BSidesSanFrancisco 2013 Feb. 24, 2013 to Feb. 25, 2013, SanFrancisco,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
SCADA Protection: Imminent Phishing Attacks and The U.S. Cyber Strategy Rohyt Belani , Brandon Dunlap N/A
SSL++ : Tales of Transport Layer Security at Twitter @jimio N/A Security
“I want my PC back!”: An in-depth look at ransomware Adam Kujawa , Jerome Segura N/A
Why are we still vulnerable to side channel attacks? (and why should I care?) Jasper van Woudenberg N/A Security
Strategic Cyber Security & Warfare: If We Don’t Get It Right, People Die Dr. jamo Limn\xc3\xa9ll N/A Security
Building a Security Graph Dan Hubbard , Frank Denis N/A
Chinese Advanced Persistent Threats: Corporate Cyber Espionage Processes and Organizations Christopher r. Lew N/A
Sorry Your Princess is in Another Castle: Intrusion Deception to Protect the Web Kyle Adams N/A IncludeThinkstScapes Defence Active Defence
Cash Rules Everything Around Me: The Commercialization of Online Spying Headhntr N/A
Press Start: The basics of malware analysis Adam j Kujawa N/A Security
Google-jacking: A review of Google’s 2-Factor Authentication Craig Young N/A
RFID Credentials or (Cyber Pearl 9/11 Harbor of DOOM) @backtracesec N/A Security
My First Incident Response Team: DFIR for Beginners Chort N/A Security
Keynote Dan Kaminsky N/A Security
All Your Base Still Belong To Us: Physical Penetration Testing Tales From The Trenches Harry Regan , Valerie Thomas N/A
JavaScript Security and HTML5 Mike Schema N/A Security
Facilitating Fluffy Forensics (a.k.a. Considerations for Cloud Forensics) Andrew Hay N/A
Build your own Android botnet Kevin Mcnamee N/A Security
Hitting above the Security Mendoza Line Ed Bellis N/A Security
An Anti-Forensics Primer Jason Andress N/A Security
TBA Violet Blue N/A Security
The Pineapple Express: Live mobile application hacking demonstration....A speeding bullet to the mobile backend Dan Kuykendall N/A Security
Penetration Testing is Stupid Brett Hardin N/A Introductory IncludeThinkstScapes Industry News
Stick Around - Windows Persistence from Weak Sauce to #Winning Chris Bream , Matt Hastings N/A