Third ACM Conference on Data and Application Security and Privacy 2013 Feb. 18, 2013 to Feb. 20, 2013, San Antonio,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Welcome Lujo Bauer , Elisa Bertino , Ravi Sandhu N/A
For Some Eyes Only: Protecting Online Information Sharing Bart Preneel , Srdjan Capkun , Iulia Ion , Filipe Beato , Marc Langheinrich N/A
Do Online Social Network Friends Still Threaten My Privacy? Sebastian Labitzke , Florian Werling , Jens Mittag , Hannes Hartenstein N/A
Geolocation of Data in the Cloud Mark Gondree , Zachary Peterson N/A IncludeThinkstScapes Geolocation Verification
Exploring Dependency for Query Privacy Protection in Location-based Services Jun Pang , Xihui Chen N/A
Expression Rewriting for Optimizing Secure Computation Florian Kerschbaum N/A Security
Efficient Discovery of De-identification Policy Options Through a Risk-Utility Frontier Jiuyong Li , Weiyi Xia , Raymond Heatherly , Xiaofeng Ding , Bradley Malin N/A
Data Usage Control Enforcement in Distributed Systems Florian Kelbert , Alexander Pretschner N/A
Keynote Michael K. Reiter N/A Security
Usable security and privacy Gabriel Ghinita N/A Security
The Usability of TrueCrypt, or How I Learned to Stop Whining and Fix an Interface Eugene y. Vasserman , Sumeet Gujrati N/A
Privacy by design: A Framework for the Analysis of Architectural Choices Daniel le M\xc3\xa9tayer N/A Security
Comparative Eye Tracking of Experts and Novices in Web Single Sign-on Timothy Kelley , Douglas Stebila , Majid Arianezhad , L. jean Camp N/A
Web security Elisa Bertino N/A Security
JStill: Mostly Static Detection of Obfuscated Malicious JavaScript Code Wei Xu , Sencun Zhu , Fangfang Zhang N/A
TamperProof: A Server-Agnostic Defense for Parameter Tampering Attacks on Web Applications Prithvi Bisht , Timothy Hinrichs , Nazari Skrupsky , V. n. Venkatakrishnan , Lenore Zuck N/A
Cross-Layer Detection of Malicious Websites Shouhuai Xu , Li Xu , Zhenxin Zhan , Keying Ye , Keesook Han , Frank Born N/A
Mobile-device security and privacy Alexander Pretschner N/A Security
Fast, Scalable Detection of "Piggybacked" Mobile Applications Xuxian Jiang , Wu Zhou , Yajin Zhou , Michael Grace , Shihong Zou N/A
Sweetening Android Lemon Markets: Measuring and Curbing Malware in Application Marketplaces Nicolas Christin , Timothy Vidas N/A
AppsPlayground: Automatic Large-scale Dynamic Analysis of Android Applications Yan Chen , William Enck , Vaibhav Rastogi N/A
AppProfiler: A Flexible Method of Exposing Privacy-Related Behavior in Android Applications to End Users Z. Morley Mao , Sanae Rosen , Zhiyun Qian N/A
Access control for applications Adam j. Lee N/A Security
Smart Keys for Cyber-Cars: Secure Smartphone-based NFC-enabled Car Immobilizer Ahmad-reza Sadeghi , Alexandra Dmitrienko , Christian Wachsmann , Christoph Busold , Herv\xc3\xa9 Seudi\xc3\xa9 , Ahmed Taha , Majid Sobhani N/A
FENCE: Continuous Access Control Enforcement in Dynamic Data Stream Environments Elisa Bertino , Hyo-sang Lim , Rimma Nehme N/A
Mining Parameterized Role-Based Policies Zhongyuan Xu , Scott d. Stoller N/A
Keynote: Ronnie Killough (Southwest Research Institute) Ravi Sandhu N/A Security
Short papers: Access control and usage control for distributed systems Jae Park N/A Security
A New Approach For Delegations In Usage Control Xiao liang Hu , Sylvia l. Osborn N/A
An Infrastructure for Provenance-Based Access Control in Cloud Environments Adam Bates , Ben Mood , Masoud Valafar , Kevin Butler N/A
Engineering Access Control Policies for Provenance-aware Systems Jaehong Park , Ravi Sandhu , Lianshan Sun N/A
Linking Anonymous Location Traces Through Driving Characteristics Marco Gruteser , Bin Zan , Zhanbo Sun , Xuegang Ban N/A
Panel: Security and Privacy in Human-centered Computing and Big Data Management Gail-joon Ahn N/A Security
Short papers: Users and security economics Anna Squicciarini N/A Security
Insured Access: An Approach to Ad-hoc Information Sharing for Virtual Organizations Marianne Winslett , Feng Bao , David Yau , Adam j. Lee , Naoki Tanaka N/A
Mediums: Visual Integrity Preserving Framework Tongbo Luo , Xing Jin , Wenliang Du N/A
Effect of Grammar on Security of Long Passwords Ashwini Rao , Birendra Jha , Gananand Kini N/A
Accepting the Inevitable: Factoring the User into Home Computer Security Malgorzata Urbanska , Mark Roberts , Indrajit Ray , Adele Howe , Zinta Byrne N/A
All Your Browser-saved Passwords Could Belong to Us: A Security Analysis and A Cloud-based New Design Chuan Yue , Rui Zhao N/A
Cloud and distributed computing security and privacy Lujo Bauer N/A Security
iBigTable: Practical Data Integrity for BigTable in Public Cloud Rui Xue , Wei Wei , Ting Yu N/A
Multi-user Dynamic Proofs of Data Possession using Trusted Hardware Stephen r. Tate , Roopa Vishwanathan , Lance Everhart N/A
Adaptive Data Protection in Distributed Systems Elisa Bertino , Anna Squicciarini , Giuseppe Petracca N/A