinzel After the political and legislative failure of the blocking and filtering proposals in Germany (#Zensursula) ... Security
The Care and Feeding of Weird Machines Found in Executable Metadata Bx N/A Security
How I met your pointer Carlos Garcia Prado N/A Fuzzing ExcludeThinkstScapes
White IT, Clean IT & CEO Coalition Christian Bahls N/A Security
Privacy and the Car of the Future Christie "To date, remote vehicle communications have provided little in the way of privacy. Much information ... Security
Der Mord fllt aus Christoph Scheid , M.eik , Meinhard Starostik Die Debatte um die Tarifreform der GEMA war eines der groen Themen des Jahres 2012: ...
CCC-Jahresrckblick Constanze Kurz Wir schauen nicht zurck im Zorn, aber jetzt auch nicht grade mit Euphorie. Im CCC-Jahresrckblick ... Security
Die Antiterrordatei Trojaner-Blindflug Constanze Kurz Am 6. November 2012 war der CCC vor dem Bundesverfassungsgericht zur Anhrung ber die Antiterrordatei ... Security
Trojaner-Blindflug Ulf Buermeyer , Constanze Kurz Wir wissen seit ein paar Jahren, dass der Staat technisch in der Lage ist, die ...
Small footprint inspection techniques for Android Damien Cauquil , Pierre Jaury The lecture would address topics related to reverse engineering for mobile platforms, especially from the ...
SCADA Strangelove Sergey Gordeychik , Denis Baranov , Gleb Gritsai Modern civilization unconditionally depends on information systems. It is paradoxical but true that ICS/SCADA systems ... ExcludeThinkstScapes Attack SCADA
SmartMeter Derpeter This talk will give an overview on the technology, the laws and the technical guidelines ... ExcludeThinkstScapes Smart Grid Standards
Low-Cost Chip Microprobing Karsten Nohl , Dexter "Security is moving deeper into hardware and so should security research. This talks introduces microprobing, ...
FactHacks Hash-flooding DoS reloaded: attacks and defenses Djb N/A Web Security ExcludeThinkstScapes DoS Hash tables
Security Evaluation of Russian GOST Cipher Nicolas T Courtois N/A Cryptography ExcludeThinkstScapes Attack GOST
Long live the protocoletariat! Eleanor Saitta , Smri Mccarthy "In this talk, We'll try to answer this question, or at least confuse the issue ...
CCC-Jahresrckblick Die Antiterrordatei Fnord-Jahresrckblick Security Nightmares Frank Rieger N/A Security
The future of protocol reversing and simulation applied on ZeroAccess botnet Georges Bossert , Frdric Guihry N/A
chmod o+rw bundestag Friedrich Lindenberg , Stefan Wehrmeyer N/A
We are all lawmakers! Gregor Hackmack N/A Security
Stabilittsanker & Wachstumslokomotive Hans Huett N/A Security
Re-igniting the Crypto Wars on the Web Harry Halpin N/A Web Security ExcludeThinkstScapes Javascript Standards
Hinter den Kulissen: Der NSU und das V-Leute-System Heike Kleffner , Katharina Knig N/A
Not my department The Tor software ecosystem Jacob Appelbaum N/A Security
ESXi Beast James Forshaw N/A IncludeThinkstScapes Tools Network Protocols Proxies
The Grand EU Data Protection Reform Katarzyna Szymielewicz , Jan Philipp Albrecht N/A
Hash-flooding DoS reloaded: attacks and defenses Jean-Philippe Aumasson , Martin Bolet N/A
Proximax, Telex, Flashproxy oder Tor Bridges Jens Kubieziel N/A Security
Defend your Freedoms Online: It's Political, Stupid! Jrmie Zimmermann N/A Security
Enemies of the State: What Happens When Telling the Truth about Secret US Government Power Becomes a Crime Jesselyn Radack , Thomas Drake N/A
IFG: Chance oder Brgerbluff? Jrg Tauss N/A Security
Millions of Lessons Learned on Electronic Napkins Sebastian Wernicke , Jrn Loviscach N/A
Page Fault Liberation Army or Gained in Translation Julian Bangert , Sergey N/A
Analytical Summary of the BlackHole Exploit Kit Julia Wolf N/A Security
Die Wahrheit, was wirklich passierte und was in der Zeitung stand Kai Biermann , Maha/martin Haase N/A
Meldegesetz Rena Tangens , Katharina Nocun N/A
NOC Review Kay N/A Security
Siechtum und Sterben der rztlichen Schweigepflicht Kay Hamacher N/A Security
Privatisierung der Rechtsdurchsetzung The Grand EU Data Protection Reform Kirsten Fiedler N/A Security
Hacking Philosophy Leena Simon N/A Security
Netzaktivsten! Ist das alles, was wir drauf haben? Markus Beckedahl , Linus Neumann N/A
Defeating Windows memory forensics Luka Milkovic N/A Computer Forensics IncludeThinkstScapes Memory Acquisition Anti-forensics
ISP's black box Luka Perkov N/A Security
Tactical Tech - Bridging the Gap Anne Roth , Marek Tuszynski "Don't call us if your campaign does not work! And worse, everyone's been harassed or ...
Privatisierung der Rechtsdurchsetzung Markus Beckedahl ACTA war das beherrschende Thema des zweiten Halbjahres. Mit ACTA sollte der Weg einer Privatisierung ... Security
Hanussen's mindreading Markuskompa In the late 1920ies/early 1930ies Berlin was excited by the famous mindreader and fortune teller ... Security
Setting mobile phones free Mark van Cuijk In The Netherlands, this year the community-driven mobile telco Limesco has started operations. We\'re providing ... Security
An Overview of Secure Name Resolution Matthus Wander "There's about 100 top-level domains signed with DNSSEC and .nl recently hit 1M second-level domains. ... Security
Open Source Schlssel und Schlsser Ray , Mh Was bedeutet das Zeitalter offener Designs fr die Sicherheit von Schlssern? Zum Beispiel solchen, die ...
OMG! OER! Michal ( rysiek ) Wozniak Polish government decided in favour of open-licensed e-textbooks. This is not to liking of big ... Security
New Human Interfaces for Music Moldover "Human interface design for musical instruments presents unique challenges and vast new possibilities. The proliferation ... Security
The Ethics of Activist DDOS Actions Molly Sauter In the world of digital activism, distributed denial of service attacks present relatively low barriers ... Security
Marvin und der Blues Moritz Simon Geist Wie Roboterinstrumente zum Musik machen benutzt werden knnen Autonomer Drumroboter, robotisches Glockenspiel oder klingende Installation: ... Security
FactHacks Nadia Heninger , Tanja Lange "RSA is the dominant public-key cryptosystem on the Internet. This talk will explain the state ...
Many Tamagotchis Were Harmed in the Making of this Presentation Natalie Silvanovich "You might remember Tamagotchi virtual pets from the 1990's. These toys are still around and ... Security
Lightning Talks 1 Nick Farr N/A Security
Lightning Talks 2 Nick Farr N/A Security
Lightning Talks 3 Nick Farr N/A Security
Let Me Answer That for You Nico Golde "In the last years, mobile security and specifically GSM has been attacked in many different ... ExcludeThinkstScapes GSM DoS
Men who stare at bits Rena Tangens , Nuit Wie sicher sind eigentlich Studierendenkarten? Mit denen kann man nicht nur sein Mensaessen bezahlen, sondern ...
Meine Kleidung funkt Padeluun , Rena Tangens Was wir vor 9 Jahren als Schreckgespenst an die Wand malten, ist Wirklichkeit geworden: RFID-Tags, ...
29C3 GSM: Cell phone network review Peter Stuge Did you notice 262 42 in your mobile phone network search list at the last ... Security
Hacker Jeopardy Open Source Schlssel und Schlsser Ray N/A Security
HOWTO Hack the law Rejo Zenger "Legal systems have a huge impact on what we do as hackers, but also on ... Security
Sharing Access Risiken beim Betrieb offener (WLAN-)Netze Reto Mantz Der Betrieb von WLAN-Funk-Netzen und auch von offenen oder freien Netzen ist heute weit verbreitet ... Security
The Tor software ecosystem Roger Dingledine "At the very beginning, Tor was just a socks proxy that protected the origin and/or ... Security
Security Nightmares Ron Was hat sich im letzten Jahr im Bereich IT-Sicherheit getan? Welche neuen Entwicklungen haben sich ... Security
Technology in Post-Revolution Tunisia and Egypt Salah Almhamdi The Role of Technology in Post-Revolution Tunisia & Egypt: Internet activists have embarked on many ... Security
Safecast: DIY and citizen-sensing of radiation Sean Bonner "The triple meltdown of the Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear power plant in March last year and ... Security
Sind faire Computer mglich? Sebastian Jekutsch Green-IT kennen wir inzwischen zur Genge. Computer knnen aber nicht nur nicht "green" sein, sondern ... Security
Time is NOT on your Side Sebastian Schinzel In this years talk, I tie on my 28c3 talk and present timing side channels ... Web Security ExcludeThinkstScapes Attack Timing Attacks
Ethics in Security Research Sebastian Schrittwieser Recently, several research papers in the area of computer security were published that may or ... Security
Hacker Jeopardy Stefan ( sec ) Zehl N/A Security
Zur Lage der Information Stefan Wehrmeyer Seit anderthalb Jahren begleitet die deutsche Informationsfreiheit in der Praxis und dokumentiert die Korrespondenz ... Security
Further hacks on the Calypso platform Sylvain Munaut "The calypso baseband and its companion chips are used on the Motorola C123 among other ... Security
Cyberpeace statt Cyberwar Sylvia Johnigk Wir sind Zeugen eines seit einigen Jahren stattfindenden Wettrstens im Cyberspace. Immer mehr Staaten bauen ... Security
(Un)Sicherheit Hardware-basierter Festplattenverschlsselung Tilo Hardware-basierte Festplattenvollverschlsselungen in Form sogenannter SEDs (Self-Encrypting Drives) werden gemeinhin als sichere und performante Alternative ... Security
A Rambling Walk Through an EMV Transaction Tim Becker With Visa and Mastercard pushing for EMV (, aka chip and pin) rollout in the ... Security
Milking the Digital Cash Cow Timo Kasper "Contactless smartcards have become widespread for applications such as ticketing, access control, identification and payments. ... Security
The ultimate Galaksija talk Toma Olc Galaksija was to be in Yugoslavia what Commodore and Sinclair were in the west. Whether ... Security
Writing a Thumbdrive from Scratch Travis Goodspeed "This action-packed lecture presents the inner workings of the author's from-scratch implementation of a USB ... Security
Netzaktivsten! Ist das alles, was wir drauf haben? Trojaner-Blindflug Ulf Buermeyer In den letzten Jahren haben sich netzpolitische Krfteverhltnisse auf interessante Weise verschoben. Neue Allianzen bilden ... Security
Hackers As A High-Risk Population Violet Blue Hackers are a high-risk population. This talk will provide hackers with tools to reduce the ... Security