Australasian Information Security Conference (ACSW-AISC) 2013 Jan. 29, 2013 to Feb. 1, 2013, Adelaide, Australia

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
A Study of Performance Variations in the Mozilla Firefox Web Browser Jan Larres , Alex Potanin , Yuichi Hirose N/A
replay: Visualising the Structure and Behaviour of Interconnected Systems Alex Murray , Duncan Grove N/A
On Connected Two Communities Mahdi Parsa , Vlad Estivill-castro N/A
Workflow Resource Pattern Modelling and Visualization Hanwen Guo , Ross Brown , Rune Rasmussen N/A
Tangible Agile Mapping: Ad-hoc Tangible User Interaction Definition James Walsh , Stewart von Itzstein , Bruce Thomas N/A
vsInk - Integrating Digital Ink with Program Code in Visual Studio Craig Sutherland , Beryl Plimmer N/A
Supporting Informed Decision-Making under Uncertainty and Risk through Interactive Visualisation Mohammad Daradkeh , Clare Churcher , Alan Mckinnon N/A
Metadata Manipulation Interface Design Richard Watson , Stijn Dekeyser N/A
Range-Aggregate Queries for Geometric Extent Problems Peter Brass , Christian Knauer , Chan-su Shin , Michiel Smid , Ivo Vigan N/A
Competitive Online Algorithms for Multiple-Machine Power Management and Weighted Flow Time Ho-leung Chan , Sze-hang Chan , Tak-wah Lam , Lap-kei Lee , Rongbin Li , Chi-man Liu N/A
Rotated Library Sort Franky Lam , Raymond Wong N/A
Student Concerns in Introductory Programming Courses "angela Carbone , Jason Ceddia , Simon , Daryl D'souza , Raina Mason" N/A
A Process for Novice Programming Using Goals and Plans Minjie Hu , Michael Winikoff , Stephen Cranefield N/A
It’s Never Too Early: Pair Programming In CS1 Patricia Haden , Krissi Wood , Dale Parsons , Joy Gasson N/A
What vs. How: Comparing Students' Testing and Coding Skills Colin Fidge , James Hogan , Raymond Lister N/A
Distractions in Programming Environments Raina Mason , Graham Cooper N/A
Keynote Divyakant Agrawal N/A Security
Inductive definitions in constraint programming Rehan abdul Aziz , Peter Stuckey , Zoltan Somogyi N/A
Practical Compression for Multi-Alignment Genomic Files Rodrigo Canovas , Alistair Moffat N/A
Parallel Execution of Prioritized Test Cases for Regression Testing of Web Applications Deepak Garg , Amitava Datta N/A
A Paradox for Trust and Reputation In the E-commerce World Han Jiao , Jixue Liu , Jiuyong Li , Chengfei Liu N/A
Improve Configuration Efficiency in Feature Model of Software Product Line Lei Tan , Yuqing Lin , Huilin Ye , Guoheng Zhang N/A
Understanding the Management and Need For Awareness of Temporal Information in Email Nikash Singh , Martin Tomitsch , Mary lou Maher N/A
An Online Social-Networking Enabled Telehealth System for Seniors - A Case Study Jaspaljeet singh Dhillon , Burkhard c. Wunsche , Christof Lutteroth N/A
Validating Constraint Driven Design Techniques in Spatial Augmented Reality Stewart von Itzstein , Andrew Irlitti N/A
Music Education using Augmented Reality with a Head Mounted Display Jonathan Chow , Haoyang Feng , Robert Amor , Burkhard Wuensche N/A
Improved Inapproximability Results for the Shortest Superstring and Related Problems Marek Karpinski , Richard Schmied N/A
Complexity of Counting Output Patterns of Logic Circuits Kei Uchizawa , Zhenghong Wang , Hiroki Morizumi , Xiao Zhou N/A
Busy Beaver Machines and the Observant Otter Heuristic James Harland N/A Security
Writing a good exam for a programming course Simon , Judy Sheard , Malcolm Corney , Donna Teague N/A
A Performance Cost Evaluation of Aspect Weaving David Llewellyn-jones , Madjid Merabti , Miguel garcia Rodriguez , Francisco ortin Soler N/A
The Design and Implementation of Clocked Variables in X10 Alex Potanin , Daniel Atkins , Lindsay Groves N/A
Hardware Trojan Resistant Computation using Heterogeneous COTS Processors Mark Beaumont , Bradley Hopkins , Tristan Newby N/A
Computational Complexity for Uniform Orientation Steiner Tree Problems Marcus Brazil , Martin Zachariasen N/A
A Hybrid Image-Based Modelling Algorithm Burkhard c. Wunsche , Christof Lutteroth , Hoang minh Nguyen , Patrice Delmas N/A
Slid Pairs in the Initialisation of the A5/1 Stream Cipher Ed Dawson , Ali Alhamdan , Harry Bartlett , Leonie Simpson , Kenneth Wong N/A
Advances in the Protection of Critical Infrastructure by Improvement in Industrial Control System Security Thomas Morris , Rayford b Vaughn , Elena Sitnikova N/A
Cryptanalysis of Brenner et al.'s Somewhat Homomorphic Encryption Scheme Xun Yi , Russell Paulet N/A
An Overview of the Parallax BattleMind v1.5 for Computer Network Defence Alex Murray , Duncan Grove , Damien Gerhardy , Benjamin Turnbull , Troy Tobin , Christopher Moir N/A
User Awareness and Policy Compliance of Data Privacy in Cloud Computing Audrey Quah , Uwe Roehm N/A
Conditional Random Field based Sentence Context Identification: Enhancing Citation Services for the Research Community Stephen Cranefield , Angrosh M.a , Nigel Stanger N/A
Finding synonyms and other semantically-similar terms from coselection data Glyn Caon , Mark Truran , Helen Ashman N/A
Exploring Tourists' Collaborative Web Search: Implications for System Design Abu Arif , Jia tina Du , Ivan Lee N/A
Invited talk - Chris Wallace Award recipient Michael Sheng N/A Security
Semantic-based Construction of Content and Structure XML Index. Norah Alghamdi , Wenny Rahayu , Eric Pardede N/A
JetXSLT: A Resource-Conscious XSLT Processor. Bill Shui , Raymond Wong N/A
MedRank: Discovering Influential Medical Treatments from Literature by Information Network Analysis. Xue Cong Li , Jiawei Han , Ling Chen N/A
Mapping Semantic Knowledge for Unsupervised Text Categorisation. Xiaohui Tao , Yuefeng Li , Ji Zhan N/A
Finding Skylines for Incomplete Data. Rahul Bharuka , Sreenivasa kumar P N/A
A Tale of Two Studies Judy Bowen , Steve Reeves , Andrea Schweer N/A
Making 3D Work: A Taxonomy of Visual Depth Cues, 3D Display Technologies and Their Applications Christof Lutteroth , Burkhard Wuensche , Mostafa Mehrabi N/A
An Investigation of Usability Issues in AJAX based Web Sites Chris Pilgrim N/A Security
Determining the Relative Benefits of Pairing Virtual Reality Displays with Applications Christof Lutteroth , Burkhard Wuensche , Edward Peek N/A
Analysing homogenous patient journeys to assess quality of care for patients admitted outside of their 'home-ward' Lua perimal Lewis N/A Security
The Role of Electronic Medical Records in the Identification of Suboptimal Prescribing for Hypertension Management: An Opportunity in Unchanged Therapy Depak Patel , Jim Warren , John Kennelly , Kuinileti chang Wai N/A
Validating Synthetic Health Datasets for Longitudinal Clustering Shima ghassem Pour , Anthony Maeder , Louisa Jorm N/A
Measuring the difficulty of code comprehension tasks using software metrics Nadia Kasto , Jacqueline Whalley N/A
How difficult are exams? A framework for assessing the complexity of introductory programming exams Simon , Daryl D'souza , James Harland , Malcolm Corney , "judy Sheard , Angela Carbone , Donald Chinn , Tony Clear , Joel Fenwick , Mikko-jussi Teague." N/A
A Comparative Analysis of Results on Programming Exams Daryl D'souza , "james Harland , Margaret Hamilton" N/A
Revisiting models of human conceptualisation in the context of a programming examination Jacqueline Whalley , Nadia Kasto N/A
Integrating Source Code Plagiarism into a Virtual Learning Environment: Benefits for Students and Staff Judy Sheard , Angela Carbone , Tri le Nguyen , Margot Schuhmacher N/A
Role-based access control to outsourced data in cloud computing. Lili Sun , Hua Wang , Elisa Bertin N/A
Robust Snapshot Replication Uwe Roehm , Michael Cahill , Hyungsoo Jung , Mathew Rodley , Alan Fekete N/A
An Effectiveness Study on Trajectory Similarity Measures. Haozhou Wang , Han Su , Kai Zheng , Shazia Sadiq , Xiaofang Zhou N/A
Peer-to-Peer Data Mining Classifiers for Decentralized Detection of Network Attacks. Walter Cerroni , Gianluca Moro , Tommaso Pirini , Marco Ramilli N/A
A Self-Stabilizing Algorithm for Finding a Minimal Positive Influence Dominating Set in Social Networks. Xiaohui Tao , Hua Wang , Guangyuan Wang , Ji Zhang N/A
An Ethnographic Study of a High Cognitive Load Driving Environment Robert Wellington , Stefan Marks N/A
Experimental Study of Steer-by-Wire and Response Curves in a Simulated High Speed Vehicle Stefan Marks , Robert Wellington N/A
3D Object Surface Tracking Using Partial Shape Templates Trained from a Depth Camera for Spatial Augmented Reality Environments Kazuna Tsuboi , Yuji Oyamada , Maki Sugimoto , Hideo Saito N/A
My Personlal Trainer - An iPhone Application for Exercise Monitoring and Analysis Christopher r. Greeff , Joe Yang , Bruce Macdonald , Burkhard c. Wunsche N/A
Interactive vs. Static Location-based Advertisements Moniek Raijmakers , Suleman Shahid , Omar Mubin N/A
Temporal Evaluation of Aesthetics of User Interfaces as one Component of User Experience Marlene , Vogel. N/A
Designing an Assistive Email Interface for Persons with Aphasia Abdullah al Mahmud , Rick Ven , Laurens Slats , Esther Veen , Zlati Mubin N/A
The new Royal Adelaide Hospital –The Age of the Digital Hospital Dawns in South Australia Allan h. Baird N/A Security
Next Generation Linkage Management System Julie Harris N/A Security
Model-driven programming education Michael e. Caspersen N/A Security
Developing Teamwork that Works! Elena Sitnikova , Patricia Kelly , Diana Collett N/A
An Improved Neighborhood-Restricted Association Rule-based Recommender System Uday Kiran N/A
Exploiting a Proximity-based Positional Model to Improve the Quality of Information Extraction by Text Segmentation Xiaofang Zhou , Tan dat Huynh N/A
Concurrent Operations of O2-Tree on Shared memory Multicore Architectures Daniel Ohene-kwofie , Ekow Otoo , Gideon Nimako N/A
Digital Camcorder Forensics Aswami Ariffin , Raymond Choo , Jill Slay N/A
Anatomy of Drive-by Download Attack Van lam Le , Ian Welch , Xiaoying Gao , Peter Komisarczuk N/A
Evaluation of Fingerprinting Techniques and a Windows-based Dynamic Honeypot Hamid Mohammadzadeh , Masood Mansoori , Ian Welch N/A
Lightweight non-Delegatable Identity Based Strong Designated Verifier Signature Maryam rajabzadeh Asaar , Ali Vardasbi , Mahmoud Salmasizadeh N/A
A Decision and Game Theoretic Approach to Networked System Security with Applications to Power Grid Tansu Alpcan N/A
A Practical Simulation Method for Social Networks Rui Zeng , Quan z Sheng , Lina Yao , Tianwei Xu , Dong Xie N/A
A Request Oriented Model for Web Services Gaurav Mitra , Xuan Zhou , Athman Bouguettaya , Xumin Liu N/A
A Seed-Centric Community Detection Algorithm based on an Expanding Ring Search (Short) Kwan hui Lim , Amitava Datta N/A
On Malware Classification and Representation (Short) Udaya Tupakula , Vijay Varadharajan , Alan Lee N/A
What's the Deal? Identifying Online Bargains (Short) John Cuzzola , Dragan Gasevic , Ebrahim Bagheri N/A
AusPDC-invited-talk Bahman Javadi N/A Security
E-Learning from Past Mistakes Richard Sinnott N/A Security
The Decision-Scope Approach to Specialization of Business Rules: Application in Business Process Modeling and Data Warehousing Michael Schrefl , Bernd Neumayr , Markus Stumptner N/A
ACE-invited-talk Angela Carbone N/A Security
Taking Competencies Seriously Mats Daniels N/A Security
A GPU-based Method for Computing Eigenvector Centrality of Gene-expression Networks Ahmed shamsul Arefin , Regina Berretta , Pablo Moscato N/A
Non-blocking Parallel Subset Construction on Shared-memory Multicore Architecture Hyewon Choi , Bernd Burgstaller N/A
Simseer and Bugwise, Web Services for Binary-level Software Similarity and Defect Detection Silvio Cesare , Yang Xiang N/A
When Grammars do not Suffice: Data and Content Integrity Constraints Verification in XML through a Conceptual Model Jakub Mal\xc3\xbd , Martin Necask\xc3\xbd N/A
Martin Necaský. Using Schematron as Schema Language in Conceptual Modeling for XML. Sobeslav Benda , Jakub Kl\xc3\xadmek N/A
Letting Keys and Functional Dependencies out of the Bag Sebastian Link , Mozhgan Memari N/A
Improving Remote Collaborative Process Modelling using Embodiment in 3D Virtual Environments Ross Brown , Erik Poppe , Jan Recker , Daniel Johnson N/A
Identifying career outcomes as the first step in ICT curricula development Nicole Herbert , Kristy de Salas , Ian Lewis , Michael Cameron-jones , Winyu Chinthammit , Julian Dermoudy , Leonie Springer N/A
Examining Student Reflections from a Constructively Aligned Introductory Programming Unit Andrew Cain , Clinton Woodward N/A
Computational Thinking and Practice — A Generic Approach to Computing in Danish High Schools Michael e. Caspersen , Palle Nowack N/A
Stakeholder-Led Curriculum Design Nicole Herbert , Kristy de Salas , Michael Cameron-jones , Winyu Chinthammit , Julian Dermoudy , Leonie Ellis , Ian Springer N/A
Keynote: Maki Sugimoto N/A Security
Cloud-Aware Processing of MapReduce-Based OLAP Applications Hyuck Han , Young choon Lee N/A
Tools and Processes to Support the Development of a National Platform for Urban Research: Lessons (Being) Learnt from the AURIN Project Richard Sinnott , Martin Tomko , Luca Morandini , Christopher Bayliss N/A
A Web Portal for Management of Aneka-Based MultiCloud Environments Mohammed Alrokayan , Rajkumar Buyya N/A
Using Formal Concept Analysis for Ontology Maintenance in Human Resource Recruitment Dominic Looser , Hui Ma , Klaus-dieter Schewe N/A
Optimal Selection of Operationalizations for Non-Functional Requirements Amy Affleck , Aneesh Krishna , Narasimaha r Achuthan N/A
A Framework for Cost-Aware Process Management: Generation of Accurate and Timely Management Accounting Cost Reports M. t. Wynn , W. z. Low , W. Nauta N/A
Automatic Data Transformation - Breaching the Walled Gardens of Social Network Platforms Martin Wischenbart , Stefan Mitsch , Elisabeth Kapsammer , Angelika Kusel , Stephan Lechner , Birgit Pr\xc3\xb6ll , Werner Retschitzegger , Johannes Schonbock , Wieland Schwinger , Manuel Wimmer N/A
A conceptual model for reflecting on expected learning vs. demonstrated student performance Simon , Raymond Lister , Richard Gluga , Judy Kay , Michael Charleston , Donna Teague N/A
A Qualitative Think Aloud Study of the Early Neo-Piagetian Stages of Reasoning in Novice Programmers Malcolm Corney , Donna Teague , Alireza Ahadi , Raymond Lister N/A