BSidesPHX 2013 Feb. 18, 2013 to Feb. 18, 2013, Arizona,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote Ellen cram Kowalczyk It’s no mystery that online social engineering is a major problem. From emails from friends ... Security
Analysis of the 2011 Social Engineering Capture the Flag Contest Eric Maxwell Urbal will present full analysis of the data collected during the 2011 Social Engineer Capture ... Security
Smartphone Insecurity Georgia Weidman We will begin by discussing smartphones and their unique capabilities as well as risks. We ... Security
My Socrates Note: A Case Study in Password Choice Garret Picchioni , Mike Kelly , Barret Weisshaar While much has been made of user password choice in casual Internet use, little has ...
Enterprise Incident Response: More than just an APT Problem Matthew Standart The Information Security Threat Landscape continues to evolve and threats remain as vigilant as ever. ...
Can you hear me now??? Nope?!? Good. Drew "redshift" Porter "Ever wanted to know how to communicate with someone and not be heard? As many ... Security
Hacking the Self-Promotion Game Marisa Fagan In the Information Security industry, those that get ahead have to do a lot of ... Security
Understanding Framework Vulnerabilities: Struts 2: A little “sumthin sumthin” for security code reviewers and pentesters Abraham Kang Frameworks are used in almost every web application with little thought given to their security ... Security
Network anti-reconnaissance for fun and profit: Messing with Nmap Dan "altf4" Petro "Performing reconnaissance on a network is all too often simply given away to the attacker ... Security
A crisis of identity: Practical advice for tackling Identity Management in the Enterprise Christian Price Do your users suffer from multiple identity syndrome? Are your business partners howling for the ... Security
How Cryptography Works or Choosing The Right Crypto For The Right Job Mike Danseglio "Key sizes, algorithms, elliptic curves - they all make a difference in data protection. But ... Security