FloCon 2013 Jan. 7, 2013 to Jan. 10, 2013, Albuquerque, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote Speaker Steven M. Bellovin N/A IncludeThinkstScapes Network Monitoring
Mongoose Flow Collection Tools Ashraf Abusharekh , Ron Mcleod N/A
Taming Big Flow Data (co-speaker with Sasha Velednitsky) Igor Balabine N/A
Introduction to SiLK Ron Bandes N/A Security
Identifying Network Users Using Flow-Based Behavioral Fingerprinting (co-speaker with Vince Berk and John Murphy) Alexander Barsamian N/A
Fire Talk About MS-ISAC Efforts Adnan Baykal "The MS-ISAC CERT provides a number of services to the nation's state, local, territorial and ...
Identifying Network Users Using Flow-Based Behavioral Fingerprinting Alexander Barsamian , Vince Berk , John Murphy N/A
Meta-Data in Argus Carter Bullard N/A
Network Monitoring with Security Onion Doug Burks N/A
Identifying Network Traffic Activity Via Flow Sizes Michael Collins Since 2008, Dr. Michael Collins is the chief scientist for RedJack, LLC., a Maryland-based network ... Security
Detecting Insider Threats with Netflow Tom ( Decius ) Cross N/A Security
Flow Analysis Using MapReduce: Strengths and Limitations Markus de Shon N/A Security
Scalable Stacked Index Speeds Access to Multi TByte Netflow Data Bruce Griffin N/A
Bro for Real-Time Large Scale Understanding Seth Hall N/A
Identifying Malware P2P Traffic Using Network Flow and DNS Analysis John Jerrim N/A
Anomaly Detection (co-speaker with Char Sample) George Jones N/A
Enhancing Network Situational Awareness Using DPI Enhanced IPFIX Hari Kosaraju N/A
Scalable NetFlow Analysis with Hadoop [pdf] Yeonhee Lee , Youngseok Lee N/A
A Distributed Network Security Analysis System Based on Hadoop-Related Technologies [pdf] Bingdong Li N/A
FlowViewer—Advancing Network Traffic Situational Awareness [pdf] Joe Loiacono N/A
Considerations for Scan Detection Using Flow Data John Mchugh N/A
Situational Awareness Metrics from Flow and Other Data Sources Soumyo Moitra N/A
Clairvoyant Squirrel: A Scalable Domain Name Classification System (co-speaker with Jason Trost) John Munro N/A
Statistical Analysis of Flow Data Using Python and Redis Kevin Noble N/A
Visualization: Where Are We Going? [pdf] Tim Ray N/A
Anomaly Detection (co-speaker with George Jones) Char Sample N/A
Automated Malware Traffic Analysis for IPS Analysts with Scapy and dpkt in Python Geoffrey Serrao N/A
"Tim Shimeall is the Senior Network Situational Awareness Analyst of the Cyber Threat and Vulnerability Analysis in the CERT Program at the Software Engineering Institute (SEI). The NetSA team is invo Timothy J. Shimeall N/A
Clairvoyant Squirrel: A Scalable Domain Name Classification System John Munro , Jason Trost N/A
Analysis of Communication Patterns in Network Flows to Discover Application Intent William Turkett N/A
CyberV@R: A Model to Compute Dollar Value at Risk of Loss to Cyber Attack James Ulrich N/A Risk IncludeThinkstScapes Quantitative Methods
Taming Big Flow Data Igor Balabine , Sasha Velednitsky N/A
Smart Sensors for Flow Collection at 10G, 40G, 100G, and Beyond ... Tony Waller N/A Security