ESSoS 2013 Feb. 27, 2013 to March 1, 2013, Paris ,France

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Tutorial on"Easily Fighting Murphy: High-level Application Development in the IoT with Fault Tolerance" Franoise Sailhan , Animesh Pathak The Internet of Things (IoT) holds great promises as an enabler of a wide spectrum ...
Why We Need a Science for Software Security Laurie Williams Cyber systems must inspire trust and confidence, comply with applicable security and other policies, predictably ... Security
Control-Flow Integrity in Web Applications Bastian Braun , Patrick Gemein , Hans Posegga N/A IncludeThinkstScapes Defence Active Defence
Using Security Policies to Automate Placement of Network Intrusion Prevention Nirupama Talele , Jason Teutsch , Trent Erbacher N/A
Idea: Callee-site Rewriting of Sealed System Libraries Sebastian Gerling , Philipp von Styp-rekowsky , Michael Hammer N/A
Privacy technologies for the smart grid Keynote george Danezis Vast infrastructure projects are on-going in Europe and North America to modernize, and computerize the ... Security
DKAL*: Constructing Executable Specifications of Authorization Protocols Jean-baptiste Jeannin , Guido de Caso , Juan Chen , Yuri Gurevich , Prasad Swamy N/A
A formal approach for inspecting privacy and trust in advanced electronic services Jorn Lapon , Koen Decroix , Bart Naessens N/A
Idea: Writing Secure C Programs with SecProve Myla m. Archer , Elizabeth Heitmeyer N/A
Towards Unified Authorization for Android Michael Bhargavan N/A Security
Model-Based Usage Control Policy Derivation Prachi Pretschner N/A Security
Compositional Verification of Application-Level Security Properties Linda Herrmann N/A Security
Towards Verifying Voter Privacy Through Unlinkability David Bella , Denis Butin N/A
Confidentiality for Probabilistic Multi-Threaded Programs and Its Verification Tri minh Ngo , Marielle Huisman N/A