SecurityZone 2012 Dec. 3, 2012 to Dec. 7, 2012, Cali, Colombia

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Risk Engineering: social engineering your way ahead of the Security Poverty Line Andy Ellis "Akamai's CSO will share a behind-the-scenes look at how Akamai's security program evolved through the ... Security
Collaborate, Innovate, Secure Wim Remes Day in and day out we are working for and with companies to build security ... Security
Security Intelligence for a Smarter Planet Kent Blossom "Discussion Topics: Evolving Global Client Priorities & Approaches Best Practice Case Studies The Benefits IBM ... Security
Security Return On Investment (ROI) Matthew Ferrante Matthew Ferrante brings us exciting information based on real life experience from the highest levels ... Security
Reducing Application Risk Perspectives from a Practitioner and Provider Wendy Nather , Ed Adams Organizations want to build secure software, but time constraints, know-how and ever-changing attack trends make ...
Sexy Defense - Maximizing Home field advantage Ian Amit "Offensive talks are easy, I know. But the goal of offensive security at the end ... Security
Doubt, Deceit, Deficiency and Decency - a Decade of Disillusionment James Arlen "Waking up with the sudden and shocking realization that I cannot escape the feeling that ... Security
A journey into the privacy and security risks of a cloud computing service Marco Balduzzi "Cloud services such as Amazon's EC2 and IBM SmartCloud allow users to create and share ... Security
Social Engineering Using Smartphones as Emerging Attack Vector Ing. Sanabria Colombia is well known for its rapid adoption of mobile technology. In this talk I ... Security
Cybersecurity Strategy for the protection of Colombia's critial infrastructure. Leonardo huertas Calle According to CONPES 3701 - National Policies for Cybersecurity and Cyberdefense, and keeping in mind ... Security
Abusing routers for fun and profit Pedro "hkm" Joaquin , Paulino Calderon The importance of security in home based network devices has long been ignored. Home based ...
Moar Anti-Forensics Plox Dual Core This presentation is the new and improved anti-forensics version of those "Stupid Pet Tricks" segments ... Security
Downfall of AntiVirus Software Alfonso Deluque In this presentation we will show the weaknesses of heuristic antivirus engines using ollydbg and ... Security
SIEM "Security Information and Event Management" Ciro antonio Dussan "Technology convergence, different modes of transmission and access to the medium etc., requires information security ... Security
The New Defense In Depth (Bringing The Sexy Back To The Blue Team) Martin Fisher Defense in Depth is as old as information security. The problem is that the way ... Security
Pen Test with OSSTMM John jairo Hernandez Present pentest results of real projects in public and private sector using OSSTM (Open Source ... Security
IPv6 insecurities - from Initial findings in 2005 to Latest findings 2012 Marc Heuse n 2005, Marc "van Hauser" Heuse presented the findigs of his initial research on IPv6 ... Security
IPv6 Insecurity Revolutions Marc Heuse IPv6 is now coming to the enterprises - reckless and fast. So this is the ... Security
The Modern Approach to Risk Management and Fishing For Risk Alex Hutton The current way we approach and try to understand risk is not just fundamentally flawed, ... Security
Taking Control of a Hosting Provider Matias Katz In this presentation, Matias will show us simple methods you can use to take control ... Security
HTExploit - Bypassing you htaccess and beyond! Matias Katz HTExploit is an Open Source app written in Python, that exploits a vulnerability in the ... Security
Owning one to rule them all Dave Kennedy "This talk will basically recreate the situation on a recent penetration test where we compromised ... Security
Big Bang Theory: The Evolution of Pentesting High Security Environments Joe Mccray This presentation focuses on pentesting high security environments, new ways of identifying/bypassing common security mechanisms, ... Security
Want to get better at security? Improve your ops and improve your dev. David Mortman Most of the security tools you need aren\'t from security vendors, they don\'t even need ... Security
Living Below the Security Poverty Line Wendy Nather "When organizations have little money for IT, they also have problems with security -- and ... Security
Tactical Surveillance: Look at me now! Chris Nickerson "This presentation provides a review of techniques to conduct tactical surveillance on individual targets for ... Security
A "BUG" Hunter\'s approach to Zero Day Carlos mario Penagos This presentation will show the steps taken to find bugs in SCADA HMI systems, starting ... Security
Mobile Attacks What will the future bring? Nicholas J. Percoco We rely on our mobile devices for just about every aspect of our lives. We ... Security
DNS Reconnaissance with DNSRecon Carlos Perez Carlos will be covering the basics of DNS Reconnaissance using the normal types of methods ... Security
Professional Development in Information Security Felipe agustn Rodrguez "Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only ... Security
Forensic Analisys on iOS Devices Jaime Gomez This presentation is for computer forensic professionals, companies, and users who want to understand what ... Security
Introducing VUSF - VoIP & Unified Communications Security Framework Giovanni cruz Forero , Daniel Rodriguez "This presentation introduces the VoIP & Unified Communications Security Framework. The purpose of the presentation ...